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Changfeng Wheels Out New and Old in Shanghai Auto Show

The Shanghai Auto Show is still on going and thus we have lots of coverage to share. Changfeng may have been snapped up by Guangzhou Auto but that hasn’t slowed the Changsha based auto maker down at all, they are still concentrating on producing as many variations of the 1991 Mitsubishi Pajero as possible. The Pajero was a main staple of the People’s…

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Changfeng’s Zhuo Yue sedan spotted out

Changfeng was recently soaked into the Guangzhou Auto empire but this has not stopped the development of Changfengs self developed sedan, which has been named the Zhuo Yue which roughly translates to splendid.

The Zhuo Yue was codenamed as the CP21, and was known by the Chinese automotive press as ‘the fake S40′…

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Phoar! Changfeng get their game on with Acumen hatch!

Changfeng are known as a stuffy company with their only customer being the Peoples Liberation Army and those that want a 1990′s Mitsubishi Shogun in 2009, however, this has entirely changed in 2009 with Changfeng on its way to becoming China’s Chery of the hinterlands.

The Changfeng Acumen hatchback has been spotted going…

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Guangzhou Auto’s Acumen brand spotted out

When Guangzhou automobile took over Changfeng automobile this year, they inheritied Changfeng’s half finished R&D project into a sedan range, Guangzhou have decided to continue where Chanfeng left off and push their self designed sedan into production.

It’s not entirely clear what engine the Acumen…

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Changfeng’s “Volvo S40″ spotted out

Changfengs very own Volvo S40 clone has been photographed in the Changfeng factory and its pictures leaked to the internet, presumeably causing slight embarrasement for its new master, Guangzhou Auto.

The Changfeng ‘S40′ was expected to be shown at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year, but it failed to make an appearence. The sedan is codenamed…

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Mitsubishi Pajero to become a Changfeng Pajero?

Mitsubishi and Changfeng have had a JV going back quite a few years. Changfeng-Mitsubishi made the second generation Pajero (1992-1999 version) for the Peoples Liberation Army, and they also produced it for civillian use. The Pajero eventually fell under the Changfeng brand, as has the most recent third generation Pajero:

[gallery link=”file” order=”DESC”…

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Guangzhou Auto to take slice of Changfeng

Changfeng announced today that Guangzhou Auto are getting ready to purchase a very large share in Changfeng, possibly reaching up as high as 30% of Changfeng.

Changfeng was previously a truck maker for the Peoples Liberation Army, but has since moved into SUV and truck sales. Mitsubishi currently own 14% of Changfeng, where they sell the 1991 Pajero…

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Changfeng to make first Chinese Hybrid SUV

Changfeng have been busy lately, their CS6 SUV (below) has been selling reasonably well, but not as succesfully as the Great Wall Hover, but that is probably due to a large price difference between the two cars.

Changfeng are planning to take their SUV success to the next level and produce China’s first hybrid SUV. The hybrid…

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Massive news: Guangzhou Auto to take over Changfeng Auto

Last weeks First Economic Daily newspaper reported that Guangzhou Auto and Changfeng Auto were in take over talks. This week, the talks have turned into facts: Guangzhou Auto plans to buy Changfeng Auto and will take control in the fourth quarter of 2008. The Changfeng-Mitsubishi joint venture will continue under Guangzhou management, just as Mitsubishi…

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Chang Feng Motors – Chang Feng CS 7

China Car Times hasnt yet posted anything about Cheng Feng motors, the company that Mao started to supply the PLA with an endless supply of Jeeps to help them push socialism into the very corners of China. Well, Cheng Feng has been busy at the drawing board and popped up out some excellent looking machines for 2007. Originally, Cheng Feng just copied…

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Detroit Auto Show 2007

Chasing right behind Beijing Car Show is the Detroit Auto Show in January 2007, quite possibly one of the most important car shows in the world, as its the first in the calender year and Detroit’s prominent basis on the motor industry – most of the big players in the North American car industry are based in the Northern American city. Car Executives…

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