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Volkswagen Up Sighted in China Again – To Launch or Not to Launch?

This is not the first time Volkswagen’s Up model has been spotted on the Chinese mainland, the tiny city car has been spotted proving in the Beijing area so many times before.

Rumors of the car have been circulating for some time, but how the model launches is still a mystery – will it be an imported model, or will it see Chinese production lines?


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Morgan Signs With Yongda To Deliver Cars

The British hand made sports car company, Morgan, has signed a distribution deal with one of the largest automotive dealers in China. The Yongda Auto Group is a leading passenger vehicle retailer and comprehensive service provider in eastern China, representing a large number of luxury and ultra-luxury auto brands including Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Land…

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Why China is the Greatest Auto Market In The World

China’s auto market is the largest auto market in the world, it is also the greatest. When America established itself as the world’s melting pot, it obviously had people in mind – people that would come from all corners of the world to work together to make something great, but China has become the melting pot of cars and it too is becoming great.


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China’s Automobile Sales Grow Strongly in February

New data suggests that despite the overall weakening of the China’s economy, automobile sales remain robust.

Passenger vehicle sales rose some 18% in the month of February, beating most analysts expectations. An astonishing 1.6 million total vehicles (including buses and trucks) were delivered, with growth led by Toyota and Ford. Toyota, as with…

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Volvo’s XC60 To Be China Produced, and Stretched

The Volvo XC60 will become the next Volvo to be produced in China via the Volvo-Geely partnership. The XC60 will become one of the northernly produced cars when it goes into production at Volvo’s new Daqing facility later this year.

Chinese media reports are also stating that the model will gain a stretched wheelbase taking it from 4644mm on the…

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Qoros shock! Carbon fibre bodied EV shown at Geneva

Ok, so it’s a bike, or rather an eBIQE, in Qoros-speaq.

There is a certain amount of artifice in the concept, as it’s a Qoros-reworked version of young Croatian company Greyp’s G-12 electric bicycle, and the hand-laminated carbon fibre “body”, appears to be built over a steel frame.

The Greyp connection goes deeper than a supplier relationship. …

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Car Rental Business To Boom


China’s car rental sector is set to boom with potential for rapid development, according to a recent survey conducted by a Chinese consulting firm.

Zero Power Intelligence predicted that market needs for rental cars in China would flourish over the next five years, spurred by stricter rules on official car use and the growing…

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ABB Developing Home Charging Units For Denza

Denza is shaping up to be the dark horse of hte Chinese auto industry, whilst everyone is talking about the imminent product launch of Tesla and to a lesser extent BYD’s offerings, Denza is prepping a Daimler induced luxury electric car which is expected to be on the market towards the end of 2014.

To cure the lack of public charging facilities,…

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China to Renew, Expand EV Subsidies

China’s Ministry of Finance has confirmed their intention to extend China’s electric vehicle subsidy program. Under the current plan, the subsidies were to be phased out at the end of 2015.

China’s EV subsidy policies have never been well defined. The first round of subsidies began in 2008 or 2009 and provided generous subsidies to purchasers of…

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Automotive Dinosaurs You Can Still Buy In China

1. The VW Santana Vista is a teenager that is ready to grow up, the Vista first came down the line in 1995 whic makes it 19 years old today. Originally launched as a mid level luxury vehicle for the Chinese market it was eventually pressed into service as a fleet vehicle for low level civil servants and taxi operators alike that appreciated the abundent…

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Dongfeng’s X5 To Become The X3 (But Previously Known As JoyEar)

Dongfeng have managed to get a lot of milage out of the original Dongfeng JoyEar. When it first launched the JoyEar failed to sell in big numbers, but by introducing smaller engines including a 1.5L, 1.6L and then a 1.8T engine and also an SUV variant Dongfeng finally got the ball rolling.

The Dongfeng X5 is soon set to become the Dongfeng X3 with…

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BYD Registers All Chinese Dynasty Names….. More Hybrids On The Way?

BYD launched the Qin sedan late last year as plug in hybrid with some serious power figures as well as strong economy figures of just 1.5L per 100km under combined conditions. The Qin was named after the first Chinese dynasty which was established by the ruthless Emperor Qin Shi Huang, thus the Qin dynasty was born heralding the introduction of Imperial…

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Used Car Warranties in China – The Next Big Thing

Burgeoning used car industry is creating demand for additional services, specialist warranty is one to aid the sales and after sales process for dealers country wide.

The Chinese Used Car Industry is somewhat of a Trojan Horse. With the boom of new car sales in the late noughties through to 2011, the number of cars in China has surpassed 85 million…

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Ford and Tencent Work Together To Bring Tencent’s QQ Music To Cars

“Play Local Music”, “Play My Favorite Music” “Just Listen” – these are the commands that Ford’s Chinese MySync users will be able to say to their SYNC AppLink systems.

Ford have teamed up with Tencent’s QQ, China’s largest chat and social platform, to introduce QQ Music into all Ford SYNC systems. QQ Music features China’s leading online…

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Dongfeng PSA Heads to Chengdu With Fourth Factory

PSA announced earlier today that the company is planning its fourth factory in China to further boost sales, especially in the booming Western markets.

Over the course of 2013 PSA sold a combined 550,000 units in the Chinese market and has aspirations of selling 650,000 in 2014. PSA’s original goal for 2013 was to reach 500,000 units but as PSA…

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Ford Surges Ahead in 2013 With 50% Sales Boost

Ford China showed a total sales tally of 935,813 wholesale vehicle sales over the course of 2013 according to a statement from the company’s Shanghai headquarters earlier today. December sales were particularly strong for Ford with 94, 838 sales in total, an increase of 35% over December 2012.

“2013 has proved to be a milestone year for Ford’s…

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Auto Brands to Watch in the Chinese Market in 2014

2013 has been a mixed year for auto brands in China, Ford for example have had an amazing year in which they overtook Toyota in terms of total sales and Volkswagen remains an untouchable juggernaut in Chinese eyes, with them becoming the largest car maker in terms of sales in the Chinese market, furthermore Volkswagen believe they are restricted by…

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The Baojun 630 Hatchback is Handsome

To date sub brand products have failed to excite me. Models from Venucia, Ciimo and Everus were mostly retired models from their mainstream Honda or Nissan brands, Baojun went a slightly different road by creating a new model for the brand on an older platform, thus the 630 was born. But Baojun didn’t really follow up with any new models since the 630…

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Geely Emgrad EC7-RV Receives Update for 2014

Geely’s Emgrand range of vehicles has been a major hit both in China and abroad, which is why Geely are keen to keep the momentum going with the addition of an updated hatchback for 2014. The EC7-RV is of course the hatch version of the EC7 sedan, and was launched shortly after the sedan. Power comes from a 1.5L and a 1.8L engine with  both manual…

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Tesla Offering Cars in China With No Name – So What?

The Chinese language is not so fond of English loan words as say, Korean or Japanese, but it has been latching onto them in recent years. iPhone and iPad have entered the Chinese lexicon unmolested by Chinese pronunciation,which has developed as part of a ‘white collar vocabulary’ which sort of came over via Hong Kong television dramas. It’s quite common…

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Audi Q4 Heading to Foshan Plant

The Audi Q4 is heading to production in VW’s new plant in Foshan according to Chinese media reports. Despite there being no pictures or official images of the Q4 in testing or launching.

The Q4 is being sold as a crossover coupe which will be based on the new MLB platform and will of course rival the forthcoming BMW X4 when it comes into play later…

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Weichai’s First SUV Wheeled Out For The Spy Cams

Weichai have aspirations beyond being one of the biggest Chinese parts suppliers, they hope to join the rest of the industry in making cars.

The new SUV has been codenamed S201 internally and will be put under the Ying Zhi name when it comes to the market in mid to late 2014.

Weichai have officially – on the quiet – named the car ‘YZ6410YFAB0Z’…

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BYD’s Future Product Plan Leaked Ahead of Schedule: New SUV’s, Low Cost EV’s.

One naughty person has leaked information on the future BYD product range onto BYD owners forums over at, and the news is rather interesting. As not all CCT readers can understand Chinese, let us break it down for you.

Second Generation F3 – It will cost around 1000RMB more over the previous gen due to improved materials with a launch…

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And The New Jeep Cherokee Arrives in China

The latest incarnation of the much loved Jeep Cherokee has arrived in China at the Shanghai port, according to the images below which were snapped in a warehouse not too far away where the unloading and loading happens. The much talked about SUV has already made headlines across the Chinese auto industry for its interesting design style and also across…

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Great Wall’s First EV Road Testing

Great Wall may have made their name in the development of gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s but they have cleaned up their act in the past few years with the introduction of their own turbo diesel power plants and small displacement turbo engines in 1.5T and 2.0T form.

Great Wall are now moving onto the next step of developing EV vehicles as a long…

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Kia K5 2.0T Expected To Be 220,000RMB and Rising.

The Guangzhou Auto Show was host to a few product launches, of which the Kia K5 2.0T was one of them. To date the Dongfeng-Kia produced K5 came with a 2.0L and a 2.4L four cylinder naturally aspirated engine whilst the US market has been on the receiving end of the 2.0T for quite a while now. The Chinese market 2.0T will produce slightly less power…

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Move Over Bavarians: Cadillac Wheels ATS into Guangzhou

In Europe it seemed that Cadillac was never taken as a serious competitor to the well entrenched European luxury vehicles, Caddies were large boats that wallowed through corners with their soft suspension and gigantic thirsty engines that delivered little in the BHP department. Not anymore. Cadillac have redefined themselves slowly but surely, and are…

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Roewe 550 Plugin Hybrid Brings 1.5L and EV Mash For 500km Range

Roewe announced today their all new Roewe 550 plugin hybrid which has been a long time coming. The 1.5L powered 550 carries an electric drivetrain that when combined brings a 500km range on electric and gasoline power.

What’s the downside? The Roewe 550 PHEV is priced at 248,800RMB and 259,800RMB for the two models on offer, whilst a regular naturally…

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VW Announces: “Ren Wei Ben”, Which is Chinese For ‘More Chinese Cars’

Volkswagen announced today that is going to become the ‘most people orientated car company’ in the automotive industry under a new strategy which they have entitled “Ren Wei Ben

The “Ren Wei Ben” strategy essentially translates into People First which might echo early Communist slogans but is in fact part of Volkswagen’s…

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Chang’an Dumps The Gear Stick For New Ben Ben

The new Ben Ben mini car from Chang’an seems to be bringing cool styling down to the every day man, their latest incarnation of the Ben Ben is single handedly showing the rest of the Chinese car industry that domestic players can  make exceptionally well designed cars that are able to compete with the global squad. How have Chang’an pulled off this…

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And We’re Back

Did you notice that CCT is rather slow on the updates over the past week? Fear not. We are always busy prior to the auto shows with actual auto show prep work which means client meetings, dry runs of fantastic dance routines and prepping executives on exactly not what to say when it comes to Q&A sessions with international media.


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Camaro Bumblebee Rolls into China With Fellow AutoBots

Chinese consumers love the Transformers movie series, partly because as it goes inline with their new found passion for cars and when the majority of the 80′s consumer base were growing up the Transformers cartoons gave some welcome respite from the local cartoon channels with new intergalactic enemies to fight against rather than the old tired World…

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GoNow’s First Sedan Spotted

GoNow were a plucky little private automaker that was swallowed up by growing regional giant Guangzhou Auto, it could be considered a poor show for a state owned organization to take over a private company but it couldn’t be further from the truth. With Guangzhou Auto’s extremely deep pockets, GoNow has been able to move on from SUV’s based on poor…

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Luxgen5 SUV Sighted Ahead of November Launch

The Taiwanese brand Luxgen are a brand to watch, the automotive company has expanded rapidly since the establishment of its joint venture with Dongfeng-Yulong where the Luxgen 5 sedan along with the CEO MPV and Luxgen7 SUV.

The new SUV is named the Luxgen5 SUV, like the sedan, and will carry a 1.8T and a 2.0T engine which were self developed by…

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Chinese Company to Buy Mooney Aviation

Not only are automobile industry targets high on the Chinese shopping list, airplanes are apparently high up on the list as well. A Chinese real estate company, yes a real estate company, is set to buy Mooney Aviation Company Inc and revive it in the Chinese market as the demand for airplane within China is yet to take off.



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And the Qin Finally Loses To A…..

Have you been following the tales of the unstoppable BYD Qin, the 303bhp family sedan from BYD? It gains its super powers from a 1.5T and an electric motor which has so far trounced the competition with relative ease, until a BMW X5M came along.

The X5M was last available as a 2010 model in the Chinese market with a 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 engine under…

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Can China Unseat Japan in ASEAN Markets With Its Cars?

It’s not exactly a secret that Japanese car dominate the market in South East Asian countries, from Burma to the most eastern tips of Indonesia, Japanese brands rule the roads. But Chinese brands are begining to enter the market, SAIC recently set up shop in Japan’s second Asian backyard in Thailand where Honda, Toyota and Nissan regularly produce vehicles…

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Honeywell Predicts Turbo Use Will Double from 5 Million Units in ’13 to 10 Million in 2018

The displacement wars are over in China, big displacement engines were once a status symbol in the early days of the Chinese car industry where small displacement V6 engines were relatively common place. But back then, fuel was subsidized by the Central Government who were bankrolling losses at China’s biggest petroleum refineries, not anymore. Chinese…

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Shandong Becomes Hub of Low Speed Electric Vehicles

Shandong Province has long been a home to low speed electric vehicles, but now the many enterprises have gained an official governmental okay with a nod from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to continue their work as Shandong Province has been confirmed as low speed electric vehicle test zone.

For many years Shandong Province…

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GM Confirms Cadillac ATS Heading to China

The Chinese luxury market is about to gain a new player, the much awaited Cadillac ATS. GM announced earlier today via a press release that the new compact rear wheel drive sedan will be available in China in the fourth quarter of this year.

However, Chinese automotive media went further to say that the ATS will first be imported and then produced…

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Chinese Car Sales Show Promise in Australian Market

Although the Australian car industry has faltered recently, it seems as though one entity that may be coming out ahead are Chinese automakers. As recently as last year, Chinese cars were selling like hotcakes, setting new records. At the tail end of 2012, they were outselling name brands like Renault, Lexus, Volvo, and Peugeot. Because some Chinese…

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3.6T Cadillac XTS Sighted Again in China

China seems to be a hot market for Cadillac right now with the company eager to ramp up its product offerings despite the competition from existing luxury manufacturers that have been entrenched in the Chinese market for two decades. Cadillac is now road testing a range topping 3.6 twin turbo XTS on Chinese roads, this XTS will be packing 410BHP and…

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Fiat’s Viaggio Hatchback Road Testing in China

Fiat’s Viaggio has been a failure and a success for the fledgling Guangzhou Fiat JV, in just two years they built a factory from a green field site and developed a new car especially for the Chinese market, on the downside that car is not just selling. Despite Fiat developing a network of 150 dealerships across major Chinese cities the Viaggio is selling…

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Sichuan Yema’s F18 SUV Pops Up in Chengdu

The Chengdu Auto Show opens tomorrow, the local players and international players are out in force and prepping their wares for the much needed Western Chinese market. Plucky little upstart Chengdu Yema are planning to show their new F18 SUV which actually looks like a comprehensive vehicle, if named after an American war bird.

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Chinese EV marker ‘Snowden’ Trademark for new EV, Haima Ready to Use ‘Snowden Tech’

Whilst the blow back from Edward Snowden’s exploits in exposing government spying on its citizens still reverberates around the world and makes cold war enemies bicker once again, Haima have been busy pushing a few trademarks through China’s trademark system. The company has registered the name ‘Snowden‘ in Chinese – Si Nuo Deng/???…

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Tax Planning is Crucial for Automakers in China

China is now emerging as the epicentre of the global automotive industry, with growth being fuelled by rapid upskilling and development of its abundant workforce, as well as growing demand from an increasingly affluent middle class. It is a dynamic market with a solid domestic base, and one that provides plentiful opportunities for foreign car makers…

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The China Auto Brand Quiz

So you think you know your Chinese auto brands? This quiz will test your knowledge on all matters pertaining to the wonderful and slightly weird world of Chinese auto branding.

Some manufacturers change their logos and branding more often than you change your socks which makes it hard to keep up to date with the latest trends. In this quiz, in the…

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