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First Denza Model Spotted Near Flagship Beijing Dealership

The first car from BYD-Daimlers Denza brand has been spotted once again, this time in Beijing close to the flagship Denza dealership center from where the car will eventually be sold.

The design of the Denza came about as a joint project between Daimler and BYD, Daimler whom supplied the luxury automotive know how, and BYD who supplied the EV ability,…

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Baojun 630 Becomes a Chevrolet Optra For Export Markets

Look out developing markets, there is a new Chevrolet heading your way. The Baojun 630 sedan which was initially developed just for China is now spreading its wings and going international under the Chevrolet bow tie, the vehicle has so far proven to be a minor hit in the Chinese market but will likely prove to be a greater hit as its enters key developing…

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BYD G5 Airs New Family Face

BYD’s own vehicle designs have been a long time coming, but it seems the Shenzhen company is nearly there with the introduction of the new corporate face which first appeared on the Su Rui sedan just over a year ago. That face is slowly being transplanted across the BYD range with the latest patient being the new G5 sedan shown below.

The G5′s stats…

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Sichuan Yema Gets Into Van Building Business

Own a car company? Want to bring large volume models? Not too worried about profits? Simply either start producing small cars or small vans, and you will gain the coverage you need to show to your provincial masters that you are churning out vehicles at a steady rate. This is why Sichuan Yema have opted to introduce an MPV, aka a breadvan, into their…

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BMW X4 Pops Up in China

BMW’s product expansion plans are gaining rapid speed, the company is now planning for an X4 to sit between the X3 and the X4 and be similar in design to the current X6. Chinese production hasn’t yet been ruled out, but BMW only produce the X1 in the Chinese market so far and rely on imports for the other markets.

Despite BMW importing its big guns…

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MG CS Gives Up Its Interior – Looking Very Sharp

The MG CS has been featured on the hallowed pages of China Car Times many a time, but this is the first time we’ve had a solid look at the dashboard in both high and low specification.

From what we can see so far, MG’s dedication to interior quality seems to be paying off quite well. The first SAIC model, the Roewe 550 morphed into the MG6 and took…

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MG5 Saloon Sighted Again – Mimicking Dodge Dart In the Rear?

The MG5 Sedan is shaping up to be an interesting looking vehicle that should join the MG range over the course of 2014. The MG5 nameplate hasn’t been a succesful one for MG whom have been churning out MG3′s and 6′s to eager Chinese consumers for the past few months which is a shame as the MG5′s interior is arguably the best of the bunch, its just let…

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BYD M3 Makes The NV200 Pretty

BYD’s addiction to making existing cars in its own design trend is not exactly a secret, you only have to look at the BYD S6 and BYD M6 models to see Toyota’s with BYD characteristics.

The next model from BYD is thought to be the new BYD M3 which will sit below the aforementioned M6, the M3 will be powered by a 1.5L and a 2.0L engine with the potential…

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Buick Anthem Spotted in China

Buick’s Encore has been a hit in China but its a bit on the small side whilst the imported Enclave is at the opposite side of the spectrum and costs several times more than the petite Encore. The Buick Anthem and its forthcoming Chevrolet counterpart will neatly slot into the middle to give Chinese families something to upgrade towards once they outgrow…

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Dongfeng’s X5 To Become The X3 (But Previously Known As JoyEar)

Dongfeng have managed to get a lot of milage out of the original Dongfeng JoyEar. When it first launched the JoyEar failed to sell in big numbers, but by introducing smaller engines including a 1.5L, 1.6L and then a 1.8T engine and also an SUV variant Dongfeng finally got the ball rolling.

The Dongfeng X5 is soon set to become the Dongfeng X3 with…

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MG5 Sedan Spotted From All Angles

MG5′s sedan is starting to grow on us, the hatchback may have been a little bit of a poor car in the handling and power department but hopefully the sedan with its weighty rear might be able to pull it into shape. The MG5 sedan is likely due for the 2014 Beijing Auto Show and will likely carry the same 1.5T and six speed gearbox as the original SAIC-GM…

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Geely’s Flagship EC9 Gives Up Interior

Geely’s forthcoming flagship EC9 is starting to look like a solid looking sports coupe, the model is of course based on Geely’s KC concept which aired at last years Shanghai Auto Show and will likely see be at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year.

Power plants for this model are not yet clear, it is known that Geely are developing turbo assisted…

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FAW-VW Bringing R-Line Range to China

Whilst already having the GLI and GTI twins on the market in China, FAW-VW are planning to introduce a third sports line named the R-Line specifically for the Chinese market. Whilst the G-brothers focus entirely on meaty power plants, the R-Line will focus on styling and will be available on the entire Sagitar range.

The Sagitar R-Line will likely…

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Fiat’s 500X Readying For China?

Fiat’s sole SUV offering is the mid sized Fiat Freemont which itself is based on the Dodge JCUV/Journey, both of which offer 2.4L four cylinder (FWD only) and a hulking great big 3.6L Pentastar engine. Fiat are now possibly providing a path to bring the Fiat 500X to the Chinese market via a recent patent office filing which could indicate a future product…

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Kia K3 hatchback Appears in Patent Office

Kia’s plans for Chinese market domination are continuing unabated thanks to the Korean company’s introduction of new styling language that Chinese consumers cant stop liking. The recent introduction of the K family to the Chinese market has helped boost the brand considerably on its march forward, the K5 turned Chinese market perception in Kia’s favor…

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Cadillac ATS-L Heading to China

Chinese consumer demand for extra leg room in the rear is stretching cars across the Chinese market, Audi brought the trend to China with the introduction of the Audi A6L which then spread to the A4L, then it spread like a must have accessory across the rest of the auto industry. The recently launched Cadillac ATS has been heavily praised for its driving…

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BYD S6 Puts Grown Up Pants On, Becomes BYD S7

The BYD S6 was BYD’s answer to the SUV craze that is sweeping China, they sold it on a pile it high, sell it cheap philosophy that  brought Lexus looks down from the 500,000RMB category to a more palletable 100,000RMB price tag. BYD sold them by the thousands with 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engines and manual and automatic gearboxes, but they…

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Qoros 3 Wagon Spotted In Germany

Qoros have a serious interest in the German market owing to their Munich design center and also their very Germanic supply base which includes some of the biggest names Germany has to offer, so it comes as no surprise to learn that Qoros are road testing vehicles in the German market. The above/below Qoros 3 Estate was spotted sporting German plates…

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Here’s What the Denza EV Looks Like On The Inside

Denza are aiming to become the Chinese version of Tesla with the introduction of a new circa 400,000RMB luxury EV for the Chinese market, and eventually international market. The Denza is of course being produced via a joint venture between BYD and Daimler with both parties having a strong input on the design and development as well as electrical engineering…

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Facelift Porsche Cayenne Spotted in China

Porsche wouldn’t be where it is today without the addition of the Cayenne, some may have questioned why a German sports car company which was spiritually attached to the roadster could make SUV’s, but the addition of the Cayenne seems to have been a fantastic one for China as it got Chinese customers more involved in the brand and as a result helped…

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Great Wall’s Haval H2 Brings In The Low End Of the Haval Range

The Haval range is expanding at a rapid rate at both ends of the price scale, the range topping Haval H8 has only just launched with a price tag that touches 236,800RMB, and a Haval H9 is expected to hit the market at a starting point of 250,000RMB – serious money for a Chinese car. At the other end of the spectrum this mini Haval H2 is thought to be…

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Kia K3 Hathback Shines Before Beijing Launch

Prepared to squint your eyes a little and pretend you can make out an over sized Kia K2? Go straight ahead, the Kia K3 is looking right at you in the spy shots above and below this text.

The new car is due to be aired at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, and expect us to show you clearer pictures a long time before the show opens but in the…

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Haima Releases First Shot of Haima S5 SUV

Haima released the first shot of its forth coming Haima S5 SUV earlier today, the compact SUV will be entering into a tough market segment with plenty of foreign and domestic competition but perhaps the S5 has the ability to shine on its design alone.

Power plants come from a naturally aspirated 1.6L and also a future 1.5T engine which is currently…

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MG5 Fastback Spied Road Testing

Remember the MG5? It was the little hatcback that couldn’t quite live up to its name as an MG and subsequently became a flop even in the Chinese market where any car seems to sell in decent figures. SAIC’s next step to prevent the MG5 nameplate completely sinking into the floor is the addition of an MG5 fastback sedan. The fastback is likely to be fast…

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This is it! – Daimler-BYD’s Denza EV

The unlikely union of the auto industries most luxurious brands and one of the fastest growing low cost manufacturers has finally produced offspring. The Daimler and BYD put forward plans to create a new brand in May of 2010 with the view of creating domestically produced and designed luxury electric vehicles for the Chinese market for domestic and…

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Citroen’s DS 5LS Gets Caught Naked – At a Highway Toll

Citroen’s flagship China sedan was aired at in Paris earlier this month with a promised launch time of early 2014 in only the Chinese market, with production happening at Changan PSA’s Shenzhen factory. The new model hasn’t been officially aired in the Chinese market, but that doesn’t really matter now as the car was caught going through a Shenzhen…

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Roewe 750 and 950 to disappear, become ‘Shanghai’ vehicles

Rumor has been circulating for a while that SAIC are far from impressed with the sales results of the Roewe 950 which is essentially a Buick Lacrosse in Roewe drag and retails for marginally less. The high price of the 950 and the better image rights of the slightly more expensive Lacrosse has essentially killed the model before it even began to really…

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Geely Emgrad EC7-RV Receives Update for 2014

Geely’s Emgrand range of vehicles has been a major hit both in China and abroad, which is why Geely are keen to keep the momentum going with the addition of an updated hatchback for 2014. The EC7-RV is of course the hatch version of the EC7 sedan, and was launched shortly after the sedan. Power comes from a 1.5L and a 1.8L engine with  both manual…

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MG CS SUV Sighted Yet Again

Whilst MG UK are putting the FUN! into small MG’s once again, the Chinese market is prepping the new MG SUV. This new compact SUV is expected to be a global product for MG, unlike the MG5 which has so far been restricted to China and other key developing markets. The MG CS will be powered by MG’s latest 2.0T engine which will have 204bhp on tap as well…

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Skoda Octavia Wagon Pops Up In China

Skoda is one of the hottest brands in China right now and as such Skoda are planning to bring more to their Chinese arsenal over the next few months. The latest addition could well be the all new Octavia Wagon which was spotted below in Shanghai, note that the rear of the vehicle doesn’t have the Shanghai-VW insignia so we can presume that it is a European…

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Shanghai VW’s Mystery New Vehicle Merges Skoda With Golf

What is this mystery new vehicle outside of Shanghai-VW’s Headquarters? From the looks of the vehicle it seems to be a sixth generation Golf from the front and a Skoda Octavia at the rear, complete with the hatchback Skoda look and possibly a crossover styling (note the black plastic rear arches). Shanghai-VW are developing an entirely new vehicle which…

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Chery’s New V5 Is Old, Yet New, But Looks Worse

The Chery V5 has been on a mission for the past few years. It started off as a Chery V5 MPV under the Chery brand in 2006 but didn’t really roll out nationwide until 2008. Sales were okay, but then it became a Rely and shifted to the then brand new Rely brand, again as a V5, and now it is back with a mild ‘facelift’ that somehow makes it look worse…

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Toyota 4Runner Runs Through The Chinese Patent Office, But Isn’t China Confirmed

After years of seeing their Chinese breathen take Toyota models and make them their own in the Chinese market, Toyota have been overly cautious over the past few years by sending their international market models through the Chinese patent registry office to stop local offenders from getting Xerox happy once again. The latest model from Toyota to see…

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Tianjin XiaLi Has The Best Test Car Camo

“Dont look at me” “Dont Look at me” “Dont Photograph me and put me on the internet!”

Of course, that’s exactly what Tianjin Xiali what you to do. So here’s the new Xiali T012 hatchback in fetching tiger print camo. Under the hood there is a 1.5T engine which will hopefully be a little more powerful than the MG5′s 129 turbo supplied horses.

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Chang’an Mazda Sub Brand: Cinturx

Cinturx is the long rumored brand from Chang’an Mazda, the two joint venture partners are reportedly planning to create a new sub brand in order to further their sales. Sub brands were introduced as a means to hand over technology to the Chinese side and to develop greener new energy vehicles for the Chinese market.

Cinturx is thought to have been…

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How Many Cars Can You See in the New Yema B60X?

Sichuan Yema who are notorious for making cars that look like other cars have sent another car down the production line earlier today; the B60X.

Sichuan kick started their auto making dreams on the back of the truly ancient Austin Maestro, which Moses drove himself when he freed the Israelites from Egyptian rule. It’s not clear what platform the…

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Suzuki’s New Low Cost China Sedan

Chang’an Suzuki have a very old lady in their line up – The Suzuki Gazelle. The Gazelle is basically the second generation Suzuki Cultus in sedan form which North Americans will happily remember was the Pontiac Firefly in the late 80′s and early 90′s, whilst the rest of the world weened themselves off low cost Suzuki’s (aside from India, they still…

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Beijing Auto’s Latest Model: The SC2/SC20

Previously we called this vehicle Beijing Auto’s first shot at  the popular Ford Ecosport, which wasn’t exactly fair of us as it clearly looks nothing like an Ecosport, aside from being a small SUV with a spare on the trunk.

The SC20 is nothing overly remarkable, it’s a crossover that measures in at 4210*1720*1735 with a wheelbase of 2560mm riding…

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Next Gen Golf R Roving Chinese Roads

VW’s R range of vehicles has certainly spiced up the Chinese market over the past two years, the Golf R has become especially popular with younger consumers who want to have some fire in their garages, and who can doubt them? The next gen model is already road testing in China prior to a market sale sometime in early 2014.

Note that the last model…

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SouEast Has Re-Created Subaru BRAT

Remember the Subaru Brat? It was a Japanese rival to the El-Camino, it offered a truck mixed with a car body giving the North American and seemingly random Euro markets access to a car that everyone said they wanted, but never really sold well in the 70′s and early 80′s. In the late 90′s and early 00′s Subaru followed up the Brat with the Baja, which…

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Baojun Hatchback Airs Ahead of Guangzhou Auto Show

Sub brands were all the range in 2011 with every manufacturer seemingly rushing to open a new division within their JV structure, GM’s own sub brand,Baojun sold 68,092 vehicles over the course of 2012 accounting for 0.51% of the Chinese market that year. In 2013 that number boosted to 69,189 from January to October this year and claiming 0.6% of the…

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Mazda Atenza Ready to Shine in China With 2.5L 196bhp Engine

Whilst other manucaturers are chasing smaller displacement turbo powered vehicles Mazda are concentrating their efforts on squeezing every ounce of power and economy out of naturally aspirated engines. The same ethos has been brought over to the Chinese market for the next generation Atenza which is going into production at the FAW-Mazda partnership…

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MG CS Road Testing: Less Camo, More Curve

For those of you in West that are eagerly awaiting a perfectly sized MG somewhere between the tiny MG3 and the oversized MG6, fear not as the MG SUV is on its way, possibly soon.

The new compact SUV was initially thought to have some Ssangyong genes but that doesn’t look to be entirely true. Remember before when everyone thought the MG3 was Fiat…

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Fiat’s Viaggio Hatchback Loses Its Camo, Becomes a Viaggio You Would Want

The Fiat Viaggo looked like a great car, on paper at least. It’s a Alfa Romeo platform, its designed to be the biggest roomiest car in the segment and it has a Fiat 1.4T engine in two output flavors (120bhp/150bhp). Sadly the interior appeals more to the Chinese sense of luxury, especially in the seats where plumped up leather is found rather than stiffer…

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Seventh Gen Golf and Audi A3 Sedan Hanging Out in a Car Park

To most people, the above headline wouldn’t raise too much of an eyebrow but the Chinese market has yet to receive the much fabled 7th Gen Golf or the Audi A3 sedan, although both are due later this year.

FAW-VW have already established and put together a new factory to house both of these widely anticipated products which has delayed their China…

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Chery’s Flagship Arizzo 9 Sedan Is Heading Our Way Soon

Chery are working flat out to redefine their company after a series of blunders in which they lost money during the development of two sub brands which failed to connect with Chinese consumers. Chery’s introduction of the Arizzo 7 two months ago put the company back on track with a car they say is on par with global compact sedans such as the popular…

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Camaro Bumblebee Rolls into China With Fellow AutoBots

Chinese consumers love the Transformers movie series, partly because as it goes inline with their new found passion for cars and when the majority of the 80′s consumer base were growing up the Transformers cartoons gave some welcome respite from the local cartoon channels with new intergalactic enemies to fight against rather than the old tired World…

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Chang’an CS75 Flows Through the Patent Office

The Chang’an CS75 has finally made it through China’s patent office after launching at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month. The first mid size SUV from Chang’an chose to debut in Frankfurt rather than China to show that its cars are internationally competitive in terms of design thanks to their global engineering and design team.

China Car Times…

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Next Gen Besturn B70 Goes From ‘Likeable’ to ‘Buyable’

The first generation Besturn B70 looked good, honestly it did, and I’m sure the people that bought it were more than happy with the Mazda 6 derived sedan which was designed by an Italian stylehouse. Except it didn’t quite look right, that has been solved in the next generation model which has moved on from clunk and has more funk:

This generation…

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Hawtai Remembers It Has the Hyundai Matrix

When Hyundai and Huatai had a joint venture producing SUV’s prior to 2010 the two companies were planning to expand into the MPV business with the introduction of the Hyundai Matrix compact vehicle. The Matrix went out of production in 2007 in South Korea when even Hyundai realized when it was far too old, Huatai – now Hawtai – seemed to have gone through…

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Next Gen Honda Fit/Jazz Road Testing in China

Details are obviously scarce at the moment but apparently the above image is one of the latest generation Honda Fit (or Jazz) road testing in the Chinese market ahead of a market launch or possible airing at the Guangzhou Auto Show next month. The Fit is built by Guangzhou Honda and has been a relatively succesful vehicle for the JV.

We haven’t got…

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Denza Sedan Spotted Road Testing Again

The Denza brand from Daimler and BYD is well on its way to completion, the brand will work primarily on EV’s and will limit sales to just the Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai areas when it is available for sale in early 2014 however it will be officially shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show next month.

Even though this road going car is camouflaged its…

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Ford Escort Trickles Through The Chinese Patent Office

Ford are now the darling of the Western automotive inudstry media, they said no to government bail outs and are now making big money in the Chinese market thanks to a strong product line up. The Focus is the best selling nameplate in China (thanks to selling two generations of car side by side), the Kuga SUV is tearing up the sales charts and the Ford…

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Mitsubishi Lancer Hatchback Pops Up in China

The Mitsubishi Lancer has been on the European market for several years already, the Lancer sedan has also had its day in the sun in the Chinese market via the SouEast-Mitsubishi joint venture where it hasn’t performed overly well against the competition. The Lancer has only gained marginal sales in the Chinese market, likely far below Mitsubisihi’s…

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2014 Facelift Chevrolet Cruze or 2016 Next Gen Model Spotted On Wood Carrying Truck

In most unusual news, the 2014/15 facelift Chevrolet Cruze – or possibly the shell of the next generation Chevrolet Cruze was spotted on the back of a wood carrying truck in the city of Wenzhou. The Cruze is produced in the northern city of Shenyang, so its unclear as to why the facelift or next gen model would have been spotted so far south, especially…

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Hyundai ix25 Sighted in China, Potentially 1.0T Powered

Small displacement is now in vogue and the race to the smallest is well underway, Hyundai are planning to throw their hat into the ring with the introduction of their first 1.0T engine which will premiere in the forthcoming ix25 SUV.

This new chunky SUV will be introduced into the Beijing-Hyundai joint venture later this year and should see local…

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Hawtai’s A25 Compact SUV Spied

Hawtai are a plucky little company that never seem to give up despite their sedan offerings basically diving since Hyundai pulled out of their SUV making JV several years ago. Hawtai created two sedans specifically for hte Chinese market along with some remarkably decent diesel engines and gearboxes that were developed on IPR bought from Italy’s VM…

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Lifan’s Flagship is Mildly Germanic in Design

Lifan are a busy little company with plenty of energy to chase both the import and export markets with increased ferocity, the company’s compact SUV the X60 is already proving itself to be a popular vehicle and the forthcoming Lifan 520 is likely to increase sales even further. Early next year Lifan are expected to launch this brand new flagship Lifan…

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