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Dongfeng To Bring Flagship Sedan To Market in 2014

Dongfeng’s flagship model ‘Dongfeng Yi Hao’ or Dongfeng No 1 is due to be aired at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year according to media reports. The new model will make full use of the Dongfeng-PSA produced platform that underpins the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 508, the C3 platform, and will be a mid to high end sedan. Engine power will…

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The Dongfeng Xiao Feng Is Awesome

The forthcoming Dongfeng Xiao Kang Feng Guang (a mouthful, I know) may look like a bland minivan with a car like nose attached to it, and it maybe a little late to the market considering GM’s Wuling pioneered the design style and Chang’an cloned it with their own offerings. But as they say, if you’re going to come late to a party you better bring a…

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Dongfeng’s SUV Gains Tiguan Looks

What do you do when you want to create a best selling SUV? Simple, you take the face of the best selling SUV and plaster it onto your own model and hope that the new look helps. Dongfeng are trying the above strategy with their long selling Joyear SUV. The Joyear appeared in MPV form in late 2007 and then became an SUV in 2009 which really boosted sales,…

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Dongfeng Quietly Buys Saab’s Engineering Company

Dongfeng Auto announced today that it has bought a 70% share in the Swedish engineering firm, T Engineering AB. T Engineering was a spin off from Saab Automobile Powertrain and focuses on developing powertrains for the automotive world.

The original agreement was signed on December 8th 2011 and will see Dongfeng buy 70% of the company in stage one…

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The Future of JV Sub Brands: Chinese Brand, Foreign Tech

Sub brands were the hype at the 2010 and 2011 auto shows, it was brands brands brands brands brands, we’re going to make brands. By the time the 2012 Global Automotive Forum rolled around, automotive directors, CEO’s and consultants were starting to see the strain of maintaining marketing and engineering budgets for multi-brand companies, brands are…

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Dongfeng Still in the Hummer Business

Thought the Hummer concept died with the Hummer brand? Think again. Dongfeng are Hummer mad, Dongfeng released the civillian version of their own Humvee a few months ago with a price tag of 1 million RMB for the Cummins powered vehicle, the real one imported from the US of A costs around 800,000RMB, even less for the H3 – that’s if you can still buy…

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First look at Luxgen 5 hatch testing in China

Taiwanese car maker, Yulong, may have hit a home run with their new Luxgen brand. Luxgen haven’t yet entered other countries other than the Taiwan-China markets but will likely do well when they expand outside of China’s borders. The first Luxgen to be made in China was the Luxgen7 SUV, the sedan is expected to be the second model which…

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Dongfeng releases final pictures of A60

The Dongfeng A60 is shown below, do not confuse it for the last generation Nissan Bluebird Sylphy as it is now the A60. Nissan has been overly generous with their joint venture partner, Dongfeng, the two have made Nissan branded cars in the Chinese market for a number of years but Dongfeng has been slow to get off the mark with their own branded vehicles….

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Taiwan’s Yulong to build factory in China

From AFP:

ulon Motor, Taiwan’s largest automaker by revenue, said Monday it had received the green light from China’s government to start producing its high-tech Luxgen passenger vehicle there from next year.Yulon plans to manufacture the car in a joint venture with China’s Dongfeng Automobile Co at a plant in eastern China’s Zhejiang…

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Dongfeng to become China’s second largest automaker in ’09?

China’s current top automaker in terms of volume production is arguably SAIC, which thanks to its JV’s with VW and GM has propelled it to the top of the production charts time and time again, but an upcoming automaker is looming from behind.

Dongfeng has steadily been ramping up production with its joint venture partners, Honda, Peugeot, Citroen,…

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Dongfeng own SUV to launch next year

Dongfeng plan to launch their own branded SUV earlier next year, complete with a 1.8 Turbo assisted engine.

Exact details have not been released yet by Dongfeng, but it appears that the 1.8T engine in question is from the SAIC range, aka the Rover K-Series engine.

Dongfeng have had some success with their fengshen sedan, and also their joyear…

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Dongfeng 1.6 Feng Shen to be produced this month

The neatly designed Dongfeng Fengshen is set to come down the production line later this month according to media reports.

The first set of Feng Shen cars will be powered by a 1.6L engine which will produce 78kW/5750rpm, it is currently unknown if this particular engine is produced in house by Dongfeng, or if it is a bought…

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Hello Dongfeng Fengshan – How are you?

We’ve been patiently waiting for the next model in the Dongfeng line up for the past few months, ever since the launch of the popular Dongfeng Joyear MPV, we’ve been waiting for their next offerings. Pictures of the Dongfeng Fengshan made it to the internet today, and we have to say its quite a lot better looking than the suggested prototypes that we’re…

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Dongfeng to launch own brand coupe in 09

Dongfeng have been eager to build their own brand, and play catch up with other Chinese automotive giants such as FAW, and SAIC, both of whom have launched their own respective brands in recent years. Dongfeng have partnered with Honda, Nissan, and PSA, so they do have the technological know how to build a car, but it seems that the design department…

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Renault, Dongfeng, to go at the joint venture craze?

Are Renault and Dongfeng finally ready to kick start their long anticipated joint venture in China? It may seem that way. Renault and Dongfeng have for a long time been courting each other with a view to entering the Chinese market place, currently all Renault vehicles are imported into China which basically translates into low sales due to high prices…

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Dongfeng to launch own brand sedan this year?

Dongfeng is one of the biggest car makers in China, holding JVs with some of the worlds biggest auto players you would think Dongfeng would have started their own independent brand by now, especially with all of the experience they have gained from working with Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, and Citroen.

Dongfeng did actually create some of their own cars,…

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Honda asks PRC Govt for hybrid incentives

China Car Times never truly understood the Chinese governments stance on the environment and hybrid cars. The environment in Chinese cities in less than admirable, yet the cost of a Toyota or Honda hybrid is the same as a decent 2.5l v6 or 3.0l car in China.

It seems Honda is aiming to buck the trend and is planning on petitioning the Chinese government…

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Brakes are breaking at Dongfeng

Dongfeng motors, the JV partner of Honda, Citroen, Nissan etc is recalling 3,154 Nissan Sylphy, Tiida, Teana and Livina models produced between Sept 7th and Sept 17th this year. The brakes on these model cars produced in the above time line have been known to spring brake fluid leaks. Not good news then for the Chinese/Japanese joint venture which has…

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Dongfeng to invest in a new production center

Dongfeng is a major player in the Chinese auto world, they have joint venture agreements with Nissan, Citroen, Peugeot, Kia, and last but not least Honda, as well as making their own range of MPV’s, light trucks, and heavy trucks. When it comes down to it, Dongfeng is one of the ‘silent players’ that dont always steal the limelight, like some other…

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Dong Feng Coupe!

I cant deciede if this car is cool or crap. I mean look at the front – it looks muscular, butch and just a tiny bit feminine. Then look at the rear and it looks like one of those foot pumps for inflating air beds, or one of those instruments – a whats it called again? I first saw these photos and thought, what happens if you press down on the hood/boot?…

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