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Luxgen5 SUV Sighted Ahead of November Launch

The Taiwanese brand Luxgen are a brand to watch, the automotive company has expanded rapidly since the establishment of its joint venture with Dongfeng-Yulong where the Luxgen 5 sedan along with the CEO MPV and Luxgen7 SUV.

The new SUV is named the Luxgen5 SUV, like the sedan, and will carry a 1.8T and a 2.0T engine which were self developed by…

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Luxgen’s New L5 SUV Road Testing

Luxgen entered the Chinese market with their 7 SUV, followed by the Master CEO MPV and the regular 7 seat MPV,  and then followed it up with the Luxgen 5 sedan. Consumer reaction to the 7 SUV was fairly good but we have to wait and see if consumers take to the sedan. The forthcoming 5 will see the proportions of the 7 shrunk down to a more compact…

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First look at Luxgen 5 hatch testing in China

Taiwanese car maker, Yulong, may have hit a home run with their new Luxgen brand. Luxgen haven’t yet entered other countries other than the Taiwan-China markets but will likely do well when they expand outside of China’s borders. The first Luxgen to be made in China was the Luxgen7 SUV, the sedan is expected to be the second model which…

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Luxgen M7 MPV spotted out testing

Luxgen’s rise has been interesting to watch, they have so far followed the ‘Roewe Formula‘ which is of course to come in with high priced cars and then make lower priced cars later, its easier to come in as a high level brand with an expensive car first and then move into cheaper cars at a later date than to come in with a cheap car and try…

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Luxgen production revs up at Dongfeng Yulong

From the China Daily:

Its Luxgen 7 mid-sized sport utility vehicle is now offered for presale at prices ranging from 190,000 to 270,000 yuan. The model will formally hit the market in two months, the company said.

Hubei-based Dongfeng Motor Corp and Taiwan’s largest carmaker Yulon Motor Co formed the partnership in Hangzhou, Zhejiang…

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Luxgen’s pure electric EV concept shown in rendered form

Luxgen are gearing up for their first entry into the mainland Chinese market in partnership with Dongfeng Auto, the Taiwanese brand is a sub brand of Taiwan’s Yulong Motors and is the first cross straights full car producing joint venture of its kind. At the Shanghai Auto Show Luxgen are expected to show their first SUV model and also a Luxgen sedan,…

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