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Nissan March/Micra Falls to Venucia Brand

Dongfeng-Nissan’s own sub brand seems to be the end place for vehicles that fail to meet the sales and age requirements of the Nissan brand, the last generation Tiida twins, Lavina and now the March/Micra mini car have headed over to Venucia. Venucia was initially created as a new energy brand which will eventually house the Nissan Leaf in Venucia clothing,…

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Nissan Leaf to Be Made in China Soon – Market Launch in April 2014

Recent Chinese media reports indicate that the Nissan Leaf will soon be launched in China under the Venucia sub brand name from Dongfeng-Nissan. As we have learned a long time ago, the Leaf will be renamed for the Chinese market where it will be named the Venucia E30, or ‘Qi Chen’ in Chinese.

What is surprising is that the Leaf/e30 is exceptionally…

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Nissan Leaf Becomes the Venucia ‘Morning Wind’ in China

Dongfeng-Nissan’s sub brand gave the soon to be Chinese made Nissan Leaf its official Chinese name at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The Leaf will be pushed into the Venucia sub brand which was created as a means to introduce new energy vehicles into the Chinese market, sub brans have gained strong governmental support as the joint venture partner is always…

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Former Nissan Versa/Tiida Gains Crossover Kit

Dongfeng-Nissan’s sub brand Venucia has been on the receivign end of several older Nissan products and will eventually house the Nissan Leaf within its range. Like all sub brands to date, with the exception of Baojun, the goal is to get the brand out there and then bring in the EV vehicles. The first vehicle to enter the Venucia range was the Tiida…

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