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Geely Enters Turbo Age With 1.3T

Geely’s reaction to the introduction of turbo engines from the rest of its competitors has been slow, despite the usually fast flowing company bringing popular models such as the GX7 SUV and Emgrand sedan/hatch range to the market they haven’t quite caught up with the small displacement turbo craze.

Enter the 1.3T. Geely has often aired its turbo…

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Geely to Terminate Sub Brands – Back to Geely

In 2008 Geely announced that it would establish a multi brand stategy which would eventually see the Geely brand terminated from car front ends and act as a holding company. In a shock reverse move, Geely will now take its Emgrand, Englon and Gleagle brands back into the Geely brand name with future cars simply using the GEELY brand name on its cars.


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Geely Gives Cars To APEC Meeting

Geely announced yesterday that their vehicles would be the official vehicles for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings which are set to be held in Ningbo on February 24th. Geely will deliver 45 of its Emgrand vehicles to the meeting organizers which will also be supported by its London TX4 taxis.

Hong Jiaxiang, deputy mayor of Ningbo,…

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Geely’s Flagship EC9 Gives Up Interior

Geely’s forthcoming flagship EC9 is starting to look like a solid looking sports coupe, the model is of course based on Geely’s KC concept which aired at last years Shanghai Auto Show and will likely see be at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year.

Power plants for this model are not yet clear, it is known that Geely are developing turbo assisted…

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Geely Fails To Meet 2013 Sales Goal, Predicts Slower Sales in 2014

Geely’s sales grew by 14% in 2013, reaching 549,518 units in total but missing its own goal of 560,000 units according to media reports issued by Bloomberg.

In 2014 Geely believes that its sales will grow to 580,000 units, growth of around 6% – a smaller number than the figure predicted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers who predict…

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Geely’s Emgrand EX7 SUV Back From The Dead

Geely’s flagship SUV, the EX7, was reportedly once killed off due to a rumored high price tag but it seems that the EX7 is back on the menu for 2014 with the SUV spotted out testing once again. The SUV should be powered by 2.0L and 2.4L engines with 6 speed manual and automatic gearboxes with a due date of not sure when.

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Geely Emgrad EC7-RV Receives Update for 2014

Geely’s Emgrand range of vehicles has been a major hit both in China and abroad, which is why Geely are keen to keep the momentum going with the addition of an updated hatchback for 2014. The EC7-RV is of course the hatch version of the EC7 sedan, and was launched shortly after the sedan. Power comes from a 1.5L and a 1.8L engine with  both manual…

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From Refrigerators to Volvo: The Geely Story. Part One.

Five to six years ago if you would have asked anyone what you thought of Geely’s cars you would get a snarky response: “Poor Quality”, “Shoddy”. Accelerate to 2014 and ask anyone what you think of Geely and you will get a nod of appreciation, Geely’s transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. But how did it start?

In 1982 Li Shu…

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Geely’s KC Concept Continues To Merge Into Production Vehicle

Development on Geely’s flagship KC  vehicle is well underway with the car being spotted several times over the course of the past two weeks on China Car Times. The new sedan is gaining flavor with its four coupe styling which will eventually be powered by a 2.0T engine and also a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, think of this as Geely’s Passat CC,…

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Geely Planning Emgrand With 1.3T

The turbo wars are well under way in the Chinese market and it seems Geely have been somewhat slow to respond to rival companies 1.5T offerings, especially at Great Wall and BYD. Geely are planning to launch a volley across the bows of its rivals with the introduction of their first turbo engine, a 1.3T.

The 1.3T engine is currently under production…

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Geely Emgrand EC9 Breaks Cover – Geely’s New Flagship Car

Geely is apparently working on a new flagship car that is set to be named the EC9 according to Chinese automotive sources, the new car is set to be named the EC9 which will sit above the current EC8 which is currently on par with the 8th generation Honda Accord in terms of size. The EC9 is likely based on the KC concept car that was aired at the Shanghai…

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Beijing Auto and Geely Enter into Fortune 500 List

Both Geely and Beijing Auto entered into this years Fortune 500 list according to statements from both companies, Beijing Auto was ranked at at 336 on the list whilst Geely was slightly higher at 477.

Beijing Auto boasted revenues of US$33.4 billion in 2012, it reported US$1.07 billion in profits in 2012. Beijing Auto sold a total of 644,784 passenger…

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Detroit Electric Shows World’s Fastest EV in Shanghai, Inks Deal with Geely

Detroit Electric is an age old automotive brand, albeit one that slipped into the history books but has returned as a self proclaimed leader in the production and development of EV vehicles. Detroit Electric is headed by Albert Lam, Lam previously took Lotus Engineering into new markets such as China, India and the USA and and at one served as the Managing…

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Geely reveals futuristic KC concept

Geely held a press conference on April 19th, just before the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show officially begins on the 20th. The Zhejiang-based maker announced it will bring 23 models to the Shanghai Auto Show, including concepts and production ready vehicles. It will also showcase their new developments in engine and transmission technology, including their…

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1.3T Engine Destined For Geely EC7, New B-Segment Sports Sedan in the Works

Geely have finally pulled back the covers on their new proposed 1.3T engine which will find its home in a new EC7 sedan and hatch later this year. The new engine is good for 180Nm of torque between 2000-4000RPM which should make for a powerful little engine in the city center.

Later this year Geely are also expected to push its flagship EX8 SUV and…

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7 Seat Geely GX7 On Its Way Soon

According to Chinese media reports the Geely GX7 will soon be gaining an extra row of seats. The GX7 was Geely’s first SUV under the Englon brand, but in the international market it is simply known as the Geely GX7. Geely’s first SUV comes with the choice of 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.4L paired with Geely’s DSI six speed gearbox, currently its available in FWD…

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Emgrand EC7 Updated for 2013

Geely’s Emgrand raneg has already established itself as a popular vehicle and broke the stereotype of Geely being a low cost manufacturer, the EC7 was the first to come out of the Emgrand brand and was followed by the EC7RV, a hatchback, and also the larger EC8 sedan.

The EC7 has been on the market for several years without any major updates since…

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Geely’s cool “dissected” models expose safety-oriented DNA

Geely, along with other Chinese automakers, has long been the butt of jokes regarding automotive safety. This is justified by a disastrous crash test of a first-gen model, the Geely CK or Otaka, commissioned by a Russian magazine. But Geely is working hard to put those days behind them.

In January of 2011, Geely’s Emgrand EC7 scored 46.8 points and…

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Geely shows new Emgrand EX6 concept SUV in Beijing

Geely’s Emgrand introduced a small concept SUV called EX6 at the Beijing Auto Show. Judging from Geely slowly putting previous concepts into production and a reasonably sober design, this one should also see production soon.

The EX6 has an aggressive design in the front, sporting a grille reminiscent of the “cheese grater” grille used in the Geely…

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Geely’s SX Series Merge Bentley with Chinese Style

Every auto show you can guarantee that Geely will make something that will impress or distress. The Englon series of cars did not fail our expectations. The Englon brand, which stands for England-London, was spurred on by the introduction of the London Taxi into the Geely range which saw Geely take a handsome share in the British company.


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Geely Panda to gain 1.3T at Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing Auto Show is turning out to be full of surprises, this time its from Geely. Geely have long talked about making turbo assisted engines but they have obviously been busy redeveloping their brand and strategies for the near future and have seemingly devoted little to technology. The Hangzhou based company will air its first self developed…

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Geely shows Moca concept with built in motorbike ahead of Beijing Auto Show

Geely are a great company with plenty of foresight when it comes to concept model developments, the Moca has been shown before at the last Shanghai Auto Show where Chinese and foreign media were both taken back by the crazy idea of putting two forms of transport into one. Foreign media, who will go unnamed, were buy sending in test drive requests to…

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Geely to make 50% of its sales in oveseas markets

The Chinese market is slowing, there is still massive demand for cars in China but the rate of growth has dropped from all time highs of 30% to a mere 2.45% in 2011, 2012 is not looking much better either.

According to Bloomberg who interviewed Geely CEO, Mr. Gui Shengyue, in Hong Kong two days ago Geely are aiming to expand aggressively in the…

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Geely to set up new factory in South West China’s Tax Free Zone

Geely, along with the vast majority of other Chinese manufacturers, are looking at the export market as the next big growth engines to offset a slowing Chinese domestic market. Geely has signed a deal with Guangxi’s  Qingzhou  government to set up a car and engine manufacturing plant in the city’s tax free zone with a view to making…

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Geely’s Emgrand EV8 MPV Out Road Testing

Geely’s first MPV has been spotted out testing, the EV8 is no stranger to the pages of China Car Times as it has been at various auto shows over the course of 2011. Last time we spoke with Geely’s PR department they mentioned that this MPV will hit the market in the start of 2012 with 2.0L and 2.4L engines being made available mated to either 6 speed…

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Geely Sales Hit New High in January

Geely’s sales hit a new high in the opening year of 2012, Geely announced that sales reached 38,477 units making it the best selling Chinese brand in January 2012.

Geely’s 2011 total sales were 432,800 units , which was a rise of just 4% over 2010’s figures, Geely’s exports in the same year grew by 76% but still remain…

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Geely’s 2011 Sales Miss Target

Hangzhou based Geely Auto missed their 2011 sales goal due to a slow down in the Chinese auto market over the course of last year. Sales rose just 1.2% in 2011 according to a statement the company issued to the Hong Kong stock exchange earlier today. December sales for Geely stood at just 47,755 units, a 15% drop in year on year comparison.


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Geely’s IG concept heading for the production lines, gullwing doors included.

After years of seemingly running around in the automotive desert making odd car after odd car, Geely got its act together and announced they were buying Volvo, but with great automotive brands comes great pressure, they set up the Emgrand, Geely Global Eagle (Gleagle) and Englon brands within China and slowly but surely pushed the Geely brand aside…

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Geely fits 6 speed gearbox to Englon SC7

The Englon range of cars was set to be Geely’s low end affordable range, but now it seems that its going to be receiving a technology infusion in the form of DSI’s 6 speed automatic transmission. DSI are an Australian gearbox manufacturer that fell under Geely’s control in early 2009, at the time DSI were focused on developing gearboxes for use in high…

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Englon SC6-RV rendered ahead of production

When we first heard of Geely’s plans for a multi brand line up we have to admit we were incredibly skeptical, how could a small privately owned company pull off a multi-brand strategy when their core brand was seen as a low cost economy brand? Well of course the big problem was that its core brand was seen as a low cost brand, its hard to make high…

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Geely’s GX7 SUV out in the open at a dealer

Geely’s Global Eagle brand, which they have called Gleagle, is about to spawn its first SUV. The GX7 was first unveiled in concept form at the Beijing Auto Show in 2010 where it was eager to show there was another Chinese SUV in town to rival the Chery Tiggo3 and the Great Wall series of SUV’s. The Global Eagle brand is of course Geely’s shot at taking…

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Geely expects to double its car exports in 2011

From WSJ:

Chinese car maker Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. (0175.HK) said Wednesday it expects to double its export car sales in 2011 amid a gradual global economic recovery.The company’s 2011 export car sales will likely reach 40,000 to 50,000 units, up from the 20,555 units sold in 2010, Chief Executive Gui Sheng Yue told reporters…

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Geely’s Li Shu Fu has peons cast aside to inspect new cab

All was good on the second day of the media days in Shanghai last Wednesday, well it wasn’t all good as most of the stands had immediately shifted from PR/Media day to Sales Mode by lunchtime and not too many Chinese companies had press kits available, which is pretty typical of Chinese car companies – no matter what they put out of their factory…

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Stop start stop start: Geely Emgrand EC7 GSG mild hybrid to launch soon

The price gas in China is practically on par with a liter of locally made wine, Chinese drivers are looking to various widgets to install in their cars to lower gas prices or even moving to lower grade gasoline if they can find it in the city limits. Hybrids are something that never took off in a big way in China, but with local governments offering…

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Volvo to announce China strategy in February

Volvo is expected to unveil its business strategy in China for the next five years on the afternoon of February 25, and the company’s local production plan is undoubtedly the core content of the strategy.

Volvo’s production site has been a hot topic for a long time. Dongguan, Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Daqing, Shanghai and Shijiazhuang all became…

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Volvo puts Chinese HQ in Shanghai

Volvo China has established its new headquarters in Shanghai according to media reports from earlier today. The new headquarters will oversee the management of Volvo within the Chinese market and will also have an attached technology center were new technology and localization will be carried out.

Volvo CEO, Stefan Jacoby, was on hand in Shanghai…

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Korean Co, Mando, sets up joint venture with Geely

From the Chosun Ilbo:

Korean auto parts maker Mando said Tuesday it has signed a deal with China’s Geely Auto to set up a parts manufacturer in China.

Mando will hold a 65 percent stake and Geely 35 percent in the joint venture with capital of US$85 million.

Construction of plants will begin in March in the Zhejiang Province cities…

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Volvo relying on future Chengdu base

From Bloomberg:

Volvo Cars, the Swedish carmaker acquired by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., is leaning toward starting production in the city of Chengdu to boost sales in the country, according to a Volvo board member.

The board agreed at a meeting in Gothenburg yesterday that taking over an existing Geely Automobile…

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Volvo and Geely talking new plants

From AFP:

SWEDISH car maker Volvo and its new Chinese owner Geely are in talks over new plants in China, a Volvo spokesman said on Friday, amid a report that Volvo and its owner were at odds over expansion.Geely, which acquired the Swedish car maker from US giant Ford in August, said in September it planned to increase Volvo sales to…

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Emgrand EC8 Stretched for VIP use

Emgrand is Geely’s luxury marque that they hope will help it take on the joint venture produced cars, and also to get Emgrand into the government procurement list. One step forward for Geely into getting on the much coveted government procurement list (the Chinese government regularly spends 5 billion RMB on cars) is the addition of the below EC8 Limousine…

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Geely’s MPVs in rendered glory

Geely has grand plans for its Emgrand and Englon sub brands, the Beijing Auto Show earlier this year had a massive plethora of Geely concepts (although Geely were eager to point out that hardly any of them were concepts, and most were pre-production vehicles). The following MPV’s are expected to launch in 2011 and 2012 under the high end Emgrand and…

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Volvo to gain ground on the ‘German three’ with Chinese design center

The German three, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi have largely controlled the premium market in China, but they are likely to gain a new competitor in the form of Geely owned Volvo.

As a Chinese company, Volvo is likely to gain unprecedented access to the government procurement register and will likely unseat Audi as the luxury car of choice for government…

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Englon SC5-RV to launch on 11/11

Englon basically means England-London and was Geely’s brand under which it would be build the London Taxi series but at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this year it appears that Geely have bigger plans for the Englon brand than just a taxi brand, they appear to be making it into their new budget brand, hence the SC5-RV roll out.

[gallery link=”file”…

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Photoblog: Geely’s GX2, aka the Panda Crossover

Geely’s GX2 is essentially the long awaited crossover version of its popular Geely Panda mini car, whilst the Panda relies on its cuteness to sell, it seems the GX2 will be relying on its trendy design and has had the cuteness factor scaled back in favor of a more rugged SUV style appearance, the spare wheel mounted on the rear hatch is certainly icing…

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Geely brand to die in 2012

Last week at Geely’s newest flagship dealership in Shanghai, Geely announced that the Geely brand will slip away from the mainstream by 2012, and will allow its sub brands to pick up the slack. Geely’s sub brands include Gleagle, Emgrand, and Shanghai Englon which will be strenthened over the coming months. Gleage is Geely’s global brand and is a shortening…

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Photoblog: Geely’s Emgrand EC825

There is now no distinction between the markets that joint venture companies and self developed companies are entering in, both are bringing the fight to each other with JV’s producing mini cars in the low tens of thousands of RMB pricing sector, and self developed brands that are developing mid size sedans to take on the likes of the Toyota Camry and…

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Geely sales up 42%

From Reuters:

Vehicle sales of Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd (0175.HK) rose by an annual 42.1 percent in the first six months of this year, indicating that the Chinese carmaker was on track to achieve its full-year target.

Geely Automobile, whose parent Zhejiang Geely…

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