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Geely to set up DSI transmission factory in Jining

In the middle of 2009 Geely began to spread its wings on the international scale and one of its first ventures was to take over Drivetrain Systems International, one of the worlds largest gearbox manufactures from Australia.

Geely have invested 1.6 billion Yuan into the new factory in Jininig which will be able to produce 300,000 gearboxes every…

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Geely Golden Eagle Crossover to launch soon, cheap and very cheerful

Geely’s Golden Eagle hatchback has already been a popular model and has performed well against competition such as Brilliance’s FRV, and now Geely are playing catch up in the crossover stakes with a new model.

Prices are expected to be from 54,000rmb and rising for the crossover model, which has a 1.5L engine…

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Geely Emgrand EC825 spotted out

The Geely Emgrand EC825 is Geely’s first shot at a mid to full size sedan and was officially on show at the Beijing Motor Show last month and will launch in the second half of 2010.

The Emgrand EC825 will use Geely’s own JLδ-4G24 engine, which will replace the Mitsubishi engine that was initially planned for…

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Geely’s high hopes not yet dampned by a hard reality

This years Beijing Auto Show showed that Geely do have the flair and the will to produce a mass range of cars from electric buggies, to mid size pick up trucks, but they don’t have the market yet in China to put all of their models into production. The Associated Press has a very good article on what might happen to Geely post Volvo purchase, and more…

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Geely iG – small, hybrid, and has gullwing doors – seriously, what more could you want?

Gullwing doors are quite frankly awesome, they should certainly be on more production cars, of which the Geely IG. If you though the IG was simply a concept car you are wrong. A quick chat with Geely’s PR director at the Beijing Auto Show revealed that the vast majority of Geely cars on show at this years Beijing Auto Show were production cars, and…

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Geely at the Beijing Show

Geely had a mass array of cars on show at the Beijing Auto Show, only there was one problem: Not many of them are actual production cars. Usually at a car show, a manufacturer will deliver around five to six production models, and then possibly one or two concept cars, perhaps with one being a little more ‘out there’ design wise than the other. But…

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Geely Englon Concept Vehicles for 2010 – Part Four

For part one, click here. This is part four!

The Englon range was initially developed to house the TX4 taxi which is being built between the British company LTI and Geely in Shanghai Maples factory in Shanghai. The latest Taxi looks have…

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Geely Global Eagle Concept Vehicles for 2010 – Part Three

This is the third part, for the first part click here!

The Global Eagle range is Geely’s range that they plan to sell on international markets (hence the global name) there were rumors circulating before that Geely were interested in taking…

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Geely’s MEGA PLANS for the Beijing Car Show

With the Beijing Auto Show right upon us, we can always rely on Geely Auto to blow us away with a massive array of cars, this year is no different to last year with Geely planning to show an impressive 59 cars, ranging from the super small to the impressively big. Geely needs around two and half years to turn a concept into a production car, so its…

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Geely’s first SUV, the Emgrand EX7, spotted out! Is it another RAV4?

Geely have missed out the SUV sector which was a major growth area for their major rivals, Chery. Geely are now playing catch up in the SUV game, where as Chery are already leading on with 3 SUVs in the marketplace. Geely have to come up with something unique and different to play catch up with Chery, and it appears that their first SUV has been spotted…

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Geely Chairman Li Shufu flying to Sweden to wrap up Volvo sale

It seems the big man of the Chinese automobile world is likely in the air right now on his way to officially buy the Volvo unit from a beleagured Ford International that is just bouncing back from last years devastating economy. The Volvo purchase is likely to give Volvo a massive leap in terms of technology and power over its domestic Chinese rivals.

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London Taxi’s should now be renamed Hangzhou Cabs

Late last night it was announced that the UK’s famed LTI taxi making company had finally come under Chinese control. Previously the owners of LTI, Magneze Bronze set up a joint venture between Geely and LTI to start production of the famous black cab in the Chinese market place which would then have been exported to other Asian markets. Due to poor…

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Geely to ramp up gearbox production

Last year Geely purchased DSI, one of the worlds largest gearbox manufacturers. Despite early issues with management walk outs and various other issues, Geely seem to have a firm grip on the company and plan on ramping up production at the gearbox plant.

Two Geely Automobile plants in Jining, Shandong Province and Xiangtan of Hunan Province…

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Geely secures financing, to buy Volvo for 2 Billion USD

Various media outlets are reporting that Geely has officially got the funds needed to take over Volvo, the reported price tag being 2 billion USD, a far cry from the 6 billion that Ford originally bought Volvo for. Geely’s financing has reportedly come from government institutions as well as local banks that are all clearly behind Geely in its bid for…

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Geely planning major Volvo plant in Beijing

Reuters is currently reporting that the Volvo – Geely deal is going to see Geely build a Volvo plant near Beijing city where it will be able to pump out several thousand Volvo models per year for the Chinese market place, which is where Geely hopes to make the majority of its money back from the Volvo investment. However, the Chinese media are also…

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Volvo Geely Deal Exposed!

Since early 2009 we have constantly hear rumours that Geely are planning to take over Volvo from Ford, eventually in late 2009 the deal was announced; Geely would become Volvo’s new master. A final price hasn’t been announced, but it is expected to be somewhere in the range from 1.5 billion to 2 billion RMB, considerably less than the 6 billion USD…

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Geely to keep Volvo as a stand alone business

As CCT has been predicting all along, Geely is planning to keep Volvo as an independent business which they will fill with cash to keep it going, although it is likely that Geely will be sending its engineers over to Sweden for an intensive study course in car engineering:

From Reuters:

China’s Geely would barely lay a finger on Ford…

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Geely given green light to buy Volvo

Ford have finally given Geely the green light to buy Volvo, basically telling us everything we knew months ago:


U.S. Ford Motor said in a statement on Wednesday it had agreed all substantial commercial terms in a deal to sell its Volvo Car Corporation unit to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, parent of Geely Auto.


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Geely to try their hand at the semi premium market with new EC825

Geely doesn’t seem to understand that a name like EC825 is rather hard to remember, but then again any name they think up is likely to be rather ridiculous anyway, so perhaps it is best they stick to serial numbers.

The EC825…

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Geely organising 1 Billion USD in loans for Volvo

Geely has reportedly reached an agreement with Ford on Volvo IPR, which has lead to further speculation and rumour-mongering in the Chinese press as how exactly Geely plan on buying Volvo.

The Chinese press are reporting that Geely several banks and private investors on its side. The biggest lenders are The Bank of China, China Construction and…

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Geely feeling secure about Volvo purchase

It was rumoured in early April that Geely were expecting to bid on Ford’s Volvo unit, but as time passed it looked Geely were the only company bidding for Volvo. In previous reports it looked like that a major stumbling block to Geely taking over Volvo weas the lack of access to Volvo’s IPR which was evidently going to be a problem for Geely as an upcoming…

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Geely preferred bidder for Volvo

The Volvo-Geely saga is practically a year long drama, will it ever end? Perhaps the end is coming close with Ford announcing that Geely are the preferred bidder for the Sweedish car maker:

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
Co. Ltd., a privately-owned Chinese automotive company, today welcomed Ford Motor Company’s decision to name it as the…

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Oh Happy Days! Geely China Dragon launches!

If you need the looks of a sports car, but don’t require the performance and can turn a blind eye to other road users (and homeless people) continuous mocking then perhaps the recently launched China Dragon is the car for you.

The China Dragon is an interesting enough design, the rear end is blocky, but the front end is low and swooping, it’s almost…

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Geely and Magna holding talks on Opel

Geely is fast becoming a rising star on the international stage with talks of it buying out Volvo from Ford, and now Geely is holding talks with Magna on entering in on any potential Opel bid.

Magna is ready to sign a deal with GM which will make them a majority stake owner in the European brand, GM will remain a minority stake, the deal is set…

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Geely to raise Volvo cash

From Reuters:

HONG KONG, Sept 16 (Reuters) – Geely Automotive (0175.HK), the Chinese carmaker whose parent is eyeing Ford’s (F.N) Volvo unit, is set to raise capital through a bond issue in a move that may provide funding…

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Geely teamed up with the State for Volvo bid?

This is a new rumor to us:

HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — Shares of Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. rose Wednesday in Hong Kong trade, adding to a 3% gain the prior day, after reports its parent may be involved in a bid for Swedish car brand Volvo with the backing of a state-owned investment company.Geely Automobile Chief…

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Geely Eagle GX718 World SUV Sighted Out Testing

Geely’s latest brand, Eagle, is set to go global any time soon with the Panda leading the invasion and the below GX718 SUV following up behind.

The awkwardly named GX718 is actually Geely’s first attempt designing and producing their own SUV, the design is actually not that offensive to look at, but on the other…

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Geely and Greatwall due in Australia this year

So says

Two decades after pioneering the importation of Korean cars, 73-year-old WA car dealer John Hughes is about to try his hand with a Chinese brand.

In February, he will ship into Fremantle 500 of the Geely MK hatches and sedans, cars the size of a $22,000 Toyota Corolla that will sell for about $13,000.


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Geely in the Economist

We have a special sort of love reserved for the man, the legend, the Mr. Frank Zhao:

From The Economist:

AT A time when most carmakers are struggling to cope with the worst crisis the industry has experienced in living memory, the ambitions of Geely, China’s biggest privately owned car firm, are breathtaking. The company is simultaneously…

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Geely buys Volvo for 2 billion USD?

Media reports in today’s Chinese automotive press suggest the Geely is planning to bid on Volvo for a mere 2 billion USD.

A Geely purchase of Volvo is set to change the face of the car making world forever, Geely a once backwater car maker would quickly propel itself onto the world stage, and would make a name for itself practically overnight, and…

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Why Geely is the future

Although Geely has a reputation of being a big player in the low end bargain bin segment of the market, they are in fact gearing up to be a world player. It is often said that Chery are expected to become the Chinese number 1 automotive maker, but news of Geely’s university that they set up a few years ago makes us think otherwise.


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Beijing Auto Plotting to Buy Volvo

Beijing Auto are determined to get hold of foreign automakers one way or another via a buyout of foreign owned automakers.

In late May their chance to buy Opel, GM’s European subsidery, failed at the last minute. Beijing Auto Works (BAW) are expected to send executives to tour the Ford owned Sweedish automaker and review their accounts prior to…

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China Dragon to launch in 2009 second half!

In the news that you’ve all been waiting for, the China Dragon, one of Geely’s finest creations (perhaps) is due to launch in the second half of 2009. (after a slight delay) Under the hood of this fine beast is either a 1.5l or a larger 1.8L engine, perfect for the sports car connoisseur amongst us. The price is also pretty good,…

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