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Changan Bringing Eado Hybrid To Market in Feb 2014

Chang’an have been on a roll with the introduction of their new Eado sedan which was recently followed up with the launch of the hatch variant which is arguably one of the best looking Chinese hatchbacks on the road today.

The Eado hatchback will make use of the Eado’s existing 1.5L naturally aspirated engine rather than the turbo mated with a CVT…

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PowerGenix and Amperex Technology to Manufacture High-Volume Nickel-Zinc Batteries

PowerGenix, a leading developer of high performance, rechargeable Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Asian battery manufacturer Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (ATL). ATL will become PowerGenix’s partner for the high-volume manufacturing of NiZn batteries for the worldwide start-stop…

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After Qin, BYD is Prepping Tang

BYD is continuing with its Chinese dynasty themes with the introduction of the Tang SUV after creating the Qin plugin hybrid sedan which will launch in the next few months.

The Tang is thought to be heavily based on the original BYD S6 SUV which BYD have already updated with the introduction of a more comprehensive BYD S7 SUV at the Guangzhou Auto…

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Tesla Coming to China Soon

America’s wonder brand Tesla is planning to enter the Chinese market soon according to Chinese and English language media reports.

The China Youth Daily reported late lats week that Tesla are planning to open a sales outlet in the Beijing area very soon, although no time frame was given. Tesla was founded in 2003 and has quickly gained headlines…

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Green Tech Automotive Signs Deal With JAC to Produce EV’s in the USA

The goal for Western automakers over the past two years has to been to introduce their EV tech into the Chinese market with their local partners, there seems to be a slight standoff on how much technology the foreign partner has to hand over in order to see domestic production but eventually production will have to begin.

American company GreenTech…

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GM’s Chevrolet Sail Spied Testing, Possibly To Sit Under New Brand Name

GM, like every other manufacturer in China, is serious about the ‘New Energy Market’ and are planning to launch the pure electric Sail in the Chinese market very soon. The Sail was a car designed solely in China for the Chinese market, but it has been exported to other developing markets such as Chile. The Sail EV has appeared as a concept car previously,…

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FAW working on Volt Rival According to Wards Auto

Wards Auto had the pleasure of sitting down with FAW’s President Mr. Li Jun and finding out some interesting info regarding FAW’s plans to make a low cost rival to the Chevrolet Volt. Li Jun claims the car will good for just one liter of fuel per 100km, which if true will be a wonder vehicle for Chinese drivers, add in its potentially low cost and it…

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Will a new Electric Saab find a Savior in China?

This is the question that everyone is asking this week. The answer is quite simple:


If Saab’s future is electric, it’s likely best that it doesn’t come to China. Imported hybrid and EV vehicles do not gain the subsidies or preferential treatment at the consumer level that locally made vehicles receive. Furthermore, the market…

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Roewe E1 seen ahead of Beijing Auto Show

The Roewe E1 along with a plugin hybrid Roewe 550 are expected to air at the Beijing Auto Show next week, in the meantime we have a good look at the E1 as it undergoes road testing. The E1 is being likened to an electric Smart by the Chinese press, of course the E1 is a little bit bigger than the Smart as it has double the seat space.


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Hybrid Civic For China, but will it sell?

‘New Energy’ is the current buzz word amongst Chinese politicians and economists, China is looking to avoid the oil trap that many Western nations, particulary the USA found itself in due to the development of automobile use and a lack of support for public transport. China thankfully has strong public transport infrastructure with all tier one cities…

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Roewe’s Electric E50 City Car Spied

Shanghai Auto have unveiled the Roewe E50 electric car before, specifically it was on show at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011 and then again at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2011 but this is the first time that we’ve seen clear shots of a road going (well, perhaps not). It seems the E50 hasn’t changed much from its concept car days in terms…

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Over 8000 New Energy Cars Sold in 2011

The Chinese market is often seen as the potential back yard of any major push for EV and other new energy vehicle sales, however until recently the market has been unbelievably small with very low adoption rates. Initial owner cost has been one the more obvious reasons for Chinese consumers to shy away from taking up ownership of an EV or even a hybrid…

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BAIC’s Electric MPV Sighted Ahead of Production

Beijing Auto Industry Works (BAIC) has an uphill battle on its hands, the state owned car company is relatively late in getting its own brand of vehicles to the market when compared to its rivals at FAW and SAIC, both of whom have been running their own brands for a number of years. BAIC was originally more than happy to produce its own SUV’s and trucks…

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BYD E6 gets make over – becomes more handsome

In the face of ever increasing oil prices some companies stepped up and produced EV’s, GM produced the Volt, Nissan made the Leaf, Honda tried another route with a hybrid sports car that the everyday man could afford, Tesla threw caution to the wind and made a super car for super salary owners. BYD on the other hand, realized that the average Chinese…

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Survey shows marketization of new energy vehicles is far lower than expectation

Despite a the large subsidies available to electric car buyers, the marketization of new energy vehicles is still far lower than expectated. By June 30, only 10 all-electric vehicles had been sold in Shanghai this year, and the number for Hangzhou was only 25.

It seems the problems like high prices despite subsidies, inconvenience, and unreliable…

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Issues beneath China’s seemingly-blossoming electric vehicle industry

China will release the final version of the Energy-efficient and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Planning soon. On the surface it seems that the industry is blossoming with many car companies offering pure EV’s and the industry supply chain ramping up to support them. However, a Chinese media outlet recently made an in-depth survey into the…

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China to introduce Chinese IV emission vehicles this month with new policy

Gasoline powered passenger vehicles under Chinese III emission standard will be phased out of China’s auto market soon according to new policies that will come into affect on July 1st. China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection announced recently that  gasoline cars, dual-fuel (LPG/Gasoline mix) cars and pure LPG vehicles made, imported…

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China’s MIIT Putting Together Proposal for China’s New Energy Car Industry

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced on its official website on June 22 that it has basically completed the drafting of the development planning for energy-efficient and new energy vehicle industry (2011-2020). It will make in-depth research into the concerned automakers, key parts suppliers, and institutes…

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Driven by new energy vehicle strategy, China’s Li-ion battery industry may see explosive growth

China’s Li-ion battery industry may see explosive growth in the next three to five years due to the factors like new energy vehicle strategy, environmental problems of lead-acid batteries, and the transfer of Japan’s Li-ion battery industry to China after March 11 earthquake.

The Li-ion battery manufacturers intending to attend the…

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Beijing’s new energy car policy has been given the go-ahead

Chinese media are reporting that the 12th five-year development planning for Beijing’s auto industry, put forward by Beijing Automotive Industry Association, was approved by the Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission in April this year.

According to the plan, the number of all-electric vehicles in Beijing is expected…

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BAIC’s C60 all electric Saab based sedan spotted out testing

Beijing Auto Industry Corporation (BAIC) are eager to get their electric sedan into the market, they have come late to the part with their self developed cars and their own home market has been put on lock down with only 20,000 new car sales happening each month. However, the Beijing municipal government are planning to turn Beijing into a paradise…

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Stop start stop start: Geely Emgrand EC7 GSG mild hybrid to launch soon

The price gas in China is practically on par with a liter of locally made wine, Chinese drivers are looking to various widgets to install in their cars to lower gas prices or even moving to lower grade gasoline if they can find it in the city limits. Hybrids are something that never took off in a big way in China, but with local governments offering…

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Another round of cars for China’s Green Car Subisidy

Earlier this year China announced a 3000rmb subsidy for buyers of energy efficient cars that included both domestic and international brands produced in China. Another series of energy efficient cars have been added to the list, and buyers will be able to claim their subsidy at purchase time:

Hyundai: Accent, i30, Elantra Yue Dong, Elantra,…

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Beijing City Government offering subsidies of 120,000rmb to private EV buyers

The Ministry of Science and Technology recently announced its plans to offer up to 120,000rmb in subsidies to private buyers of new energy vehicles in Beijing city, which is being used as a test bed for the project before it will be rolled out nationwide

Beijing City Govt are planning on giving subsidies of 3000rmb per kilowatt, which will give plug…

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China aiming for 1 million new energy vehicles sold per year by 2015

If you believe the estimates, then China is expected to sell around 25 million cars per year by the year 2015 but the government is pushing for at least 1 million of them to be new energy vehicles, we at CCT are no mathematicians but 1 million out of 25 million appears to be a very small percentage of vehicles, but it is a start. China’s reliance on…

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VW to produce EV’s in China by 2014

VW has officially comitted itself to producing EV’s in China by 2014 according to the below media report, VW has been working closely with its partners FAW and SAIC, to develop a series of small pure electric vehicles. The results of this joint R&D session has been the pure electric VW Lavida from SAIC and also the pure electric VW Bora from FAW,…

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China aiming for 5 million electric cars on the roads by 2020

The Chinese central government plans of getting 5 million pure electric cars on the road by 2020 seem far fetched when the subject is first talked of, but getting 5 million electric cars on the road in the next ten years is not an entirely difficult project at all.

In China’s latest 5 year plan, that will range from 2011 to 2015, the central government…

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