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Hafei Lobo Crash Test

The Hafei Lobo is a self designed and researched model from Hafei Autos from Harbin City. Hafei have recently signed an agreement with Citroen to make a range of commercial vehicles in China.

100% frontal impact

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PSA, Hafei, finally hook up to make vans

It seems Peugeot are wanting to slash some jobs at home, and make some more jobs in Shenzhen, China.

PSA Peugeot Citroen has tied up with Harbin Hafei Automobile Industry Group Co to form its second Chinese joint venture, part of the French car maker’s plan to boost sales in emerging markets as it tries to revive its fortunes globally.


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PSA partners up with Hafei motors

Hafei motors, the almost unknown makers of a beautiful range of ‘Saibao’ cars, and also one of the big players in the mini van world have landed what must be their dream deal – a link up with PSA, owners of Citroen and Peugeot. The deal is said to be a 50/50 deal based on Hafei’s Shenzhen based plant where they will make 10 seater and smaller minivans…

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Electric Cars That Have Zing!

Forget that electric milk float that the milkman used to drive on his morning rounds (perhaps only British people can appreciate that) electric vehicles have come a long, long way from the days of 2 pints of skimmed milk and 1 full cream.

American company Miles Automotive have come up with a range of electric vehicles that are both cheap, and can…

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