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Haima Releases First Shot of Haima S5 SUV

Haima released the first shot of its forth coming Haima S5 SUV earlier today, the compact SUV will be entering into a tough market segment with plenty of foreign and domestic competition but perhaps the S5 has the ability to shine on its design alone.

Power plants come from a naturally aspirated 1.6L and also a future 1.5T engine which is currently…

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Haima M5 Sedan Rears Buick Head Prior to Launch

Haima’s models are certainly looking like they are Buick inspired these days. The recent ‘big grill’ from Buick seems to have won some admirers on Hainan island where Haima are based, but let’s not let them stop them.

Overall the yet to be released Haima M5 seems to be a tidy vehicle both inside and out. Power plants will come in the form of naturally…

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Haima’s Compact SUV Sighted Testing

Haima’s S7 SUV has become a major seller for the island based car marker, hence their decision to introduce a smaller SUV named the S5 which will have a more compact size and a lower buy in price compared to its larger Mazda Territory based brother. The new S5 will be powered by an all new 1.5T engine that will be packing 210Nm of torque – enough for…

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Haima Prepping Haval H8 Rival SUV

Haval’s H8 SUV will soon join Great Wall’s SUV line up as a full size SUV for the Chinese and developing markets, powered by a self developed 2.0T engine the Haval is aiming to sell itself on size and power against international branded compact SUV’s that sell in the same price tag range of 180,000RMB and rising. Haima is also aiming to cash in on the…

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Haima Airs M3 and M6 Sedans – Enough to Keep Itself Relevant?

Haima showed off their new M3 and M6 sedans at the Shanghai Auto Show, both of them are relatively important vehicles for the company who has so far survived off hand me down technology from old JV partner Mazda. Haima are gaining sales in China but largely with their new SUV.

The M3 is already on the market priced at circa 100,000RMB but the larger…

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Haima’s New Sedan Looks Well Polished Ahead of Launch

Earlier this year at the Beijing Auto Show Haima showed off a concept named ‘Yao’, after months of seeing the ‘Yao’ road testing around China getting acclimatized to different weather conditions we can say the car is ready to hit the production lines. A pre-production model was recently spotted outside a hotel in…

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Haima’s ZM2 Starts to Look Like a Car Ready For Market

Haima are readying their latest car, the ZM2, for production. The compact sedan has been undergoing testing for the past few years and has already seen airings at the Shanghai Auto Show in concept form under the V30 name.

Power for the above ZM2 is to come from Haima’s own self developed 1.5L VVT engine which…

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Haima ZM2, a new look and possibly new direction for Haima?

Haima have made the most out of their relationship with Mazda, the two initially had a joint venture project in Haima’s hometown island of Hainan however FAW came into town and snapped up Haima and took Mazda to the frigid hinterlands in Jilin. Haima didn’t get completely pushed out of the relationship, they still receive older platforms and technology…

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Haima’s new mini car

Haima’s last new mini car, The Little Prince, was a terrible looking thing that sold in miserable numbers and was actually billed as a ‘QQ Fighter’, but in actual fact it was a major flop. Haima have gone back to the drawing board and have come up with the below concept that we will see at the Shanghai Auto Show next week.

More info on the car is…

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Haima M2 sports version to launch soon

The Haima M2 may look like a Mazda2 due to its previous tie up with Mazda, but it is in fact a lot larger. Now Haima are planning on launching a sports version which looks like it will give the car a little bit more of a boost in the sales department:

Engine power comes in the form of 1.3L and 1.5L engines, so…

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Haima H2: The next generation Mazda Premacy

The Haima-Mazda relationship is beneficial to both parties, Mazda gets a suitable way to get rid of all of its ex-tech, and Haima get lots of new technology and help which they have poured into their own branded sedans. Haima have been doing particularly well recently, especially since the Mazda 323 became the Haima Family, then they launched the Haima3…

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Haima S3 SUV – Yours for 100,000rmb

The Haima S3 SUV is essentially the old Mazda Tribute with a Haima front end, and a considerably lower price tag of 100,000rmb.

The Haima S3 will be entering into the small displacement self designed Chinese SUV arena, and will go up against the likes of the very popular GreatWall Hover H3, and the Chery Tiggo3….

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Haima SUV to launch in 2010

Haima’s own SUV, aka the old Mazda Tribute, is expected to launch in 2010:

Engine wise, the 6 cylinder option has been dropped in favor of a rather timid 2.0L producing 150bhp, 195Nm, and 110kw. Whilst the Tribute is not expected to be a fast smoother, the S9 is expected to cost around 100,000rmb which means it will be stiff…

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Dear Haima: Im very sorry!

Now that the show is practically over, and I’m very far away from Shanghai, and more importantly Hainan Island where Haima are based, I feel that is high time I apologised.

The reasoning for my apology is quite simple, I pulled the door handle off your Haima M concept car. I say pulled, it sort of just came away in my hand when I foolishly attempted…

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Haima Ultra Mini

Just when you thought Geely and Smart China were the only ones playing at making ultra-minis, along comes another player in the form of Haima, but with a new logo on show:

With lots of 妹妹 ready to 发疯 for the 可爱的车,…

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CNCAP Crash Test: Haima gets 4 stars

Haima have been upping their game at the safety levels, especially as many Chinese consumers percieve Chinese cars to be unsafe, so obviously safety becomes paramount when you’re trying to build many and sell cheap.

C-NCAP gladly smashed up a few Haima 1.8L sports model and told us that it was a rather safe vehicle overall.

Points were awarded…

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Haima SUV – First Glimpse

Haima are doing good things these days, but they are still happingly using their Mazda links to further their plans to become a large manufacturer in the next few years.

The Haima SUV is based on the Mazda Tribute, which in turn was based on the Ford Escape. The Haima SUV will come with a 2.0 VVT engine, gearboxes, or pricing…

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Haima – The ones to watch!

Haima, the island car marker are planning a few suprises for the Shanghai Auto Show next week.

Haima has plans for a Haima 3 hatchback in 1.6 form, and also an AO class mini car (the M2), a new B class car, a new SUV, an updated Mazda Premacy (aka the Haima H2), a new mini sedan, and also a bread…

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Haima to build Mazda2, but its not a Mazda2

Haima and Mazda previously had a JV together, but FAW waded in and purchased Haima, thus making the JV into a FAW-Mazda JV. However, there still seems to be a connection between Mazda and Haima, as the two still seem to share platforms, and possibly designs. The Haima3 looks rather like the Mazda3 (in sedan form only, the hatchback is another story),…

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Haima working on 2.0T engines

Haima, Hainan Islands own developed brand, has improved its game in 2008 with the launch of a new Mazda 3 like sedan, and also a new bubble shaped hatchback. 2009 will see Haima focus on technology rather than bringing out new designs, Haima are reportedly working on a new 1.8 VVT engine, and also turbo engines. Haima are expected to launch a pure electric…

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Haima prove that Haima 3 is great for flood prone Southerners

Haima recently had a demonstration day, it wasnt your usual demonstration day where you get to drive around a small course, it wasnt even an MG style demonstration day where you get to do handbrake turns around chicanes and slalom through cones. Haima instead showed the world that its Haima 3 (the sports model in particular) is capable of driving through…

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Haima 3 Hatchback Spyshots

The Haima 3 sedan is quite a popular sedan, it has the style of its previous joint venture partners vehicles, Mazda, and has the cheapness of a domestically made vehicle. The Haima 3 hatchback follows on with the design theme from Mazda, especially the Mazda 3 hatchback. The pictures below, taken from, also show the styling cues that…

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Haima to get in on ultra mini van business?

Haima has released a few pictures of their latest offering: A Bread Van, aka the mian bao che, as its known in China. These little 7 seater MPV’s are the vains of the Chiense economy, they carry people, goods, chickens, food, livestock etc etc on their way to their final destination. Chang’an recently sold their one millionth bread van, obviously…

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Haima 3 sports edition

Haima have been busy working on their Haima 3 compact car this year. The Haima 3 was released in mid 2007 with a 1.8 motor and a manual gear box costing around 110,000rmb, not bad for a car that looks pretty decent, possibly one of the best looking Chinese compacts on the market. Later on in 07, Haima launched an automatic version, and now, they are…

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Haima H1 – Chinas first unique kei car?

The QQ, or the QQ3 when it first came out was hailed as a car for the Chinese people. It was a taste of things to come, for two reasons, firstly the QQ was an exact clone of the Chevrolet Spark, 2) It was the cheapest car ever made at the time in China, basically a car that any office worker could afford to buy with some frugal living.

Chinas upcoming…

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