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Hawtai’s A25 Compact SUV Spied

Hawtai are a plucky little company that never seem to give up despite their sedan offerings basically diving since Hyundai pulled out of their SUV making JV several years ago. Hawtai created two sedans specifically for hte Chinese market along with some remarkably decent diesel engines and gearboxes that were developed on IPR bought from Italy’s VM…

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Hawtai’s Boliger SUV Doesn’t do the Company Any Favors

Hawtai are a company that want to be taken seriously and clearly don’t want to be at the same time. The Beijing based company started well with a Hyundai tie up that saw them making SUV’s for the Korean giant which then handed over the IP to the Terracan and Sante-Fe SUV’s to Hawtai for their own use. Then Hawtai had an attack of the bling-bling which…

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Hawtai’s New Compact SUV To Sit Below Boliger SUV

Hawtai can’t be critizsed for not trying, their sedan and SUV range haven’t exactly lit up the sales charts over the past 12 months but they do have promising technology in the form of gearboxes and engines from VM and ZF which they have improved for their own application, their SUV technology is based on older IPR from Hyundai which is not going to…

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Hawtai Boliger Patriot Edition Launches

Hawtai either came up with a great idea at a great time, or they’ve had this car up their sleeve for a while and decided to launch it when patriotism and caring for your motherland is at an all time high. The Hawtai Boliger is based on an older Hyundai SanteFe which was produced by the two under the older joint venture that was either shelved or terminated…

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Hawtai Grows Up, Gives Models a New Name.

Hawtai models seemed to have gained a Kia style ‘bow tie’ for their models in 2012 and beyond, the early B11 and B21 interior were rough – very rough, but this year it seems Hawtai have been paying a great amount of attention to the little things, overall their models are vastly improved.

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Hawtai releases Baolige SUV renders ahead of GZ Auto Show – doesn’t look like a Porsche Cayenne

Hawtai’s SUV concept at the Beijing Auto Show last year raised more than a few eyebrows as it looked overly like a car we had already seen from Porsche before, namely the Cayenne SUV. Hawtai named their own version the Bao Li Ge (English name pending) and it rides on a modified Hyundai Sante Fe platform rather than a high end sports focused SUV platform…

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Hawtai’s B21 ‘aka the Mini Bentley’ sedan spied

During the Beijing and Shanghai Auto Show’s Hawtai showed off their B21 compact sedan, but as always as soon as the curtain came down on the show the concept disappeared from sight for quite some time. We’re not entirely sure of the B21′s sizing at the moment, but its name indicates that it should be higher than…

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Hawtai B21 gets sent to the patent office

Hawtai’s B21 sports sedan came to the Shanghai Auto Show in sports form and caused a few heads to be turned when the model was unveiled, it was widely thought that the model was a concept only to gain press headlines, but it looks like Hawtai are putting the car into production ASAP:

Pictures of the car have been…

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Saab-Hawtai Divorce – all rumor, no fact

Saab’s shotgun marriage to Hawtai last week caused more than a few surprises in the auto industry, but their less than amicable divorce 9 days later caused an even bigger ruckus, but two days on and it appears that the dust has yet to settle.

The facts behind the divorce are not entirely clear yet, the Chinese media are reporting that Hawtai were…

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Hawtai going to the USA? Probably, but not so fast.

Saab’s CEO, Victor Muller is quite happy with his new found Chinese friends at Hawtai who have bailed out Saab to the tune of 150 million Euros and now he is putting forth the possibility that Hawtai could make the jump to the USA in the near future. Of course we have been closely following the developments of Chinese car companies that have made rumors…

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Why the Saab-Hawtai deal is likely to fail

On May 2nd, Saab announced that it had come together with Hawtai to form an alliance that would see the Saab 9-3 produced in China and Hawtai make some serious investments in Saab’s European operations that would help to keep the wolf from the door. A hastily organised press conference was announced for May 3rd, the first day back at work for China…

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Hawtai Motor invests 3.5 billion RMB in Bank of Beijing

China’s private carmaker Hawtai Motor plans to invest 3.5 billion RMB in Bank of Beijing, the second largest city bank in China, the automaker’s second attempt of investing in a commercial bank after its investment failure in China Minsheng Bank early this year.

Bank of Beijing announced its placement plan worth no more than 11.8 billion…

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The devil is in the detail: Hawtai’s B35 SUV

Hawtai’s B35 SUV concept sent a tidal wave through this years Beijing Auto Show, but to be honest it was the best looking car at the show and showed that Chinese automotive companies still had the power to surprise just when you think they are starting to tow the line and produce bland looking cars like their Japanese neighbours.

Spy pics of the…

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