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Hong Qi Planning To Expand Range, and ‘Hong Guans’

According to a recent interview with FAW’s passenger car sales division General Manager, Zhang Shao Jun, revealed that at the end of August Hong Qi had already sold over 1000 vehicles to government ministries across China with private buyers accounting for 330 units with total sales reaching just over 1300 for the new H7 vehicle. Zhang went onto say…

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Hong Qi H7 Deliveries Have Begun With 500 Cars Being Delivered So Far

According to recent media reports, deliveries of the  Hong Qi H7 sedan have already begun with 500 cars being delivered to Central and Provincial level leaders in China. The Hong Qi H7 comes at a time when the Central Government is pushing for more Chinese cars to be used in the gigantic Chinese civil service fleet, the H7 was developed as an Audi…

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Got 5 Million RMB, Tired of the Usual Options from Bentley and Rolls Royce? Hong Qi L9 is the Car For You!

Are you an aspiring dictator? Do you lead a Communist nation that likes the color red? If you’ve been answering YES! to all of these questions with much fervor, we can calm you down by telling you the Hong Qi L9 is heading your way.

The L9 is the civilian version of the state sedan that Hu Jin Tao used in 2009′s 60th…

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Red Flag Comes Back to Life With the H7

Much hope is being placed on the Hong Qi H7, in an era when Chinese ministers are being told to cut back on their Audi procurement Chinese manufacturers are rolling out their luxury guns in hope of snapping up a big piece of the government procurement pie. Roewe rolled out the 950 which will be aimed at junior level ministers, Beijing Auto are on the…

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Hong Qi H7 to launch in Beijing on April 20th at State Guest House

FAW’s Hong Qi H7 sedan is getting ready for its launch on April 20th. The H7 will become a staple of government ministers when it finally hits the market later this month, the H7 was independently developed by FAW over the past few years, although it is rumored to have substantial Audi content.

The H7 will see the light of day held at…

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Hong Qi C131 to become the H7

The Hong Qi C131 has been snapped out testing more times than I have fingers to count on, but this particular set of spy shots shows that the new Hong Qi is going to be called the H7 and will carry a 2.5 V6L engine.

The Hong Qi brand is probably one of China’s best brands, as the first automotive brand in China it seems to have captured the spirit…

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Hong Qi’s C131 interior spied

The Hong Qi C131 is being called the ‘Audi Killer‘ by various Chinese automotive media outlets, but is it really? According to our sources that have seen the car in the bare flesh ahead of its production run it seems the C131 is a bit of a let down and seems far away from taking over the German Three’s substantial hold on the Chinese premium…

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Hong Qi C131 spotted out again

The Hong Qi C131 has made it to China Car Times several times before where we believed it to be an Audi based product owing to the fact that FAW and Audi had collaborated on the Hong Qi brand previously by using older Audi platforms as the basis for Hong Qi’s, but according to the most recent information from Chinese auto websites it appears that the…

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FAW to hit the top end segment soon

First Automobile Works were are one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China thanks to its partnerships with VW, Audi, Toyota, and Mazda, and ownership of Haima, Besturn and the relatively famous Hong Qi/Red Flag brand. FAW’s own self developed vehicles have taken off in recent years, mostly under the Besturn brand which later merged into the…

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FAW remake the Hong Qi Limo for China’s 60th birthday bash

The Hong Qi soft top limo is a fairly iconic car to all Chinese, both in China and out of China. The first Hong Qi was actually named a Dongfeng and based off an earlier Soviet design that Moscow had passed onto Mao to ride into town on for his first big day in Beijing on October 1st 1949. The later Hong Qi’s were actually based off American cars, the…

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Gigantic Red Flag SUV to see production in ’09

The mammoth Red Flag concept SUV that was unveiled last year at the Shanghai car show is set to be put into production this year according to media reports.

The SUV will enter in to the luxury SUV market that has been dominated by the likes of BMW, Range Rover, and Audi for the past few years, although the Japanese are catching up with…

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Bad Ass Hong Qi/Red Flag SUV

Hong Qi have been making upmarket motors for fat cats and communist bosses for years, since the opening of Chinas economy to other brands they’ve lost some way against the likes of Audi, BMW etc in the luxury class, but the below rendering looks like they are fighting back.

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Hong Qi create BMW 3 series killer!

The Germans have had their run off the Chinese luxury sedan market for a few years now, and it seems the local produce is slowly, but surely fighting their way into this segment. First we had the Roewe 750, it delivered good looks, luxury and performance on a budget, as did the MG7, now the Hong Qi C601 is ready to do the same.

The Hong C601 was…

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Hold on to your hats, Hong Qi roll out an SUV.

Hong Qi are the state manufacturers of limosuines, and up market sedans for use by state officials, foreign dignitories, and of course the new bourgeoisie class of Chinese that can afford the Hong Qi cars. Hong Qi basically used existing motors, and put their own badges and branding on them. They’ve so far used the Audi 100 (which they still make) and…

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Get yourself a Chinese Bentley, you’ll need 600k though

You cant stroll into your local Hong Qi dealer to pick one of these babies, instead you have to go direct to FAW (First Automobile Works) and pick one up yourself, we hope you have deep pockets, as the car will cost you $662,244USD (not RMB, USD!) The Hong Qi limo will be sold in a limited number to the Chinese domestic market and the rest going overseas,…

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Red Flag/Hong Qi to make their own SUV?

Hot off the press – Red Flag, the car maker of choice for Chinese statesmen and business leaders who wish to impress with their red modeled Toyotas or Audis, are planning to make a few new cars, obviously they are not intent with their current line up of vehicles and wish to expand it to include a new B class, a new D class, and an SUV vehicle.


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