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BYD’s Super Car To Be Named Han

BYD’s Deputy Sales Manager Li Yun Fei revealed that BYD will continue to work on its dual hybrid systems throughout 2014 and will introduce a new sports car in 2015.

The sports car has already been codenamed the E9 internally with work well underway, the new car will have a Ferrari comparable time of 3.9 seconds on the 0-100km/h run. The new model…

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Volvo’s XC60 To Be China Produced, and Stretched

The Volvo XC60 will become the next Volvo to be produced in China via the Volvo-Geely partnership. The XC60 will become one of the northernly produced cars when it goes into production at Volvo’s new Daqing facility later this year.

Chinese media reports are also stating that the model will gain a stretched wheelbase taking it from 4644mm on the…

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Honda Sales Up 27.6% in February 2014

Honda sales are showing strong signs of rebounding with the company selling 40,858 units via its two joint ventures in February, an increase of 27.6% over the same period in 2013.

The February sales jump is part of a larger trend which started in December with a 60.4% surge in year on year sales and also a 33.6% sales jump in January 2014. Sales…

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Nissan Feb 2014 Sales Up 55%

Nissan’s February 2014 sales have sky rocketed to 71,900 units according to a report by Reuters, sales jumped by 55.6 percent over the same time last year which comes after a tiny drop of 0.4% in January which came after a 70.4% jump in December 2013.

This year Dongfeng Nissan and its subsidary Zhengzhou-Nissan are aiming to sell 1.4 million cars…

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Austerity Sends Super Car Sales Tumbling

China’s Austerity drive seems to be slowing down super luxury auto sales according to the below report which cites Ferrari etc’s sales decline in the Chinese market. With Xi’s crackdown on corruption it has become common place to not wave your wealth around, demure luxury is now in chic whilst a screaming Ferrari or Lamborghini is certainly out.

The …

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Used Car Industry Trends On The Move

China’s thirst for cars is breaking the trend in desire for new over used. It’s also changing the way the industry operates from all angles.

The new versus used philosophy for so many years has driven Chinese car buyers towards 4S dealerships instead of the used car markets or used car websites. New car buyers in China keep their cars for an…

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Tesla Is Working With Who in China? Tales From The Rumour Mill

Tesla Sends China Rumor Mill Into Over Drive

According to Chinese media reports from the 21st Century Media newspaper, Tesla have passed the Chinese 3C quality testing phase and will soon be allowed to enter the Chinese market place.

Tesla’s certification process was helped along by a subsidiary company of the China machinery Engineering…

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Tesla Is Working With Who in China? Tales From The Rumor Mill

According to Chinese media reports from the 21st Century Media newspaper, Tesla have passed the Chinese 3C quality testing phase and will soon be allowed to enter the Chinese market place.

Tesla’s certification process was helped along by a subsidiary company of the China Machinary Engineering Company (CMEC), whom have been thanked by…

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Spanish Tech, English Engine: Chery’s History Under The Spotlight Part Three

This is Part Three in a multi part series on Chery history. For previous versions, click here.

With Yin and his team busy working away on body and structural engineering issues for their first vehicles, they had a serious problem with the lack of engine technology….

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Nobody Cares About EV’s in Beijing

BYD, Tesla and Beijing Auto had extremely high hopes for their EV products in China’s Capital City – capital city of national administration, gridlock, and urban air pollution. But it seems that Beijing residents are more than eager to rely on their current traditional gasoline engines rather than swap over to EV’s according to this report from the…

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Chang’an, Great Wall and Geely Go For Broke, Chery On The Verge of Being Broke

It’s a hard life being a Chinese brand, they are essentially playing catch up with the rest of the global automotive market that’s had anywhere between a 30 year and 100 year head start in terms of branding, technology, marketing and research, the RMB is continually appreciating making export markets harder to crack, and of course they are stuck with…

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Dongfeng Becomes PSA Stake Holder With 14% Share

An investment deal between Dongfeng and PSA was announced late yesterday, which will see the troubled French car maker gain 800 million Euros from both Dongfeng and the French government whom each will take a 14% stake in the car company.

This new deal will change the ownership of PSA considerably, with the Peugeot family loosing majority control…

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Porsche China Sales Are About To Go Thermonuclear With The Macan

Over the course of 2013, Porsche China sales surged to 37,425 units – an increase of 20% over 2012′s figures but with growth slightly lower than the 28% rise the brand had in 2011 where it sold 31,205 cars. China is a key market for the German brand, whom sold 162,145 units globally in 2013, and is expected to become Porsche’s…

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Ford Taurus to See Chinese Production Lines in 2015

Ford’s Chinese product lines is readying the Taurus as its flagship sedan for the Chinese market according to Chinese media reports. The current Ford Mondeo is the most expensive sedan in the Ford range at the moment, but this will change with the introduction of the Taurus in 2015 with imports possibly happening in 2014.

Ford have already given…

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Wanxiang Takes Fisker Home For 149 Million USD

After 19 rounds of furious bidding between Chinese rivals, Wanxiang and Hybrid Tech, Wanxiang took the prize home for a 149.2 million USD.

Wanxiang’s bid includes $126.2 million in cash and $8 million in assumed liabilities. Wanxiang also owns the company that supplies batteries, A123, whom the company also bought in 2012. The addition of Fisker…

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Aston Martin Gets a Hammering From China’s State Media

China’s State Media is a war horse, it regularly attacks certain brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Volkswagen and also the sin city of Dongguan and now it has turned its targets to Aston Martin. Aston Martin largely brought the criticism on itself by blaming its forthcoming 17,000 vehicle recall on a Chinese supplier that provided low quality brake pedals…

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Lincoln to Bring MKC to China in Fourth Quarter

Ford Motor Co are eager to expand on their China successes with the introduction of the Lincoln brand into China in the fourth quarter of 2014 with the brand having an unveiling at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year.

Lincoln are thought to be bringing their MKC SUV to the Chinese market first to cash in on demand for luxury compact vehicles,…

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Geely to Terminate Sub Brands – Back to Geely

In 2008 Geely announced that it would establish a multi brand stategy which would eventually see the Geely brand terminated from car front ends and act as a holding company. In a shock reverse move, Geely will now take its Emgrand, Englon and Gleagle brands back into the Geely brand name with future cars simply using the GEELY brand name on its cars.


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Hyundai Opens Chinese Cold Weather Center

Although South Korea is plenty cold, it is a compact country with not much space for huge testing facilities. China has even colder temperatures and plenty of space to offer in its coldest climates which was enough to entice Hyundai over to China’s border with Russia where they’ve established a huge cold weather testing center facility.

Via Yonhap…

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Wanxiang Denies China Partnership With Tesla

The Chinese rumor mill went into overdrive early yesterday when reports surfaced that Wanxiang and Tesla were prepping a partnership which could have potentially lead to Chinese production of the Tesla range of vehicles.

Wanxiang stock surged 20% on the rumors over a three day period before Wanxiang denied the reports, however Wanxiang has been…

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Geely Gives Cars To APEC Meeting

Geely announced yesterday that their vehicles would be the official vehicles for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings which are set to be held in Ningbo on February 24th. Geely will deliver 45 of its Emgrand vehicles to the meeting organizers which will also be supported by its London TX4 taxis.

Hong Jiaxiang, deputy mayor of Ningbo,…

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China Has How Many Cars? More Cities To Implement Limiting Car Sales?

Chinese media are today reporting that the total number of vehicles on Chinese roads has broken the 250 million barrier for the first time, with 31 cities boasting a vehicle population exceeding one million vehicles.

The figures from the Public Security Bureau, China’s police force, indicate that China’s passenger car figures have reached 137 million,…

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MG Engine Plan Exposed

SAIC’s stewardship of the MG brand and their own Roewe brand seems to have been shaky at best, the Roewe brand has suffered from a lack of fresh metal over the past few years whilst MG hasn’t been the MG that most would expect of a 100 year old British sports car brand. That is going to change with the introduction of more turbo assisted engines as…

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China to Account for 30% of Global Auto Sales by 2020

A recent study from KPMG indicates that the Chinese market will continue to expand considerably with it expected to account for 30% of global automotive sales by 2020 alone.

The study, carried out by KPMG as part of its fifteenth annual Global Automotive Executive Survey highlights many key points in the development of the Chinese auto industry which…

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Dongfeng To Bring Flagship Sedan To Market in 2014

Dongfeng’s flagship model ‘Dongfeng Yi Hao’ or Dongfeng No 1 is due to be aired at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year according to media reports. The new model will make full use of the Dongfeng-PSA produced platform that underpins the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 508, the C3 platform, and will be a mid to high end sedan. Engine power will…

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PSA and Dongfeng Close To Inking Deal

PSA and Dongfeng are reportedly closer to signing a deal which will see Dongfeng become a stake holder in the French automotive company. Chinese and foreign media are reporting that PSA’s supervisory board have approved the draft deal at a meeting late on Sunday which cited sources wishing to remain anonymous.

Dongfeng are looking to take a significant…

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Luxury Auto Brands Continue To Dominate in 2013

Chinese demand for luxury brands seems to show no sign of abating as consumers rushed to buy models from luxury marques over the course of 2013. Below is a breakdown of luxury auto companies that have announced their China sales tally for 2013, obviously the list is not complete and will be updated as data becomes available to us.

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Citroen DS 5LS To Be Priced From 150,000RMB

Citroen’s second Chinese made model for the DS range has already been announced as the DS5 Ls sedan, a model which will only be launched in the Chinese market and produced in DS’s Chinese factory in Shenzhen. The luxury sedan will be priced from 149,990 to 249,900RMB and will be packing three different engines.

The engines being offered according…

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Tesla Bringing Super Charger Network To China

China, like all other countries, suffers from a lack of infrastructure to support the electric car on a mass, convenient scale. In the US market Tesla moved to develop its own supercharger network to give its luxury buyers piece of mind should they ever decide to travel from East Coast to West Coast where Tesla users can charge their batteries to 50%…

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Used Car Warranties in China – The Next Big Thing

Burgeoning used car industry is creating demand for additional services, specialist warranty is one to aid the sales and after sales process for dealers country wide.

The Chinese Used Car Industry is somewhat of a Trojan Horse. With the boom of new car sales in the late noughties through to 2011, the number of cars in China has surpassed 85 million…

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Great Wall’s H8 Delayed Three Months Owing to Technical Issues

After launching their new flagship H8 SUV with much fanfare last week, Great Wall have had to announce that the new product will be delayed by three months owing to eight key issues with the new SUV. The three month delay will come as an embarrasment to the Baoding based company that explained via an announcement to the Hong Kong stock exchange, subsequently…

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The US Attempting To Crack Down On China Car Exports

Mei Gui and Zhong Dong Gui are words that are uttered around dinner tables of high end restaurants on a daily basis. Mei Gui means American specification and Zhong Dong Gui means Middle East specification, essentially these are models that are bought from their respective market new and shipped directly to the Chinese…

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PowerGenix and Amperex Technology to Manufacture High-Volume Nickel-Zinc Batteries

PowerGenix, a leading developer of high performance, rechargeable Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Asian battery manufacturer Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (ATL). ATL will become PowerGenix’s partner for the high-volume manufacturing of NiZn batteries for the worldwide start-stop…

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Ford and Tencent Work Together To Bring Tencent’s QQ Music To Cars

“Play Local Music”, “Play My Favorite Music” “Just Listen” – these are the commands that Ford’s Chinese MySync users will be able to say to their SYNC AppLink systems.

Ford have teamed up with Tencent’s QQ, China’s largest chat and social platform, to introduce QQ Music into all Ford SYNC systems. QQ Music features China’s leading online…

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China Ends Microgrowth Myth With 13.9% Growth

2011 and 2012 ushered in the era of ‘micro -growth‘ for the Chinese auto market where auto sales slipped from the 30-40% range as seen in the previous decade to to 2.5% and 4.3%, respectively. It was widely thought, and accepted, that micro growth would be the norm rather than the exception for the Chinese automotive market. However, 2013 saw…

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NCAP Announces That Qoros 3 Sedan Is “Safest Small Family Car of 2013.”

In September 2013 Qoros gained a maximum 5 star rating from the Euro NCAP crast testing and was proclaimed as the best small family car of 2013 owing to its design, technology levels, and safety.

The Qoros 3 sedan achieved an 88% score in the test overall and scored exceptionally well in all four test areas, making it the highest scoring vehicle…

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Dongfeng PSA Heads to Chengdu With Fourth Factory

PSA announced earlier today that the company is planning its fourth factory in China to further boost sales, especially in the booming Western markets.

Over the course of 2013 PSA sold a combined 550,000 units in the Chinese market and has aspirations of selling 650,000 in 2014. PSA’s original goal for 2013 was to reach 500,000 units but as PSA…

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Great Wall Sells 750,000 Vehicles in 2013, Sales Up But Growth Rate Slowing

Great Wall sold an impressive 754,000 vehicles over the course of 2013, an increase of 21% over 2012. SUV sales accounted for 417,400 units, an increase of 48.47%, sedan sales reached 210,000 units showing a minor increase of 2% whilst pick up sales dropped by 8% to 210,000 units.

For 2014 Great Wall are aiming to boost sales to 880,000 units, a…

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Jeep Cherokee Pricing Revealed For China – $61,000USD to $76,000USD

Jeep’s pricing for the New Cherokee was revealed earlier today, the base 2.4L model starts at 375,900RMB and rises to 459,900RMB for the top of the line 2.4L model, the flagship 3.2L pricing hasn’t yet been announced but it is expected to be in the 500,000RMB and rising area.

Jeep were among the first brands to enter the Chinese market in 1984 as…

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Ford Surges Ahead in 2013 With 50% Sales Boost

Ford China showed a total sales tally of 935,813 wholesale vehicle sales over the course of 2013 according to a statement from the company’s Shanghai headquarters earlier today. December sales were particularly strong for Ford with 94, 838 sales in total, an increase of 35% over December 2012.

“2013 has proved to be a milestone year for Ford’s…

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Toyota Says It Has Burst 2013 Sales Goal

On going political differences between Japan and China hasn’t dampered Chinese consumer spirits for Toyota vehicles, with Toyota selling over 916,400 units in 2013 blowing over its 900,000 sales goal and beating its 2012 sales total of 840,000 units, an increase of 9.2%.

Models such as the new RAV4 SUV and Reiz (Mark X) sports sedan helped lift Toyota’s…

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Chinese Manufacturers Rushing to Brazil

From ECNS.cn

As competition in the domestic automobile market intensifies, China’s local brands are shifting their focus overseas.

Rapidly developing markets in South America, led by Brazil, are shaping up to be the new focus of investment in the future.

Most recently, Chery Automobile launched a research and development project to…

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Qoros Delivers Its First Car

After a seven year trek from its founding until now, Qoros has finally delivered its first car. At a celebratory event at the Guanshan dealership in Shanghai, Mr Yu Min, a 28-year old interior designer from Shanghai, was handed the keys to his brand new Qoros 3 Sedan by Mr Volker Steinwascher, Vice Chairman of Qoros.

Why did Yu Min choose a Qoros?…

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This is it! – Daimler-BYD’s Denza EV

The unlikely union of the auto industries most luxurious brands and one of the fastest growing low cost manufacturers has finally produced offspring. The Daimler and BYD put forward plans to create a new brand in May of 2010 with the view of creating domestically produced and designed luxury electric vehicles for the Chinese market for domestic and…

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Welcome Another New Brand To the Chinese Automarket: Enranger – From Weichai

Weichai are a tier one supplier to the Chinese automotive and commercial  vehicle market, they make engines, gearboxes, trims, what they didn’t make until earlier this week was passenger cars.

The Shandong based company has now launched its own automotive passenger car brand named Enranger in English or Ying Zhi in Chinese. At a press conference…

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Roewe 750 and 950 to disappear, become ‘Shanghai’ vehicles

Rumor has been circulating for a while that SAIC are far from impressed with the sales results of the Roewe 950 which is essentially a Buick Lacrosse in Roewe drag and retails for marginally less. The high price of the 950 and the better image rights of the slightly more expensive Lacrosse has essentially killed the model before it even began to really…

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Citroen Unveils DS 5LS Sedan

Citroen are eager to boost their DS range in the Chinese market with the addition of multiple new vehicles in 2014, the Citroen-Chang’an joint venture (CAPSA) is already producing the DS 5 hatchback in their new Shenzhen facility. The Louvre in Paris set the stage for the DS 5LS launch.

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Nissan Leaf to Be Made in China Soon – Market Launch in April 2014

Recent Chinese media reports indicate that the Nissan Leaf will soon be launched in China under the Venucia sub brand name from Dongfeng-Nissan. As we have learned a long time ago, the Leaf will be renamed for the Chinese market where it will be named the Venucia E30, or ‘Qi Chen’ in Chinese.

What is surprising is that the Leaf/e30 is exceptionally…

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Geely and Financial Company BNP Paribas Create Auto Financing JV

Hangzhou based Geely Auto have signed a joint venture with the French bank, BNP Paribas Personal Finance which will see the two partners establish a joint venture for vehicle financing in China, Geely said Tuesday in a released statement.

The two will invest 147 million US dollars (900 million RMB), with 80% coming from Geely…

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Cleaner Gasoline Coming To China – In 2018

Via Xinhua:

China’s Standardization Administration announced on Wednesday a stricter quality standard for gasoline to reduce vehicle emissions.

The higher standard marks a step forward in the use of greener fuel in the world’s largest auto market, where vehicle exhausts are a major factor in worsening air conditions.

The new standard,…

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Tianjin’s Car Cuts Looking Savage – Rumored 110,000 New Car Limit For 2014

Earlier this week we reported on Tianjin’s place to introduce limits on new car sales in 2014 owing to the growing infrastructure and pollution issues that are caused by Tianjin’s 1.2 million vehicles in the city limits. At the time there were scant details available on Tianjin’s traffic limiting plans other than the fact that they were coming to town,…

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Dongfeng-Honda and Guangzhou-Honda Prepping Low Cost Hybrid For China

According to overseas and Chinese press reports Honda are working with their Chinese partner Dongfeng to develop a low cost hybrid model specifically for the Chinese market.

Imported hybrid models have failed to take off in the Chinese market, hence Honda’s decision to design fuel saving cars specifically for the Chinese market. Details on the new…

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Chinese Made Volvo S60L Launches in China From 269,999 RMB to 384,900 RMB

After a long winding road, Volvo has finally brought its Chinese factory online in Chengdu where the facility is now producing the China only S60L.

Volvo came under Geely’s control in early 2010 with the mission of bringing Volvo more sales in China to offset falling sales in Europe and elsewhere. One issue in Volvo’s China plan was a lack of production…

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Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Geely’s at Suning Home Electrics

Suning are one of the major home electronics sales centers distributors in the Chinese market alongside their largest rival, GuoMei. Suning have moved from being a distribution center of electronics goods and are becoming a greater player in the online sales arena, much like Amazon.com.

The Chinese ‘Double Eleven’ celebration showed the power of…

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Dalian and Tianjin Join The List Of Cities Ready To Limit Sales

The two northern cities of Dalian and Tianjin have joined the list of cities readying to impose car buying limits on its local populace. Both Dalian and Tianjin have suffered heavily from smog which has been blamed on increasing auto use, as well as heavy and light industrial pollution from factories in the vicinity.

The vice mayor of Tianjin Mr….

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Morgan Opens Auto Show Room in Qingdao

The British sports car brand, Morgan, opened its first showroom in Shandong province earlier this week in the coastal city of Qingdao. Guest of Honour Mr. Ian Lockhart, First Secretary (Trade and Investment) of the UK Trade & Investment Department of the British Embassy, formally opened the 320 m2 showroom in the 20 Yinchuan West Road, Shinan district…

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The Chinese Car Market In November 2013

Figures realeased by CAAM yesterday showed that the Chinese market continues to be strong in November 2013. China produced 2.13 million cars and sold 2.04 million. In the first eleven months of 2013 China produced just over 19.86 million vheicles and consumed 19.8 million units, a higher output than the same time frame than 2012.

In November China’s…

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