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Qoros Opens First Shanghai Dealership

Qoros are continuing to epxand their China sales network with the addition of a new Shanghai dealership, the second dealership in China after the opening of the Nanjing dealer earlier this year.

The Shanghai dealership opening was attended by senior members of staff from Qoros including the Chairman Guo Qian whom personally gave the authorization…

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Renault Coming To China, Again, With 7.8 Billion RMB in Investment

Renault has secured Chinese government approval for a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor, giving the French group its first manufacturing foothold in the world’s largest car market by units sold.

Renault has long been rumored to be in the process of setting up a joint venture with on and off savior,…

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Is Volvo’s S60L a China Winner? Pricing Leaked Ahead of Time

Volvo’s first factory in Chengdu under Chinese ownership is on the verge of producing its first model for the Chinese market, the S60L. The S60L is for all intents and purposes the same car as the European made S60 but given the addition of an extra 80mm in the wheelbase to keep rear seat Chinese passengers happy and comfortable. Another point of note…

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This Is Why Foreign Auto Makers Are Second Third Fourth and Fifth Tier City Crazy

For the uninitiated, Chinese cities are divided into tiers. Tier one cities would include Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou etc where local purchasing power is on par with what you would find in a lower European country, go further down the tiers and you will find lower purchasing power but with increasing local incomes.


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BYD’s Future Product Plan Leaked Ahead of Schedule: New SUV’s, Low Cost EV’s.

One naughty person has leaked information on the future BYD product range onto BYD owners forums over at, and the news is rather interesting. As not all CCT readers can understand Chinese, let us break it down for you.

Second Generation F3 – It will cost around 1000RMB more over the previous gen due to improved materials with a launch…

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Matt Tsien Is The New General Motors China President

Matt Tsien will officially replace the current General Motors China President Bob Socia from January 1st 2014 due to Socia’s retirement after just a year at the helm in China.

“We appreciate Bob’s 38 years of dedicated service and his significant contributions to GM in all of our regions,” said Dan Akerson, chairman and CEO of General Motors….

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Chery Tiggo5 Hits The Market! Heading International Soon!

Chery’s latest SUV, the Tiggo5, is quite possibly the Anhui outfits best looking vehicle to date. The Tiggo5 is part of Chery’s reformation plan to revitalize what once was a thriving little enterprise that lost its way by expanding too fast.

Pricing for the 2.0L DVVT powered Tiggo5 is quite competitive and onpar with its domestic rivals, a range…

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China’s Second Hand Market is Growing – Fast!

This article from AP China’s fantastic Kelvin Chan pulls back the covers on China’s growing second hand market. Only a few years ago the prospect of buying a second hand vehicle in China was unthinkable – why would you sink so much money into someones old second hand shoes seemed to the mantra of the day, but that is changing rapidly as consumer ideas…

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Are Small Displacement Vehicles Going Out Of Vogue in China?

For the past few years small displacement vehicles of less than 1.6L or less have been the major driving force behind the Chinese market, especially since 2008 when the cost of gas at the pump moved from being subsidized and fell more in line with global sales and sales tax on sub 1.6L was lowered to an all time low of 5% in 2009 before rising to 7%…

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VW Announces: “Ren Wei Ben”, Which is Chinese For ‘More Chinese Cars’

Volkswagen announced today that is going to become the ‘most people orientated car company’ in the automotive industry under a new strategy which they have entitled “Ren Wei Ben

The “Ren Wei Ben” strategy essentially translates into People First which might echo early Communist slogans but is in fact part of Volkswagen’s…

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Shanghai Auto and Volkswagen Group Discussing Porsche Macan and VW Toureg Production

At the recent launch of the Skoda Yeti which is being produced by Shanghai-VW, SH-VW Sales Director Mr. Zhai Ming Di revealed that Volkswagen and Shanghai Auto are discussing the possibility of bringing two new luxury brands into the Chinese market as locally made vehicles.

The Chinese media are strongly hinting that the Porsche Macan will be produced…

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Mercedes-Benz Opens Engine Factory in China

Daimler opened the doors of its new engine factory, and its first passenger car engine factory outside of Germany, earlier today. The new factory comes at a cost of 400 million Euro investment in the Chinese market as Mercedes attempts to keep up with demand for luxury vehicles in China, currently Mercedes-Benz produces the GLK SUV, C and E-Class series…

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Opel Brings Astra GTC to Chinese Market

Opel have skirted around the fringes of the Chinese market for a number of years now but with loses mounting in Europe, Opel are looking elsewhere to offset their outgoing balance, and of course there is no where better than the Chinese market. So far Opel have brought the Meriva MPV and also the Insignia Tourer to the Chinese market, and now they are…

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Lanzhou Brings Odd-Even Rule to The Roads

Lanzhou – the Western Chinese city that is famed for its legendary pollution (a regular visitor to the top ten world’s most polluted cities) that manages to turn all of your light colored clothing into a light brown color is fighting back at long last by introducing an odd/even ban on cars similar to what was introduced during the Beijing Olympics….

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China’s ‘Firsts’ – The First Imported Vehicle in China, the Fiat 126P

Before 1979 cars were an extremely rare sight on Chinese roads, only high ranking civil servants were permitted to have cars and a privately owned vehicle was unthinkable, therefore most Chinese got around on their bikes which made China become the ‘Bicycle Kingdom’ which effectively transitioned into the ‘Automotive Kingdom’

In the early stages…

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10 Millionth Volkswagen is Produced at Shanghai Volkswagen

Volkswagen announced yesterday that the company has produced its 10 millionth vehicle in the Chinese market over its 30 year history, with Skoda contributing 1 million vehicles to that figure.

The ten millionth vehicle to be produced was a Tiguan SUV that rolled down lines on friday afternoon giving VW much cause to celebrate, at the same time Skoda…

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640,000 VW’s Heading Back To Dealerships in Bigest Recall to Date

Volkswagen owners have long complained about potential faults with their vehicles DSG gearbox but haven’t received a great deal of official feedback from VW. Now VW are recalling over 640,000 vehicles in China owing to gearbox and engine faults with the majority of vehicles being the popular VW Golf and Lavida models as well as over 18,000 imported…

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FAW To Open Factory in Algeria

FAW announced on November 13th that its sub company, FAW Africa Investment company announced a partnership with an local partner, Arcofina.

In the first period FAW will produced 10,000 units within Algeria but this will expand to 30,000 units and the development of a sales network to cover the entire Algerian market. The factory will also eventually…

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GM Shifts Asia HQ to Singapore

GM, the world’s largest car maker announced today that it would move its Asia HQ to business friendly but car unfriendly Singapore as a means to better manage South Asian markets.

Shanghai has been eager to become a global hub for international businesses, much like Hong Kong, with the establishment of a free trade zone within the city to attract…

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Mitsubishi Sells Cars in China – In fact, Sales Up 380%

It was often wondered what Mitsubishi’s survival plan in China actually was, and what exactly its new global product platform was going to look like in the next few years. In several of its key traditional markets Mitsubishi has slowed to an almost stop with no new models and a seeming lack of innovation when compared to the rest of the market.


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Want To Buy A Car In Beijing? You have a 1.01% Chance in 2014

It was announced late last month that Beijing Municipal Government lowered the number of license plates available from 240,000 plates per year to just 150,000 plates.

The lowering comes at a time when Beijing is suffering from chronic smog which is largely being blamed on cars and factories within the city limits, as well as high levels of traffic…

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China Car Sales Up 24% in October

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced late this afternoon that Chinese car sales increased by 24% over the year previously with sales reaching 1.93 million units, the highest volume since January this year. In the first 10 months of this year sales of passenger vehicles rose 15% to 14.46 million vehicles in China.

More news…

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Why Autohome Is Going To Be Huge

Earlier this week the Telstra, the Australian owners of announced that the site would launch on the New York Stock Exchange in the near future, a Chinese website going to IPO is not exactly a new thing, especially as has already done it,  but Autohome is expanding fast.

Firstly, the amount of traffic that…

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Guangzhou Auto’s Future Plans: More Cars, More Technology.

At a recent media outing Guangzhou Auto put forward its plans for future products, and the message seems to be relatively clear with a strong focus on technology that should put the company at the forefront of the Chinese automotive industry.

The Guangzhou Auto Show, as Guangzhou Auto’s own backyard will provide the stage for GAC’s latest automotive…

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First Volvo S60L Rolls Down Chengdu Production Line

Volvo have been posting months after months of strong growth in the Chinese market however overall sales units still remain relatively low owing to higher prices to equivlant vehicles that are locally made. That is likely to change with the introduction of the Volvo S60L which was sent down the production lines of Volvo’s new facility in Chengdu yesterday….

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Weichai Planning Passenger Vehicle Range

Weichai are one of the largest automotive suppliers in the Chinese market with their own parts company as well as engine company that supplies to the majority of Chinese truck manufacturers, think of them as a Chinese Cummins. Now Weichai are looking beyond simply making parts and are looking to supplying the entire vehicle.

An announcement from…

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Ford Sales Grow 55% in October

Ford continued with their sales power drive into October with just under 94,000 cars being sold by the Blue Oval, an increase of 55% over 2012. In the thirst three quarters of 2013 Ford sold 741,818 units, an increase of 52% over the same period in 2012.

The Ford Focus continues to be Ford’s heavyweight in China thanks to a dual mixture of the last…

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Nissan Leaf to Be Produced in China in 2015

The Nissan Leaf will see Chinese production lines in 2015 acccording to Chinese media reports from earlier this morning, the flagship electric vehicle from Nissan has been on the market around China for several months as part of a pilot project where results seem to have been good.

For the Chinese market the Leaf will see its name changed to the…

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Beijing: No Parking Spot, No Car Purchase

After Beijing Municipal Government pulled the plug on 2014 car sales by 40% another suggestion is currently being mulled over: Where do you park your new car?

Beijing’s crippling traffic problems which have given rise to the smog that covers the city have made citizens and the local government think alike regarding the traffic issue. The latest…

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Volvo Posts Large Sales Growth in China

‘Growth’ seems to the positive word at Volvo, as the Swedish brand continues to grow strongly in the Chinese market. Despite relying nearly entire on imports at the moment Volvo sold 36,127 vehicles in China with sales increasing by 50%.

Sales of models such as the XC60 and V40 hatchback have helped push Volvo sales along considerably over the past…

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Honda China Sales Boosted 212% in September

Honda’s Chinese sales were rocket fueled in October when the company accounced that sales had increased by 212% over the same period in 2012 reaching 75,000 units in total.

Japanese car sales were heavily affected in September 2012 owing to the Diao Yu Islands dispute between China and Japan which led to Chinese consumers boycotting Japanese products….

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Beijing Culls License Plate Quota to Just 150,000 Cars Per Year

The Chinese auto industry took another bloody nose today when Beijing Municipal Government slashed its annual quota of new cars sales from 250,000 units to just 150,000 units per month.

Beijing’s thick smog has effectively ravaged the city due to a lack of oversight during the rapid automotive growth era from 2003 to 2010, only during the Beijing…

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Honda Opens China R&D Center – More China Centric Cars On The Way

Honda opened its new R&D center in Guangzhou earlier today, the new facility will focus on the devlepment and tailoring of cars specific to the Chinese vehicle market. The new facility, named Honda Motor China Technology Company, will take on the task of tailoring 12 new car models for the Chinese market between 2013 and 2015 of which five will…

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Camaro Bumblebee Rolls into China With Fellow AutoBots

Chinese consumers love the Transformers movie series, partly because as it goes inline with their new found passion for cars and when the majority of the 80′s consumer base were growing up the Transformers cartoons gave some welcome respite from the local cartoon channels with new intergalactic enemies to fight against rather than the old tired World…

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BYD Qin is Delayed Till December

The BYD Qin was expected to launch on November 12th this month, but according to Chinese media reports that launch date has now been pushed back to December citing BYD’s issues with government subsidies for new energy vehicles which would have seen the Qin eligible for a 35,000RMB subsidy from the government.

The Qin carries a 1.5T mated to BYD’s…

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Chang’an CS75 Flows Through the Patent Office

The Chang’an CS75 has finally made it through China’s patent office after launching at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month. The first mid size SUV from Chang’an chose to debut in Frankfurt rather than China to show that its cars are internationally competitive in terms of design thanks to their global engineering and design team.

China Car Times…

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China As An EV Paradise – Not Just Yet

This article from Global times explains the issues behind the lack of development in the Chinese EV market. Despite local players such as BYD putting on a good show in terms of developing the E6 and the Qin, there hasn’t yet been a major role out of new energy vehicles across China, the lack of charging infrastructure and confusion over subsidies are…

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Cadillac ATS To Launch on November 21st

Cadillac’s entry into the luxury market has never been overly serious when compared to its Germanic rivals who are all about producing locally and bringing their brands to wider markets by introducing vehicles into hot segments. Cadillac, not so, they still rely on imports for the brands but thanks to the rapid appreciation of the RMB to the USD, American…

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Chevrolet To Take the Lead in GM’s China Push

In the sales volume stakes GM are apparently feeling the heat from VW, so GM China are planning to push the Chevrolet brand under the advice of Tim Lee, the new GM China Chairman. One problem here is that greater sales don’t always equal greater profits. Volkswagen is likely gaining greater sales profit from its China VW sales than GM is garnering from…

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And Chery’s Tiggo5 Comes Down The Line

The Chery Tiggo5 has been a long time coming, the Tiggo3 has been the sole stalwart in Chery’s SUV arsenal for the past few years especially as the body on frame Riich X5 failed to gain any ground despite huge marketing activities that saw the best take part and finish in the Dakar Rally.

The new Tiggo5 is based upon the Beta5 concept that aired…

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Understanding the Chinese Commercial Vehicle Market

Respected China auto analyst Bill Russo gives his five part opinion and outlook on the Chinese commercial vehicle market in this must read report. The Chinese CV world is the polar opposite to the automotive world, consumers base their purchases on best bang for the dollar, nearly all purchases are Chinese brands and foreign brands are the 1% rather…

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Volkswagen Expands Tianjin Transmission Plant

Volkswagen announced today that they are set to expand their gearbox factory in Tianjin considerably to allow for an increasing demand of its popular DSG gearboxes. VW has invested heavily in the technology over the course of the past year nearly all of their Chinese market vehicles receiving a DSG gearbox

The Project will create a new production…

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Watch the BYD Qin Drag Race and Conquer Other Race Cars

The BYD Qin is the ultimate Q car; from the outside its just a three box sedan that is reminiscent of the BYD F3 on which it is based which itself was cloned from a Toyota Corolla except the Qin is more fit for 21st Century roads. Inside the Qin however is a 1.5T 150BHP engine which may not sound like much, but its also paired with an electric motor…

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VW Brings Its Entire Hybrid Range to China

Volkswagen kick started its plans for a greener Chinese range earlier today where it announced that hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) would be imported into China over the course of 2013/14 and local Chinese production of certain models beginning in 2016 with plug-in hybrids receiving priority status for production lines.

The futuristic…

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BYD Qin: Expected To Be Priced At 200,000RMB/32,000USD

The BYD Qin will be finally unveiled and available to the car buying public on November 12th in the company’s hometown in Shenzhen.

The Qin, named after China’s first emperor uses BYD’s own self developed 1.5T paired with an electric drivetrain which gives the car a combined output of 303bhp putting it up there with some of the most powerful electric…

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Volkswagen Announces that Ningbo Plant Is Ready For Business

Volkswagen has opened yet another factory in the Chinese market, this time the location is in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province which will give Volkswagen the capacity to build 300,000 cars extra per year in China.

The new plant is already underway after just two years of construction which shows how efficient Volkswagen have become at erecting new facilities….

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This is the Chery Tiggo5

Are you sitting comfortably? Chery have released images of their entirely new Chery Tiggo5 SUV ahead of its November launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The new SUV was unveiled as the Chery Alpha SUV in April this year at the Shanghai Auto Show in concept form, the new SUV is supposed to go hand in hand with Chery’s Arizzo sedan range to form a new…

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High Hopes For the 2015 Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes are extremely good at selling cars in the Chinese market, the downside is that they are extremely good at selling their imported wares rather than their domestically made cars. In the luxury compact segment in the Chinese market Benz is taking an utter thrashing, akin to letting Mike Tyson at his peak fight your elderly grandmother, BMW and…

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Roewe 550 To Use MG5′s 1.5T Next Year

The Roewe 550′s and MG6′s 1.8T is a ‘big engine’ in a time of smaller displacement engines, the MG-Rover derived engine is not long for this world as SAIC plans to introduce their new 1.5T engine into the 550 in 2014.

The turbo engine will first be installed in the MG5 Sports model which is due at the end of this year, and will make it into the…

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Beijing’s B40 Becomes the ‘BJ40′

When it comes to unforunate automotive names it seems the Chinese are right there at the top of the list with a list of car names which are strange or mildly rude. The BJ moniker is a throw back to the BJ’s of old such as the classic BJ2020 SUV which spawned a thousand or even a million replicas from different factories around China due to the demand…

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Beijing Auto’s B40 ‘Jeep’ Heading to Market on December 28th

How many stories have we written on the imminent launch of the B40 but it has never never come close to launching? More than enough, but it seems that the B40 is really on its way with Chinese media confirming (through gritted teeth, it seems) that the ‘Jeep’ is on its way to market with a December 28th date being bandied around.

The new launch…

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Honeywell Predicts Turbo Use Will Double from 5 Million Units in ’13 to 10 Million in 2018

The displacement wars are over in China, big displacement engines were once a status symbol in the early days of the Chinese car industry where small displacement V6 engines were relatively common place. But back then, fuel was subsidized by the Central Government who were bankrolling losses at China’s biggest petroleum refineries, not anymore. Chinese…

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Qoros Planning Seven Seat SUV and Mid Size Sedan

Qoros – the Shanghai based automaker which doesn’t wish to be called a Chinese automaker but an international automaker are planning to put a seven seater MPV and also a mid size sedan into production soon.

Qoros have already released concept images of what the car might look like in the near future, the sedan is of particular interest as it will…

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Two New SUV’s From Suzuki for China

Both of Suzuki’s partners in China are prepping SUV’s for the Chinese market, SUV’s are of course a hot commodity in the Chinese market which is why Suzuki dealers are crying out for locally made SUV’s rather than the relatively expensive Vitara models which are imported into the Chinese market.

Chinese consumers will be on the receiving end of…

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Toyota Sales Up 63% in September After Poor Year

As with Nissan China, Toyota has had a rough ride in the Chinese market over the past 12 months. Chinese consumers are finally gaining confidence in the Japanese marques products again with sales rising by 63% in September, despite September being a traditionally hostile period between Japan and China due to historical reasons.

Toyota’s sales reached…

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Nissan China Sales Recover With 83% Increase in Sales

September 2012 was a dark month for Japanese car brands, due to the diplomatic spat between China and Japan which erupted into street protests within China and the destruction of Chinese owned property whilst Japanese people were largely confused by the amount of anger towards Japan. Japanese car brands bore the brunt of the issue with sales dropping…

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Ford’s Sales Explode By 51% in First Three Quarters

Ford announced that its vehicle sales in the first three quarters of 2013 grew by 51%, outstripping the average market growth by a long margin. September sales increased by 61% with 96,111 wholesales sold, compared to 59,570 sold in September last year.

Ford’s new product range which has been boosted by the introduction of the Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo,…

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Volvo Sales Explode 48.6% in September

Volvo’s total sales in the Chinese market grew by nearly 50% in September according to a statement released by the company last week.

Chinese sales grew to 5,719 units in September, a growth rate of 48.6% when compared with the 3,848 units sold in September ’12. China is now Volvo’s second biggest market after the US market. In September 2013 the…

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Citroen Launches Chinese Made DS5 in China – Priced Competitively.

Citroen launched their DS5 earlier this week, the first vehicle from the Chang’an-PSA Joint Venture which is situated in Shenzhen. The DS range is the latest competitor in China’s burgeoning luxury vehicle market which has so far been  dominated by the German brands, with Audi and BMW having a stranglehold on the segment.

The DS5 will come with…

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GM Launches 2014 Buick Regal and Regal GS

General Motors launched the 2014 Buick Regal and Regal GS in the Chinese market yesterday evening in the coastal city of Qingdao. The updated Regal has will come with 1.6T, 2.0T and 2.0L, 2.4L engines.

The most outstanding updated to the Regal is the larger, sculpted new chrome waterfall style grille which has become Buick’s signiture design theme…

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BRIC Markets To Be Outpaced By ‘Rising 15′

Recent poor economic activity in Europe, America and Korea has seen the demand for passenger cars and commercial vehicles stagnate whilst the demand for vehicles in BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China has offset the slow or negative growth in traditional markets. The British engineering firm, Ricardo, which also operations a strategic consulting…

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FAW-Volkswagen Opens Foshan Plant

Volkswagen’s Southern Strategy is officially underway with the new Foshan facility opened earlier today. The new facility is at the heart of the lucrative Guangdong province and will allow Volkswagen to speed up deliveries of cars to fast growing Southern Chinese markets. The new facility will give FAW-VW additional capacity of 300,000 vehicles per…

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