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JAC HeYue A20 has its interior revealed; more details surface

Early this month we reported JAC was bringing a new compact sedan (A0) to the Shanghai Auto Show; a car named JAC HeYue A20. Today, more details emerged along with new renderings and a picture of its interior.

The dimensions are set: 4250mm long, 1690mm wide, 1505mm tall and a 2490mm wheelbase. This places it to compete against the Chang’an YueXiang,…

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JAC bringing three new cars to Shanghai: compact, MPV and SUV

Jianghuai Auto wants to keep pushing its way into the passenger car market. This year, they will bring at least three new cars to the Shanghai Auto Show, an MPV, a compact sedan and an SUV.

The MPV, named JAC Refine M6, will target businesses and the government. That was made obvious by the excessive use of chrome and LED lights.

Rumors indicate…

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JAC’s New Compact Sedan Sighted

Whilst other manufacturers such as Geely and Chery have been on the warpath with a multitude of models, JAC seems to have got the recipie right from the get go, they did not start making cheap vehicles, they started making good vehicles which have slowly morphed into good vehicles. The aesthetic demands from Chinese consumers is greater than ever, whilst…

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JAC Tongyue gets facelift, a few milimeteres and a price reduction

With yet another “leak” just before the Beijing Auto Show, Jianghuai revealed the new Tongyue. JAC’s small car, also known as J3 in some markets, is getting a facelift. The car will get also get 35mm longer, increasing its length to 4190mm. The wheelbase will also get stretched 10mm to 2410mm.

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JAC SUV revealed ahead of Beijing Auto Show, to gain dual clutch and 1.5T engine

Anhui based JAC have had a major rise over the past five years. The truck manufacturer turned its hand to car manufacturing rather late after a succesful partnership with Hyundai that saw the company rise on the back of its MPV products, later JAC introduced its small car range which is really what took it higher in the Chinese car sales grid.

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JAC Starts Crossdressing its Yue Yue

The Yue Yue small car from JAC has not been a top seller when compared to the BYD F0 or Chery QQ, both of which regularly see sales of over 10,000 units per month. So how do you get a car to sell more in China? you increase the suspension height, attach plastic cladding and call it a crossover, thus the Yue Yue and Tong Yue Crossover were born:


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JAC working on super safe super mini

JAC have been aggressively pushing their small car line up for the past two years and are also planning to push forth their own self developed DSG gearbox. In addition to their soon to launch Yue Yue hatchback, JAC are proposing a super safe two seater city car that will carry an 800cc or a 1.0L engine which will…

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JAC Yue Yue to be priced 30,000rmb to 40,000rmb!

JAC’s latest mini car is set to be priced at a super low price, and will give some serious competition to the sub 40,000rmb car segment.

The Yue Yue’s competition is vast; sales champions such as the Chery QQ3 and the relative new comer the BYD F0 as well as the Chang’an Ben Ben Mini are going to give the Yue Yue a tough time in a market…

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JAC IV concept to wow the crowds in Beijing

The JAC IV concept was designed in JAC’s Italian design studio and is set to be a two seater city car for the next generation of drivers that don’t require 5 seats and a large trunk. The JAC IV is actually a small displacement engine with a hybrid power train attached, making it the ultimate little city run around for those in the big smoke.


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Facelift JAC Eagle, aka the last gen Sante-Fe spotted out

The JAC Eagle has been a good seller for JAC, they acquired the rights to the Sante-Fe from their JV partners Hyundai and have given it a few minor tweaks for the Chinese marketplace. The result is an Audi Q5 inspired front end which somehow just works for the Eagle:

The JAC logo seems to have been…

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JAC AO mini car to launch at years end

JAC are steaming ahead with their small car launches recently, and plan to take on the Geely Eagle, BYD F0, Chery QQ, and Brilliance FRV with the launch of their own super cheap super nice mini car:

The JAC AO is expected to be powered by a 1.0 and 1.1 engine producing around 72BHP and 85Nm. The mosting interesting…

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JAC He Rui MPV rolls off the production line today!

JAC have travelled a long road this year, they first gained success in the MPV market thanks to a shrewd partnership with Hyundai that saw various Hyundai MPV’s being built in China but the partnership ended and JAC carried on with their MPV task. JAC had the foresight to see that most of its MPV sales were to companies that were soon to be affected…

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Chery and JAC to be pushed together by the Govt

The two Anhui based automotive giants, JAC, and Chery have been rumored to be planning a merger for several years, even the Chery topman has mentioned once before that he believe Chery and JAC will come together naturally.

We’re not quite sure if being pushed together by the government is considered natural or not, but a JAC and Chery merger maybe…

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JAC BMPV on the production line

JAC have advanced quite far with their MPV project, the below pictures show the B20 MPV (aka BMPV) on the production line

Its expected that JAC will show off their mini MPV next week at the Shanghai Show. The wheelbase measures 2710mm, LxWxH is 4550×1775×1600mm. The BMPV is being compared to the Ford S-Max in the Chinese…

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JAC B926 Compact Sedan

JAC have been keeping their Italian design studio rather busy of late, as they seem to be continually busy pumping out excellent looking compact sedans and hatches.

The above, B926, sedan was designed by Pininfarina, who also designed the Chery A3, the car that the B926 is expected to go up against.

More information on…

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JAC Eagle SUV for 2010

The JAC Eagle SUV is essentially an older Hyundai Sante Fe body and platform that JAC acquired from their JV partner Hyundai with their own badge on it. Sales of the current Eagle appear to be quite good, but the 2010 Eagle is probably going to outshine it:

Should the new Eagle SUV be sporting the 2.0Turbo…

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JAC Eagle SUV – 2.0l Intercooled Turbo.

JAC bought the rights to the previous generation Hyundai Sante Fe and made the SUV under their own brand. They only purchased the platform, and the body, engines didnt seem to be part of the deal, but this hasnt held JAC back, as they’ve dropped their own 2.0L Intercooled Turbo unit into an updated Eagle.


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Chang’an V101 Spy Shots

Chang’an are one of the up and coming Chinese producers, they have a certain advantage over other Chinese players such as Geely, and Chery. Factors such as Chang’an’s nicer automobile designs, their plentiful experience in building cars (they’ve been working with Ford, Mazda,Volvo, and Suzuki) and their direct location in the Chinese hinterland, where…

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Chery and JAC to merge?

The current economic outlook for the world is not so great, although the effects of the world stock market have yet to effect China en-masse, many automakers and house makers are starting to tighten their belts to prepare for the oncoming long, cold winter.

Many small Chinese automakers rely on the Chinese domestic market, and then the export markets…

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JAC making super mini based off Citroen C1?

This report is totally unconfirmed, China Car Times obtained this information from a Chinese motoring website and cannot vouch 100% for its accuracy.

News is going around that JAC are making a super mini, either using the Citroen C1 as a ‘template’ or as a benchmark, or they’ve actually got the rights to use the Citroen technology in China.

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JAC Binyue Pictures

JAC are moving away from making trucks and are aiming to get into the auto side of field which is growing rapidly. JAC have already bought the license to make an older edition of the Hyundai SanteFe and are going to mass produce the above Bin Yue later this year.

The Bin Yue was We initially understood that the Bin Yue would be on the market by…

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Jiangjun Sedan ready for the market?

The Jiangjun Sedan that we have spoken about earlier this year is practically ready for sales, and Jiangjun are aiming to put the car on the market in September this year. JAC boasts that the car is a true ‘global car’ with the car being designed in Italy, the engine components from Japan and all the other stuff from various other countries. This sedan…

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