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Lifan’s Flagship is Mildly Germanic in Design

Lifan are a busy little company with plenty of energy to chase both the import and export markets with increased ferocity, the company’s compact SUV the X60 is already proving itself to be a popular vehicle and the forthcoming Lifan 520 is likely to increase sales even further. Early next year Lifan are expected to launch this brand new flagship Lifan…

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Lifan X50 Shows Us That Lifan Can Design Cars

Lifan’s car range to date has been a little bit underwhelming, with designs that fail to resonate but keen pricing Lifan has become a popular brand in overseas developing markets but has remained a minnow swimming  with sharks in its own domestic market. The X60 SUV was one of the best looking vehicles to date from Lifan but it will probably be outshone…

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Is Lifan’s New SUV Their Best Looking Vehicle So Far?

Lifan is famed for its low cost cars and its export prowess, it is not famed for its eye catching designs but that might change with the introduction of this new SUV compact. Lifan’s current SUV, the X60, will remain the biggest SUV offering from Lifan with this new as of yet unnamed trucklet sitting below it.

Chinese media reports indicate that…

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Lifan Looks to Fiat and Lexus for Inspiration

Lifan are a plucky Chongqing based automaker that was one of the first Chinese car companies to export in any serious numbers, their models have already found strong sales in developing nations in the Middle East and South America but they haven’t found too much success in the home Chinese market. At this years Shanghai Auto Show Lifan will launch a…

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Lifan Announces Global Strategy, Aims to Export 120,000 Vehicles Per Year

Although Lifan are not a strong name in the Chinese market, they have grown at a rapid rate in the global market, particularly in developing markets such as Russia.

At a press conference earlier today it was announced that Lifan exported 53,000 vehicles this year and expects to export 75,000 by the end of the year, this figure is going to be expanded…

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All-new Lifan 320: now with 50% less Mini, 70% less ugly

Lifan gained notoriety in China and the world four years ago when they showed their MINI clone in Beijing. Now, Lifan is back with a redesigned version of the 320.

The new front is not only less MINI-esque but also easier on the eyes. Headlights don’t look like sad eyes anymore. Grille is also new and pretty similar to the 520′s grille.

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Next Generation Lifan 520 out testing

Lifan have some catching up to do in the Chinese market, the Chongqing based auto maker is lagging behind the competition in terms of design, although on the technology front they are quite capable. Lifan’s biggest drawback has been their weak brand and relatively small dealership network that focuses entirely on second and third tier cities, however…

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Lifan’s next generation 520 has had an overhaul for the better

Lifan have not made a massive reach inside China but they have made a massive international reach, whilst Chinese auto makers fight amongst themselves for a scrap of the Chinese auto market pie Lifan have quietly made a name for themselves from Iraq to Iran to South Africa to Ethiopia (where they have a factory) and beyond, if you think of top Chinese…

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Lifan 320 Spotted Testing

Lifan are still a small auto maker, but they do have a global ambition to sell cars and are currently one of the leading exporters of cars despite their location in Western China. Their current line up is made up of the tiny 320, compact 520 (in sedan/hatch form) and the forthcoming 720 as well as an SUV and mini van. The 320 was what shot the company…

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Lifan’s 720 sighted ahead of time, actually looking pretty

Lifan are a relative newcomer to the car making game and for the longest of time they have been focusing on markets in second, third and fourth tier cities throughout China knowing full well that developed markets such as those in Beijing and Shanghai would not accept their products, but it seems that the time is right for Lifan as these second tier…

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Lifan 720 spied ahead of launch

Do you remember Lifan? The small Chongqing based company has failed to make any major inroads into the national Chinese market over the past 2 years but they do remain a large player in the Chongqing and Sichuan areas where they have a loyal fan base. At the Shanghai Auto Show Lifan’s small stand showed their plans for the next two years, a new mid…

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Lifan to build second factory in Ethiopia to keep up with demand

Demand for Lifan’s cars in Ethiopia has been unprecedented according to the Chongqing based company. One year ago Lifan opened its first car factory, and noticably the first car factory ever, in Addis Aba the capital of Ethiopia, but demand for Lifan’s economy models has been much higher than expected and has resulted in a shortage of products at the…

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Next generation Lifan 520 rendering

Lifan seem to readying a Lifan 520 concept for the Shanghai Auto Show, the below renderings indicate that Lifan are finally starting to get serious about car making. So far the Chongqing based car maker has only been pushing out half hearted designs but the below rendering seems to show that a tide has changed in Chongqing, Lifan are more famous for…

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Lifan to launch three new cars next year

At the Beijing Auto Show earlier this year it was thought that Lifan were on their last legs with a meager auto show presence, but now it appears that Lifan have found their new wind and are planning to launch three new cars in 2011.

Over the course of 2010, Lifan have been working on new technology and research and development of new cars including…

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Lifan planning sports car?!

Lifan is a Chongqing based automotive producer, a relative minnow even in China and mostly sells to its local area i.e. Sichuan, Chongqing, and Yunnan, meaning you rarely see them along the highly developed east coast of China were cars from JV producers are favored.

Lifan’s current line up is made up of the tiny…

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What is happening at Lifan Auto?

Lifan Auto are located in what is being called The Chinese Detroit due to its massive car producing industry, which is mostly due to Chang’an but Lifan are doing very well with their car and especially motorbike production.

Over the past few years it seems that Lifan have almost stalled with their car plans, and appear content on selling what they…

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Lifan planning 440 million RMB A-Share IPO

From Reauters:

SHANGHAI, July 30 (Reuters) – Lifan Group, one of China’s biggest motorcycle makers which is diversifying into car production, aims for an initial public offering in Shanghai this year, raising as much as 3 billion yuan ($439 million), sources familiar with the situation said on Thursday.

Lifan, partly owned by an American…

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BAW to buy Lifan Auto producing arm

The Chinese central government is pushing for the Chinese auto giants to merge, and become more centralized. It is obvious that many small players are not big or strong enough individually to confidently walk onto the world stage. Beijing Auto Works, with its seat in the nations political center, is flush with cash from it’s sucesful joint ventures…

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Lifan Minivan Spy Pics

Lifan are eager to get into the super cheap mini van segment that is mostly controlled by local rivals Chang’an. The below pictures show what Lifan have in store:

It’s possible that Lifan wont be awfully succesful in the first year of launch, but its worth remembering that Lifan are extremely succesful in the South Asian…

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Lifan 320 arrives in dealers

The Lifan 320, quite possibly the most infamous car of 2008, has finally arrived in the dealerships. The Lifan 320 was shown off at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2008 a rather shocked audience cried that the Lifan 320 was too much like a MINI, but now that clearer pictures have been released it appears that the 320 is similar, but not a copy.


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Lifan to get into MPV, breadvan business

According to Chinese media reports, Lifan Automobile, are planning to get into the manufacturing of own brand minivans or breadvans as they are known in China, due to their shape (they look like a loaf of bread).

Lifan are going to invest 1 billion RMB into the new factory, which will be have a total area of 6000 square meters and will produce between…

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More on the Lifan 320

The Lifan 320 made a splash on the internet when it was unveiled, every corner of the internet had pictures of the 320. Some people say its a clone of the MINI, other say its closer to the Daihatsu Sirion.

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Lifan write up!

One of our readers, Mr. Schwartz, kindly sent us his company write up of Lifan Automotive. Mr. Schwartz used China Car Times as a resource when writing about Lifan, and found a wealth of information which translated into a decent article about Lifan.


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Lifan gives us some info on the technical side of things

Lifan are keen to show that they are not just a one stop copy shop, unlike some other Chinese car makers, they have shown that they are willing to take a step back, and design a completely new car from scratch (inc engines) and set up distribution networks with superior service across the country.

Lifan recently sent us these drawings of their Lifan…

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Celebrations in Chongqing

Chongqing city is celebrating its status as a municipality city of China for ten full years this week, and the people of Chongqing have voted the top brands of the massive city as being

1) Chang’an Motors

2) Chongqing Bai Huo

3) Jin Fu Ren

4) Lifan

5) Long Hu Real Estate


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American investment Co buys 25% of Lifan

In recent years there has been a trend of Chinese companies buying up ailing western companies, there was Nanjing MG and Rover, Chinese banks buying stakes in Barclays bank, and then the Indians were at it too; The British company, Corus Steel was taken over by an Indian billionaire – its a reverse colonization of sorts, instead of moving people in,…

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Lifan 520 Vs BYD F3r Vs Chevrolet Aveo.

The hatchback market in China is certainly hotting up, previously saloons were all the rage, but since good looking, and roomy hatchbacks have started to appear on the market, Chinese consumers are beginning to warm to them. One article on’s auto channel compared the BYD F3r, Chevrolet Aveo and the Lifan 520i against each other, and below…

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Changchun Car Show: Lifan wins best economy car prize

Changchun car show was held in December 07 in the North Eastern city of Changchun, China. As is usual with car shows, the organizers give out awards to certain cars, (at the Shanghai car show the MG7 won most influential car) the best car in the ‘economy cars’ section was apperently the Lifan 520.

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Lifan heading to the US of A in 2010

Jubilant at passing the Russian crash test, and obtaining European E-mark accreditation, Lifan are planning to export their vehicles to the USA in 2010, with the goal of starting sales of Lifan cars in 2011. In a media conference earlier today, Lifan Chairman, Mr. Yin Ming Shang expressed that Lifan cars will hit US shores in 2010.

Lifan are apparently…

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Lifan offer kick ass deal to Chinese motorists

To raise sales at an all important time of year for Chinese car sales, (Sales around Chinese new year appear to be hot, yet cold) Lifan are offering free servicing on their Lifan range of cars upto 35,000km, or 2 years (depending which comes first), in contrast, Nissan only offered China Car Times two free services that were to be done before 8000km.


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Lifan 520i coming off the line this week

The Lifan 520i is coming off the line this week according to our sources at Lifan.

The 520i is the hatchback version of the popular Lifan 520 sedan. Although Lifan has only been in the auto manufacturing business for 2 years, they have shocked the Chinese market with their good quality cars, that come at a low price – Lifan have made great strides…

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Lifan gunning for 80,000 car sales in 08

Chinese car manufactures are great at doing one thing (other than making cars on a budget) and thats tooting their own horn. Many a news story on China Car Times are based around sales goals for a certain year, perhaps many of these sales goals are inflated, actually, we shouldn’t say perhaps, we should say definatly.

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Lifan 620, Expected to cost 70 to 80,000rmb!

The Lifan 620 spyshots were leaked onto the internet a few weeks ago, the Chinese motoring press has been busy speculating as to its cost. The 620 has looks that seem above its price class, but the Chinese press seem to believe it will be in the 70,000rmb to 80,000rmb price range. (click pic for bigger view)

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Lifan enters Nepal

Lifan is starting to spread around the world, with sales networks in China, Russia, Egypt, Ethiopia, and now Nepal.

Lifans entry into Nepal is an important step – Nepal is essentially a RHD country, and not many Chinese automakers are stepping into the RHD markets, seeing as many countries in the world do still use RHD cars, it seems like a logical…

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