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MG Engine Plan Exposed

SAIC’s stewardship of the MG brand and their own Roewe brand seems to have been shaky at best, the Roewe brand has suffered from a lack of fresh metal over the past few years whilst MG hasn’t been the MG that most would expect of a 100 year old British sports car brand. That is going to change with the introduction of more turbo assisted engines as…

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This Guy Bought a Roewe E50

Wondering what an E50 is? Its the micro electric car from Roewe. It looks a lot like a box with four wheels in each corner and comes in at 234,900 Yuan (US$37,589). On paper its a little behind the Nissan Leaf, but the Leaf is actually larger with easy seating for 5 people (or realistically, 4 adults), the E50 is more like a two seater with a small…

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2013/2014 Roewe 550 Sighted Ahead of Shanghai Auto Show

The Roewe 550 was an incredible car when first announced in 2008 but rolling into 2013 the car looks a little long in the tooth on the outside and inside, but that is set to change with the introduction of the below model. The 1.8T and naturally aspirated 1.8L K-Series derived engine is still going to be installed in the 550 but instead of the Aisin…

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Roewe E50 to see Production Line on November 2nd

SAIC’s first mass produced electric vehicle will be seeing production lines on November 2nd and should be on the market in early 2013 according to media reports.

The E50 has been aired at several different auto shows to date and will likely have a real launch at this years Guangzhou Auto Show. Small changes have been made to the exterior…

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Roewe 95 to launch in April

There was a little confusion over the role of the Roewe 95, the Epsilon II based vehicle will hit the market in April via a Beijing Auto Show airing and will be a major vehicle for SAIC over the next two years. The Roewe 750 will continue to be sold, but only in 1.8T hybrid form, the V6 will be saying goodbye. The R95 is heavily based on the Lacrosse…

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Roewe gains DCT, facelift model spied out testing

Has it been four years already? The Roewe 550 has been on the market in China since 2008 but has only just gained its first note worthy facelift ahead of a new generation that is expected to appear in 2013 or 2014. So what’s different? On the outside the 550 has gained the all so fashionable LED lights in the front and rear, the interior doesn’t look…

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Next generation Roewe 750 naked at last

The next generation Roewe 750 isn’t due to be unveiled until the 2012 Beijing Auto Show in April, but by the power of our friends at Auto Sohu, spy pictures of the car have already been revealed:

The 750 rides on the Epsilon II platform which is also underpinning the Buick Regal and Buick Lacrosse and comes courtesy…

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Next Generation Roewe 750 Seen Again (and again, and again…)

The next generation 750 is still firmly under its camo wrap but the final shape and style of the vehicle is finally starting to take place. The 750 is reportedly riding on the same Epsilon II platform which came from Shanghai Auto’s joint venture partner, GM. This same platform underpins the majority of GM’s best selling models including…

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More next generation Roewe 750 pictures

Fact: The current Roewe 750 is a teenager. Fact: The next generation model is based on GM’s Epsilon II platform. Fact: SAIC cannot keep its new cars under wraps for ten minutes. Opinion: SAIC leak their car pics so often to keep the chatter about their new cars in the press. Rumor: a 2.0T and also 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engines will be used…

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Next generation Roewe 750 inside and out

The current Roewe 750 is a little long in the tooth, as it is based on the Rover 75 which itself debuted in 1998 but saw production in China under the Roewe brand in 2006 – 14 years on the market is a long time for a car even in China. The next generation of 750 is under development and is likely to be shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show next month in…

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Next generation Roewe 750 is already road testing

The Roewe 750 will die in 2012 and be swapped out for the latest generation which will be based on a GM platform, the current 750 has had a good run considering its based on the Rover 75 which was unveiled in 1998 and delivered to customers in early ’99 – a 13 year life span for a modern car is not considered too shabby at all. The next generation is…

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Roewe’s new 750 sedan caught testing

If you want to understand what the new Roewe 750 sedan will look like, look at the Roewe 350 and expand the car with its height, width and length, it appears that the 350′s front grill is about to become Roewe’s signature grill for the next few years. The new 750 sits on top of GM’s Epsilon II platform which is shared with the Buick Regal (Opel Insignia)…

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This is the next generation Roewe 750

The Roewe 750 was the first car to be born from the ashes of MG-Rover after SAIC took over the blueprints and IPR for the Rover 75 whilst Nanjing Auto Corporation took over the MG-Rover factory in Longbridge, Nanjing Auto later launched the MG7 but it was all too late, the Roewe 750 had won the market. The Roewe 750 was a big volume seller when it first…

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Roewe 750D – Roewe 750 hybrid sighted out

Roewe first showed off their 750 hybrid concept at the 2006 Beijing Auto Show, but until now we have not seen it again, although new energy Shanghai Auto variants were shown at this years Beijing Auto Show.

Although hybrid cars have been around for over a decade, this might be the first time that a turbo hybrid…

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Roewe W5 SUV – the final pictures

Shots of a Roewe W5 SUV that looks like it is being dropped off at a Roewe dealership have been leaked to the internet. The W5 SUV appears to be packing the 1.8T engine that is shared with the Roewe 550, 750 and MG6 a 3.2 inline six engine from Ssangyong.  The W5 SUV is based on the Ssangyong Kyron…

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Shanghai green car buyers to be awarded upto 50,000rmb in subsidies

According to the new energy office and policy maker Mr. Liu Jian Hua, Shanghai city is developing its own plans to promote green cars in the city in a bid to clear up the cities automotive smog. Should a Shanghai resident buy a plugin hybrid, they will be able to receive a 20,000 subsidy, and it is expected that buyers of pure electric vehicles will…

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Facelift Roewe 750 spotted out – where’s the difference?

The Roewe 750 was initially a big seller for SAIC, and was the first Roewe to hit the streets. Times are changing and the number of new models in the mid sized auto segment are getting stronger and stronger, the only course of action is to launch a facelift model.

Pictures of the new 2011 Roewe 750 out testing…

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Roewe W5 SUV – in 1.8T and five speed manual

The Roewe SUV has been spotted out testing more times than we care to remember, the SUV is based on the Kyron from Ssangyong motors, which SAIC used to have a majority share in.

The Chinese automotive press are saying the W5 will launch at the end of the year, as SAIC have already been granted a license to produce…

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MG6 saloon and hatch spotted in the UK

Previously on CCT we posted pictures of a Roewe 550 saloon with the MG6 face bolted onto it out testing in the Spanish mountains, now it appears that the Roewe 550 will go into production as the MG6 Sedan:

The above pair of MG’s were spotted out testing in the UK, and were actually parked up in the local Asda…

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Facelift Roewe 750 out testing and Roewe Hybrid also in the works

The Roewe 750 came out in November 2006 at roughly the same time as CCT, at the time both looked great, but the Roewe 750 has lost some of its youthful cheer in the three years that it has been on the market and thus a facelift is in order.

The above spy shots indicate that the 750 might be getting…

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Electric Roewe 350 spotted out testing, and running Android!

An electric version of the Roewe 350 has been spotted out testing and has become quite the hot spot in the Chinese automotive press. SAIC are keen to kick start their electric car program, but initial indications showed that they were lagging behind in some aspects but the Roewe 350 appears to have helped…

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Roewe 350 production kicks off today. Roewe 350 running on Android!

The much anticipated Roewe 350 went into production late yesterday and will eventually launch on April 23rd at the Beijing Auto Show.

The 350 was based on the Roewe N1 concept car that was shown at the Shanghai Auto Show last year. The concept itself was the epitome of 3G lifestyle, and as a result the Roewe 350 DVD/GPS system is actually…

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Roewe 350 pictures – again!

SAIC seem to have a real problem keeping the forthcoming Roewe 350 under wraps, it has been spotted out countless dozens of times by various different organisations. Either SAIC is terrible at keeping its cars secret, or it deliberately flaunts them to get press attention.

The Roewe 350 will officially launch this month,…

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Roewe 350 spotted again

It almost seems like a day doesn’t go by without a new picture of the upcoming Roewe 350:

This time its an interesting blue sedan that’s been given the half hearted camo treatment. The Chinese news portal, autohome, are reporting that the 350 is going to get a 1.8 and 1.8T engine (from the 550/MG6) and also a…

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MG6 – Getting into position

Yes, it’s the same lurid orange MG6 from a few days ago, but it’s looking brilliant.

Some notes: The rear Chinese writing says SAIC, and the chrome badge is SAIC’s latest effort to boost the MG marque in China, and internationally…

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MG6 – Ready for international LIFT OFF

An MG6 complete with UK style plates has been spotted and posted to the net. However, the tangy orange car looks like it was recently in an advertising shoot rather than being sent to the UK:

Either way, we now…

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Roewe SUV to finally get launched this month?

The Roewe SUV has been a long time coming, and is quite possibly the worst kept secret at Roewe. We know they’re making an SUV, practically everyone in the whole world knows that they have an SUV up their sleeves put only now are they getting around to launching it (maybe)

The Roewe SUV has been in ‘development’ for at least two years now, and by…

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The littlest 550: Roewe 350 spotted again

The Roewe 350 is likely to be getting ready for its launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show next month, where we will see its transformation from concept car to production car. However, the Roewe 350 has been spotted out yet again:

Roewe fans will notice that this is the first time that the 350 interior has been leaked to the internet….

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Roewe 350 spotted out testing rumored to be 1.5CVT and DSG

The Roewe 350 is rapidly heading towards production, with test models being spotted out quite regularly now:

Its still unclear what platform the Roewe 350 is based on, possibly a shortened version of the Roewe 550, which is in turn a shortened version of the Rover 75 platform.

It appears that the…

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Roewe 350 – launches next year – pics!

When Roewe first came to be, the first car that rolled off the line was the gentry like Roewe 750 with a big 2.5 V6 engine, over a short time Chinese consumers have quickly adapted to high oil prices and are quickly shying away from gigantic power plants that suck their purses dry to smaller turbo assisted engines that pack the punch of a 6 cylinder…

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Roewe 550 Hatch spy pics + Roewe N1 to use DSG gearbox

News was released earlier today stating that the Roewe N1 will use a DSG gearbox once it is launched later this year. The DSG gearbox will be developed by BorgWarner in partnership with SAIC. As the Roewe 550 implemented the ‘digital system’ the N1 will implement ‘internet and informaton revolution’, as the 550 interior was rather splendid, its expected…

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The Roewe N1: It’s not great, but it’s not bad either

The Roewe N1 concept car was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this week, it drew in the crowds to the rather large SAIC stand, but it was greatly out done by the fantastic MG6.

You see, the W2 concept car (which later became the Roewe 550) was a new begining, but an extension of Rover (and therefore British) motoring heritage. The design was a…

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Roewe 250: Once was a Rover 25

We’ve been wondering just what exactly SAIC had in store for the Rover 25 platform, they received it along with the Rover 75 platform (which they subsequently developed into the Roewe 750) but the Rover 25 was left neglected for a few years, until now:

The Roewe 250 is radically different from the Rover 25, leading itself to more of…

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Roewe N1 Concept Sedan Pics

The Roewe N1 concept will be launched next week at the Shanghai Auto Show:

The N1 is rather similar to the W2 concept, that went on to become the Roewe 550. The N1 concept will…

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Roewe 850 – The domestic Bentley, aka Roewe R85

Further details on the Roewe 850 have emerged, including pictures which solidify the rumors that the 850 is essentially a reworked Ssangyong Chairman:

The front and rear end of the ‘Roewe 85′ have been ‘Roewe-ized’ to bring into the Roewe design fold. Ssangyong Chairmans are usually used as limos in China complete with a…

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