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Maxus G10 Heading to Market on March 21st

SAIC has already unveiled their G10 MPV to Chinese media, but soon it will be available for purchase with March 21st being set as the launch date.

The handsome new MPV will be priced extremely competitively with pricing start at just over 120,000RMB to 219,800RMB. Why such a big price range? Because the Maxus comes with the choice of a naturally…

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General Motors Shows Best Ever September 2012

Is the Chinese market down or up? Clearly for manufacturers such as Ford and GM there is no such thing as a poor market, both companies have put forward their best Septembers on record this year.

GM sold a record 244,266 vehicles in China, an increase of 10.5% from the previous month and 1.7% from September 2011, Shanghai GM’s domestic sales…

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SAIC sales up, amid slow down

From Reuters:

Top Chinese automaker SAIC Motor Corp in April sold 6.96 percent more vehicles than a year earlier, the second straight month of single-digit sales growth amid a market slowdown.

SAIC, which operates auto manufacturing ventures with General Motors and Volkswagen , sold 326,390 vehicles in April, up from 305,139 units a…

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Roewe’s new 750 sedan caught testing

If you want to understand what the new Roewe 750 sedan will look like, look at the Roewe 350 and expand the car with its height, width and length, it appears that the 350′s front grill is about to become Roewe’s signature grill for the next few years. The new 750 sits on top of GM’s Epsilon II platform which is shared with the Buick Regal (Opel Insignia)…

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Roewe 750D – Roewe 750 hybrid sighted out

Roewe first showed off their 750 hybrid concept at the 2006 Beijing Auto Show, but until now we have not seen it again, although new energy Shanghai Auto variants were shown at this years Beijing Auto Show.

Although hybrid cars have been around for over a decade, this might be the first time that a turbo hybrid…

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MG3 sighted again, in building process

Pictures of the MG3 have been leaked to the internet yet again and show the MG3 in a state of undress at the factory:

The MG3 is expected to go on the market in September this year, and will be sold alongside the MG3 SW in the Chinese market but will likely be sold in the European market from 2011 onwards. The…

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Roewe E1 Electric Concept to be on show at the Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing Auto Show is going to be quite interesting for Roewe, with it being ready to show off a facelift Roewe 750, a hybrid 750, and possibly the Roewe SUV and the Roewe 150 (or an MG2), and then on top of all that they plan to show off the below Roewe E1 electric concept car.

The E1′s specifications are as follows:

SAIC’s Leaf Concept Car to debut at Beijing Auto Show

SAIC’s latest concept car, the Leaf, will debut at the Beijing Auto Show complete with an odd Leaf for a roof. However strange it may be, the Leaf’s foliage derived roof actually serves a useful purpose with it being able to give of O2 (i.e. Oxygen) instead of Co2 as with a regular automobile.


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MG2 spotted out testing yet again, interior shot too

It looks the MG3 is finally going to be killed off with the immintent launch of the MG2, which will likely be the Roewe 150 as well. The MG2 as it is known, for lack of an official name, has been spotted out testing on a number of different occasions, except this time an interior shot has made it into view as well.

[gallery link=”file” order=”DESC”…

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Roewe 350 pictures – again!

SAIC seem to have a real problem keeping the forthcoming Roewe 350 under wraps, it has been spotted out countless dozens of times by various different organisations. Either SAIC is terrible at keeping its cars secret, or it deliberately flaunts them to get press attention.

The Roewe 350 will officially launch this month,…

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Roewe 350S spotted out testing

The Roewe 350 is shaping up to be a seriously nice car, we expect it to launch at the Beijing Auto Show a month from now with a 1.5 engine. Persistant rumors of a 1.5 turbo engine have been floating around for quite some time, although we have yet to see any spy pictures of such a beast.

The Roewe 350 is expected to be a more prominent car for Roewe’s…

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Breaking: SAIC takes controlling share of Shanghai GM

According to this mornings news, Shanghai-GM and SAIC have come to an agreement where SAIC will take a controlling share in the SAIC-GM joint venture in Shanghai. SAIC has taken a 1% share from GM, which will give it 51% of the JV, also the board of directors will increase in SAIC’s favor to 6:5. The deal for 1% of the JV is reportedly worth 85 million…

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GM sells 1826424 cars in China in ’09

2009 was a bumper year for the Chinese car industry, and it looks like GM came out well with 1826424 cars sold which translates into a 66.9% rise in sales for the Shanghai based company.

GM’s sales are split into two, the Shanghai-GM joint venture was responsible for sales of 727631 cars (an increase of 58.6%) whilst the GM-Wuling JV was responsible…

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SAIC’s to start work on own van

SAIC have started work on their own van according to todays media reports, the van is reportedly going to be a similar size to the IVECO range of vans that SAIC inheritied when they took over Nanjing Automobile which has a JV with IVECO.

The above van-come-bus is likely to come down the IVECO production line in Nanjing. Pricing…

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GM and Shanghai GM to take on India

Yesterdays suspension of SAIC shares ahead of a large announcement drove Chinese automotive news sites into speculation over drive with the rumour mill burning rumours of an LDV takeover, a share swap with its JV partners, or perhaps even an announcement regarding SAIC’s international operations.

The rumours couldn’t have been further from the truth,…

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SAIC to build green energy tech center in Tangshan

SAIC have reportedly chosen Tangshan to be the site of their new New Energy research centre. SAIC have reached an agreement with Tangshan Peoples Government regarding the location of the new R&D center

According to the agreement the two parties are reportedly planning to work on the development of pure electric coaches, hybrid vehicles, and traditional…

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Roewe 350 – launches next year – pics!

When Roewe first came to be, the first car that rolled off the line was the gentry like Roewe 750 with a big 2.5 V6 engine, over a short time Chinese consumers have quickly adapted to high oil prices and are quickly shying away from gigantic power plants that suck their purses dry to smaller turbo assisted engines that pack the punch of a 6 cylinder…

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Roewe 250: Once was a Rover 25

We’ve been wondering just what exactly SAIC had in store for the Rover 25 platform, they received it along with the Rover 75 platform (which they subsequently developed into the Roewe 750) but the Rover 25 was left neglected for a few years, until now:

The Roewe 250 is radically different from the Rover 25, leading itself to more of…

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Roewe 350: Truth at last?!

China Car Times posted pictures of an unnamed SAIC model earlier this year, confusion reigned over what we were exactly looking at. Was it an electric mule (a lack of a tail pipe give us this clue), or some other SAIC mule.

Now the secret appears to be out,…

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SAIC bought 4.5 million dollars worth of Ssangyong vehicles in Dec

SAIC, the 51% share holder in Ssangyong, purchased 4.5 million dollars worth of vehicles and SUV’s from Ssangyong in December as a means to supports Ssangyong. SAIC purchased 1000 Istana MPV’s and an unknown number of Actyon SUV’s.

SAIC has come under a lot of pressure from the Korean government recently with regards to ‘rescuing’ Ssangyong.

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If Ssangyong union doesnt restructure, then SAIC will quit Ssangyong

Recent news reports have said that Ssangyong is out of cash, and more shocking, they don’t have enough monies on hand to pay their workers salaries. Ssangyong’s biggest share holder, SAIC, own 51% of Ssangyong which gives them a controlling share in the Korean SUV maker. But when it came to the crunch last week, Ssangyongs request for a cash injection…

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SAIC make a phoenix

Urm, yeah:

Jun. 5, 2008 (China Knowledge) – SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, China’s biggest auto maker, displayed its first self-made luxury sports car Fengyi at the Auto Components Shanghai 2008, local newspaper reported.

The concept car, which was designed with the illumination of a phoenix about to take flight, attracted a lot of attention at…

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SAIC – Profit up 242%

SAIC top brass are probably kicking themselves that they didnt stick a bid in for Landrover and Jaguar, after a record breaking 2007 they can easily afford it!

In 2007 SAIC sold 1.69 million vehicles, which translates into a 25.8% year on year increase on 2006. Profit in RMB was 4.63 billion RMB. Of the 1.69 million vehicles sold, 1.13 million were…

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