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GM Sales Up 13.3%, Reaches 294,500 Units Sold In December

General Motors and its joint ventures in China saw their domestic sales increase 13.3 percent on an annual basis to a new November record of 294,500 vehicles. It was the second-best sales month of 2013.

During the first 11 months of 2013, domestic sales by GM and its joint ventures increased 11.4 percent year on year to 2,889,368 units and will reach…

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Matt Tsien Is The New General Motors China President

Matt Tsien will officially replace the current General Motors China President Bob Socia from January 1st 2014 due to Socia’s retirement after just a year at the helm in China.

“We appreciate Bob’s 38 years of dedicated service and his significant contributions to GM in all of our regions,” said Dan Akerson, chairman and CEO of General Motors….

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Buick’s Launches New Lacrosse Hits The Market in China

Shanghai GM launched their all new Buick Lacrosse in the Chinese market earlier this week ahead of a US market launch. Buick’s latest Lacrosse is likely to follow in the footsteps of the last model in becoming a leader in the Chinese market, whilst not as popular as the all conquering VW Passat, the Buick Lacrosse held its own and offered size and power…

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GM sold one car every 12 seconds in 2011

GM’s lead in the Chinese car market can be measured in seconds according to a press release from GM China, GM were once again the biggest volume selling manufacturer in the Chinese market with a new car or van sold every 12 seconds, or yearly sales of 2.54 million vehicles – an increase of 8% over 2010.

Owing to GM’s wide portfolio of vehicles and…

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Are Buick planning to put 2.0T into Buick Excelle to give us a three door hot hatch?

The Chinese hot hatch market is a desperate place, on one side you have the VW Golf GTI, on the other side you have exactly nothing. VAG has stolen the lime light with hot hatches, they introduce the Golf GTI, the Skoda Octavia VRS and the Polo GTI is expected to join them soon, God only knows what Ford are doing, perhaps they will one day wake up and…

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GM to invest 7 billion RMB in expanding capacity at Shenyang Factory

GM’s Bei Sheng plant in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is about to gain from a 7 billion RMB upgrade over the next few years. The factory expansion will take GM’s production capacity to a new high in China.

GM’s plans for the factory expansion have already been approved by the Ministry of Environment and will see the factory’s capacity increased…

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Shanghai GM’s capacity expansion plans approved, may start construction in July

The capacity expansion plan of Shanghai GM (Shenyang) Beisheng Auto Co., Ltd. has received approval for its proposed expansion plans. Construction of the extension may start as early as July this year.

The expanded capacity includes 300,000 vehicles and 450,000 engines. The total investment in the project will be 7 billion yuan.

The capacity of…

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Chevrolet Captiva to be made in China

The Chevrolet Captiva is currently made in South Korea and imported into China, despite its imported status the Captiva is priced very competitively at 240,000rmb and rising, the latest facelift version has just been introduced into China and will no doubt prove to be a hit. However, Shanghai-GM are planning to move Captiva production into China in…

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Buick Envision SUV renderings revealed before Shanghai Auto Show launch

The Shanghai Auto Show is Shanghai-GM’s chance to shine on the world stage, especially as it is in their own backyard. This year they have an amazing array of cars on show including the Camaro, new Malibu, new Aveo (aka the Sonic) and various other models, one of their major concepts is the below Buick SUV.

The Envision SUV will have its official…

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Buick to launch compact concept SUV at Shanghai Auto show

Buick is one of GM China’s biggest brands, but one thing that every one of the American Big 3 are missing in China are locally made SUV products. America is famous for its SUV’s but it has failed to put anything into production in China and relies on imports instead, Chrysler import the Jeep range, Ford import the Edge and GM import the Chevrolet Captiva…

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GM to hit sales of two million cars in China in 2010, Chevrolet and Wuling leading the way

GM’s successful partnership in China with Shanghai GM is without doubt what saved the American automotive giant through its dark days in the past decade, the partnership has come to fruit with GM becoming the first global automaker in China to sell more than 2 million vehicles per year.

By the end of November GM had reached an all time monthly sales…

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GM China sales up 19.6%

As a basic rule of thumb, if GM’s sales are up, then the whole market is likely to be up:

General Motors, the biggest overseas automaker in China, said sales increased 19.6 percent in the country in October as it sold more Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac cars.

GM and its Chinese joint ventures sold 199,641 units last month, it said…

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Will SAIC take part in GM’s IPO?

General Motors is on the verge of its own IPO in a bid to raise funds to buy itself out of government control and pay back loans it received in 2008 to avoid bankruptcy.

Media reports from earlier this month indicated that the US Treasury is planning to ban foreign funds from taking a slice of GM via its IPO in a bid to keep GM an American owned…

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GM considered listing in HK to gain access to Asian savings

From Reuters:

General Motors Co GM.UL considered an Asian exchange for its historic return to the public markets, but ruled it out because it would have delayed the IPO, people familiar with the matter said.

GM, which filed plans for a dual listing in New York and Toronto this week, as recently as several weeks ago was also considering…

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Next generation Chevrolet Aveo spotted out testing

Chevrolet’s latest Chevrolet Aveo is on the verge of launching at the Paris Auto Show, but it seems that development on the car is at an advanced stage in China according to these spy shots:

The Aveo is based on GM’s Gamma II platform and will be packing a 1.2L, 1.4L, and 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, although rumors of…

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GM’s China sales outstrip US sales

From The Detroit Free Press:

General Motors’ sales in China for the first half of the year surpassed those in the U.S. for the first time as the world’s fastest-growing major economy propelled global auto demand.

Sales in China by GM and its joint ventures totaled 1.21 million vehicles in the six months ended June 30, topping U.S….

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Chevrolet Volt to be made in China

The Chevrolet Volt will be introduced into US markets very soon, but is also set to be launched in China in 2011. Initially the Volt will come via American made imports, but plans are in motion to put the Volt into production in China in the near future.

The Volt is powered by its 16 kW.h lithium-ion battery pack that will take the Volt…

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GM ENV launched today

GM’s ENV concept car was launched earlier today, and has given the world a taste of what we just might be driving in cities just a few years from now. The bubble shaped electric car is known as an Electric Networked Vehicle which will have zero emissions and will rely on an electric motor for power. The three vehicles Miao (Magic) Jiao (Pride) and Xiao…

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GM sells 1826424 cars in China in ’09

2009 was a bumper year for the Chinese car industry, and it looks like GM came out well with 1826424 cars sold which translates into a 66.9% rise in sales for the Shanghai based company.

GM’s sales are split into two, the Shanghai-GM joint venture was responsible for sales of 727631 cars (an increase of 58.6%) whilst the GM-Wuling JV was responsible…

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New Buick Excelle sedan spotted out

Buicks new Excelle hatchback was launched late 2009 at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and will hit the dealerships very soon. Shanghai GM are also working on an saloon version which will launch sometime in the middle of 2010.

This car has already been spotted testing in the USA, but this is thought to be the first…

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Buick Excelle Sports Sedan Spotted!

The current Buick Excelle is a top seller for Shanghai GM, its the cheapest model in the range of semi luxurious cars, in November alone the Excelle garnered sales of 22,200 sales in the Chinese marketplace.

The above 2010/2011 Buick Excelle is the first time that future sedan has been seen in China, and could…

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GM and Shanghai GM to take on India

Yesterdays suspension of SAIC shares ahead of a large announcement drove Chinese automotive news sites into speculation over drive with the rumour mill burning rumours of an LDV takeover, a share swap with its JV partners, or perhaps even an announcement regarding SAIC’s international operations.

The rumours couldn’t have been further from the truth,…

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Buick Excelle Hatch – The big picture!

The Buick Excelle hatchback, alongside the MG6 are arguably the big stars of the Guangzhou Auto show this year. The Excelle hatch signals the end of the dated Daewoo Lacetti hatchback, and the rebranding of the European Opel Astra for the Chinese marketplace.

Whilst it maybe a rebranded Astra, the Chinese version known as…

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Hello – is this the new Chevrolet Sail hatchback?

The Chevrolet Sail sedan was sighted on CCT a few days ago, however it appears that Chevrolet have plans for a hatchback version as well:

Quite how the Sail hatch/sedan will fit into the Chevrolet range is against the Aveo sedan/hatch is still a mystery, furthermore is…

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New Chevrolet Sail spotted!

The Chevrolet Sail is quite possibly the cheapest car in Shanghai-GM’s war chest of cars, the Chevrolet Spark is possibly a close rival, but the Sail out strips it in terms of sales these days.

The a face lifted Chevrolet Sail has been spotted out testing on the roads in China, and has given us a good look at what to expect later this year when…

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New Buick HRV to be a 1.6T Rocket?

The Buick line up in China is quite frankly fantastic, you have a mixture of cars, everything from mini sedans, to larger sedans and MPV’s and SUV’s, it’s simply brilliant. It almost makes me want to become a Buick owner just looking through the glass at the dealership, cars like the new Regal and the Lacrosse want me to get my cash out right there…

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Shanghai-GM sales through the roof in August 2009

Whilst sales might be considered grim in the North American market, GM’s China operations are celebrating double sales in August this year.

Shanghai GM posted a sales increase of 112.7% over August 2008 to 152,365 vehicles in August alone. From January to August 2009, Shanghai GM shifted 1.11 million cars from GM garage forecourts, with sales being…

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International GM Operations to be run from Shanghai

GM recently underwent a restructuring which formed the ‘New GM’ and will hopefully take it out of bankruptcy over the next couple of years. One of the most interesting aspects of the internal reshuffle is the the shift of power from Detroit to Shanghai.

Under the new plan, Opel will continue to be run from Germany, and GM USA will be responsible…

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GM-FAW JV to get its game on soon

Although GM is floundering in its home market, in China its doing a roaring trade thanks to its portfolio of cars that are well suited to the Chinese market.

GM plans to improve in 2010 with the beginning of a new JV with China’s First Automobile Works (FAW) in North East China. The JV is set to produce light commercial vehicles for the Chinese…

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GM to launch 4000USD super cheap car in Asia

As Chinese auto makers have been racing to the lower price ranks over the past few months and years, it seems that GM are eager to jump into the race as well.

The race to the bottom was initially started by Chery and their popular QQ model, but was soon joined by the likes of the Geely Merrie, and then the BYD F0, and various other models. GM’s…

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New Chevrolet Sail Spotted Out

A new generation of Chevrolet Sail is apparently deep in development, and has been spotted out testing in China:

The Chevrolet Sail has always been GM’s bargain bin car for China, but the latest generation, shown above, looks like a completely new vehicle for the Chinese market….

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GM China Sales up 78%

GM China CEO must be rubbing his hands with glee:

General Motors Co. said its July sales in China rose 78% from a year earlier to 144,593 vehicles, a record for the month in the company’s second-largest market.

“This was GM China’s best July ever, extending an uninterrupted series of single-month sales records that started in January…

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Chinese made GM’s to head to the USA

According to todays media reports, GM is planning to export Chinese made vehicles to the USA to sell in the North American market. The main cars to get exported to the USA are small cars, for example, the Chevrolet Spark.

By 2011, GM expects to start importing the Chevrolet Spark, with 17,335 cars being imported in the first year and raising the…

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GM sales up 50% in China

From AP:

SHANGHAI (AP) — General Motors said Tuesday that sales in China soared 50 percent in April to a monthly record of 151,084 vehicles, thanks to strong demand for Buick brand cars and Wuling minivehicles.

Sales of the Buick Excelle sedan, a staple in GM’s Shanghai-produced portfolio, more than doubled from a year…

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GM pulls out of Shanghai Show

China is arguably GM’s most important market at this time, GM is turning a healthy profit in the Middle Kingdom with its range of brands that encompass luxury to bargain segments. So, GM’s decision to pull out of next months Shanghai Auto Show has come as a great shock to the car industry, and car lovers alike.

At previous auto shows in China, Shanghai…

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What crisis? GM China sales up 6% in 2008

Whilst US sales may be heading south, it appears that Shanghai GM, GM’s China arm, is doing exceptionally well when compared to its American arm. GM China sold an impressive 1.09 million cars in the PRC during 2008 giving its sales figures a 6% boost over 2007, however, sales may flatten or drop in 2009 as Chinese consumers tighten their belts during…

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Buick sales down in 2007

Practically every year since Buick was introduced into China has been a good year for Buick, except 2008 saw a slight downturn. Even the launch of the new Buick Excelle couldnt tempt people back into the showrooms. Could negative news about GM’s US demise have kept consumers away from buying a car that may have no warranty in a few months? Probably…

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