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Skoda Octavia Wagon Pops Up In China

Skoda is one of the hottest brands in China right now and as such Skoda are planning to bring more to their Chinese arsenal over the next few months. The latest addition could well be the all new Octavia Wagon which was spotted below in Shanghai, note that the rear of the vehicle doesn’t have the Shanghai-VW insignia so we can presume that it is a European…

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New Skoda Octavia Due in July, Will Sell Alongside Old Octavia

Two Octavia’s for one nation. Skoda plans to sell both the last generation and the latest generation of Octavia in the Chinese market to cater to two different types of consumers, those that appreciate the lower price of the older model and those that prefer the latest and greatest looks.

The naturally aspirated 1.6L Octavia is expected to be priced…

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Skoda Octavia Wagon to launch at Beijing?!

According to the website, Shanghai-VW are planning to launch the Skoda Octavia Wagon into China. The Octavia first launched in China in 2007, and has sold very well so far. The facelift Octavia is also due to launch at the show, but the real star of the show is likely to be the Octavia Wagon:

The Octavia…

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FAW, SAIC and VW heading south together

At the last Guangzhou Auto Show, VW announced that it was going to head south straight into the Japanese car loving nest of Guangdong to take on the local strong hold of Guangzhou-Toyota and Guangzhou-Honda. VW has remained traditionally strong in provinces north of Shanghai but has remained weak sales wise in Southern China.

VW is planning to build…

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Speed freaks rejoice! Skoda Octavia RS to launch next year

Skoda has made some strong inroads into the Chinese market place since its introduction several years ago, now it is set to enter a niche segment that is largely ignored by many; the hot hatch segment.

Skoda are planning to launch either a 1.8T or a 2.0T Octavia RS into the mainland, which should hopefully spark an introduction…

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Skoda Superb spotted in China road testing

The Skoda Superb is set to join the Skoda Octavia, and the Skoda Fabia in the Chinese marketplace later this year. The Superb has been spotted out testing a number of times, but these are the clearest pictures to date of the Superb:

The Chinese market looks set to be receiving the Skoda Superb B5 model, which is the latest…

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Skoda to increase sales by 50%

Whilst other car makers in China are cautiously cutting their ’09 sales plans, Skoda are boosting their sales plans several fold to satisfy demand for the bargain brand. Skoda launched themselves into China in 2007, and have seen their sales explode as the motors flew off the forecourt.

Skoda sold an impressive 59284 cars in 2008, this might be a…

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Russia and Lifan hook up in 160million USD deal

Russian automaker, Automir, and Chongqing based Lifan autos have signed a deal worth 160million USD to deliver the Lifan 520 sedan to the Russian population. The deal is one of the largest deals for a Chinese maker in the Russian market. Over the next three years, Lifan will be busy sending 30,000 Lifan 520′s over the border in CKD (complete knock down)…

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