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Toyota 4Runner Runs Through The Chinese Patent Office, But Isn’t China Confirmed

After years of seeing their Chinese breathen take Toyota models and make them their own in the Chinese market, Toyota have been overly cautious over the past few years by sending their international market models through the Chinese patent registry office to stop local offenders from getting Xerox happy once again. The latest model from Toyota to see…

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Toyota Sales Up 63% in September After Poor Year

As with Nissan China, Toyota has had a rough ride in the Chinese market over the past 12 months. Chinese consumers are finally gaining confidence in the Japanese marques products again with sales rising by 63% in September, despite September being a traditionally hostile period between Japan and China due to historical reasons.

Toyota’s sales reached…

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David Beckham to Hawk Toyota Yaris in China

According to Chinese media reports David Beckham is going to join the list of celebrity automotive endorsements in the Chinese market. Beijing Auto snapped up Nicholas Cage earlier this year to show off its new Saab based vehicles, whilst previously Brad Pitt sold Cadillac’s to China (despite Brad Pitt being rumored to be banned from China for his Seven…

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2013/14 Toyota Vios Airs in Shanghai

The Toyota Vios sedan is the sister car to the mustachioed Toyota Yaris that we mentioned earlier in the week, except the Vios is a lot more handsome with its clean cut shave. The Yaris is a developing market only vehicle and as such is largely only available in Asia and South East Asian countries where the demand for notchback sedans remains quite…

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Toyota Tries to Make Camry Look Cool in Shanghai

The current generation Camry is not too my liking, its too angled, its too sharp, basically it’s a world away from the swooping designs shown by the current Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata. If I was in the market for a mid size three box sedan I’d be begging Kia and Hyundai dealers to take my money, whilst Toyota dealers are currently begging potential…

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Toyota’s New Yaris Gains Silver Handlebar Moustache in Shanghai

It was in China that I transformed from spotty faced youth to a handsome man (still debatable), the Toyota Yaris seems to be going through its own period of transition with a puberty that has brought it green skin and a silver handlebar mustache.

It’s not yet clear if Toyota were aiming for the mustachioed female segment when developing the new…

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Toyota Debuts Ranz and Unknown Sub Brand

As mentioned previously on China Car Times, Toyota are planning to launch two new sub brands in the Chinese market with their respective two Chinese partners. FAW-Toyota have already revealed the name of the first sub brand, Ranz, whilst the second brand from Guangzhou Toyota was aired today but the brand name was not revealed.

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Toyota GT-86 Launched in China, Priced to Win

Chinese petrol heads have another choice this week with the launch of the GT-86, which is interesting enough to warrant its own post but let’s look at some of the competition it will face.

Ford launched the Focus S in the Chinese market with the launch of the second generation Focus, the S just gave us some styling and it took until the sixth generation…

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As Predicted, Toyota February Sales Tumble 45.7%

The Chinese New Year dates have again played havoc with sales statistics. Chinese New Year goes by the lunar calendar and as such rebounds between January and February each year, last year CNY fell in January so January 2013 sales were at an all time high. This year CNY fell in February which means sales are going to be down considerably as the country…

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Toyota China Lands Sales of 840,000 Units in 2012

Toyota, the world’s biggest car manufacturer, announced earlier today that the company achieved sales of 840,000 units in the Chinese market. Sales were less than expected owing to the political issues between China and Japan which kept Chinese consumers away from Japanese branded cars after riots broke out in several different cities where Japanese…

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Toyota GT86 To Launch in March

The Toyota GT86 has been aired in the Chinese market at the Beijing Auto Show alongside the Subaru BRZ last year, this year the much hyped car is set to launch on Chinese roads.

The GT86 has been lauded in overseas markets, especially in the USA where it prices in at 26,000USD. Chinese prices are expected to be closer to 300,000RMB when it launches,…

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More Trouble for Toyota in China Due to Recall

The recent worldwide Toyota recall has finally landed in China, the recall which has quickly been dubbed ‘Toyotal Recall’, will effect 1.4 million cars in China alone, globally it will see more than 7 million cars returned to Toyota dealers for repair with 2.4 million US cars and more than 1 million EU cars being recalled.

In China affected…

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FAW-Toyota China Sales Increase 130% to 350,000 Units

Despite political issues between Japan and China which have reportedly kept Chinese consumers out of Japanese auto dealerships, FAW-Toyota announced that their total sales reached 350,000 units in the first half of the year.

Three models appear to be making up the back bone of the FAW-Toyota range, the Corolla, Reiz and RAV4 racked up sales of 170,000,…

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Are Toyota preparing a Super Yaris for the Chinese market? Chinese Patent Office Seems to Think So

The Chinese Patent Office often gives away secrets that wouldn’t otherwise be known until an auto show swings into town. This time PO has given up drawings of what is thought to be a three door Toyota Yaris, or what the Chinese media are calling a ‘Super Yaris’ In fact this Yaris is very much on par with the WRC version or B-Spec models that used in…

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Toyota China Sales Up 68%

Toyota has had a difficult time in getting its China plans into play, the Japanese company has multiple joint ventures in the China market but has an over reliance on larger vehicles such as the Camry, and SUV models such as the RAV4 and Highlander, Toyota has largely avoided compact models and mini cars in the Chinese market.

Toyota is reporting…

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Chinese prefer AE-86 to FT86

In 2005 Hong Kong Directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak made a movie adaptation of the Japanese Manga and Anime series, Initial D. My Japanese friends seem to be in disgust that the series was made into a movie, even worse that a non Japanese director made the movie. They claim some sort of cultural sacrilege. The staring lead in the Initial D movie was…

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Toyota opens R&D Center in China

The foundation laying ceremony of Toyota’s R&D center, or Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Center (China), was held in Changshu, Jiangsu province recently.

China’s authorities are not satisfied with Toyota’s development of new energy vehicles in China. Now Toyota has invested $689 million to open its fifth R&D…

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Chinese Camry to look a little different to its American cousin

The American version of the Camry has been grabbing headlines all week long in the US of A, the latest incarnation of the world’s most popular mid size sedan was revealed to an excited American public earlier this week, but it seems that the Chinese Camry and the US Camry will have some minor differences when they both make it to dealerships.


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Toyota to launch Mark X ZiO in China

Toyota have already launched the latest generation of the Mark X into China, where it is more commonly known as the Toyota Reiz. The 2.5V6 RWD sedan is priced in the low 200,000rmb area which makes it very affordable and highly competitive against other sedans such as the Buick Regal and Skoda Octavia VRS. The Reiz became a popular alternative to mainstream…

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Minor tuck and lift for RAV4 in China

The Toyota RAV4 has been in China for just over 18 months, but the compact SUV has not been as popular as its rivals in China. Toyota are hoping to jump start sales by giving the RAV4 a minor makeover for 2012:

Engine power will bet the same 2.0L and 2.4L and much to many potential consumers chagrin, the same…

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Is the Scion range heading to China, or is it all a little too late?

Over the past few years Toyota China have been very slow to react to local market conditions and have continued to produce large sedans and SUV’s, whilst the market moved towards small displacement cars that Toyota only produce several models of. The Toyota Passo is reportedly heading into China, as is the Toyota Matrix from Toyota’s North American…

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China turning bitter sweet for Toyota

From Xinhua:

EIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) — For the first time in years, Toyota has dropped from the top 10 list of the best selling cars in China in February, the China Daily reported Tuesday.

FAW Toyota, the Japanese automaker’s joint venture in China, disappeared from the top 10 sales list for the first time, the newspaper quoted…

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