According to Chinese media reports both Foton and Great Wall Motors are planning to enter the Indian market in the near future. Foton has reportedly acquired a patch of land on which to develop a production facility for commercial vehicles due to the large demand for efficient CV’s in the Indian market.

Great Wall Motors are also reportedly planning…

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The Detroit News is running a report on the popularity of Ford F150 Raptors in the PRC, the hulking big vehicle has been on sale in China for a number of years and has always been a niche product. But why do people buy it? Because they’ve got something unique. Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s have always been the ultimate sign of wealth but with these cars…

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For many Chinese car companies the Indian market displays a great allure, but can they tackle it using the same methods to entice China’s 1.3billion consumers? It seems that the odds are stacked against them, but if perhaps they can manoeuvre themselves into a strong position by inking strategic deals with the right partners.

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